A Typical Day in the Life of President Trump

donald-trump-spars-with-univision-journalist-jorge-ramosI was catching up on the news while sipping my morning coffee a few hours ago. I had just finished a breakfast of homemade corned beef hash that Mrs. RC had made using some left over corned beef from our traditional St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage. Believe me I will never go back to the stuff in a can again.

Anyway, back to the news…

The first three stories I ran across all uniquely show what an unqualified and pathetic human being this loser Trump is. First there was Trump himself still trying to defend his bald faced lie that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. He was taking questions from a few members of the press following an embarrassing meeting with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Trump tried to joke that he and Merkel were both spied on by Obama.

Meanwhile his mouthpiece Sean Spicer continued to defend the claim citing previously  discredited news articles. Leaders on the House Intelligence Committee held a press conference to say that there is exactly zero evidence to support Trump’s claim. Another article said the White House had issued an apology to the British government for repeating claims the a British spy agency had worked with President Obama to spy on Trump. However, when German reporter asked Trump about the story he denied they had apologized. He said they had merely repeated a story run on Fox. Trump often uses this excuse when caught in a lie. He never takes responsibility for vetting anything he reads or hears about.

In the second article I read that Trump was holding a meeting this weekend with some wealthy hospital CEO buds at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida to discuss veterans health. However, he apparently failed to invite his Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Here is a video of Trump asking VA head David Shulkin if he is attended the meeting. (Shulkin awkwardly shakes his head no when Trump asks if he is going).

Later in the evening after Trump arrived in Florida the meeting was abruptly cancelled. What a clusterf*ck!!

Finally, there was an article about Trump’s reclusive Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson is on a trip to Asia and was attending an event in South Korea. Yesterday reports circulated that Tillerson had skipped events like dinner with South Korean officials due to fatigue. However, Tilelrson later denied those reports claiming that he was not invited. Tillerson had been criticized for taking the unprecedented step of excluding the press from his Asian trip. Instead the State Department decided only to take reporter Erin McPike from the Independent Journal Review, a four-year-old conservative news site. And McPike is not acting as a pool reporter for other news services.

So we don’t really what’s going on with Tillerson. Either he skipped out due to fatigue or the South Koreans snubbed him. Apparently, Tillerson doesn’t think we need to know how or Secretary of State is representing our interests. He can hardly hide his distaste for the media.

So that was all in one day. I didn’t even mention TrumpCare, the train wreck of a health care bill working its way through the House that will never pass in the Senate. Nor, did I mention the second failed executive order on immigration that has been stayed by at least two courts.

In a normal world any one of these stories would merit would headlines about the incompetence of the administration. However, we live in the world of Trump where these this is just a typical day. SNAFU* I believe is the term the military uses to describe situations like this.

I still have to wonder what the people who voted for this idiot were thinking? Any rational person could see he was a fake, a petty loser, and was unfit to serve. What the hell were they thinking?

*SNAFU = Situation Normal All F*cked Up
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3 Responses to A Typical Day in the Life of President Trump

  1. rantalbott says:

    According to the polls, “the people who voted for this idiot were thinking”:
    a. “He’s not Killary/Hitlery/the Witch”,
    b. “He’ll stick it to The Man/the Libruls”,
    c. “The country is dying, and he alone can save us”, and
    d. “I’m a loyal Republican, so I have to”.

    More or less in that order: around half said they were primarily voting against Clinton, around 40% because they supported him, and around 10% out of party loyalty.

    While some from “a” and “d” are horrified by what they’ve wrought, a huge segment of the “b” and/or “c” crowd think the current debacle should be “normal”.

  2. Interesting. I think party loyalty is in reality more the root cause. Republicans tend to be fiercely loyal and will vote for anyone no matter how awful they are as long as the (R) is beside the name. I think it is because they get their information almost entirely from extremely polarized news sources like Fox News, right wing AM talk radio, and sites like NewsMax and Breitbart. So hating Hillary might have been their stated reason but that’s just because their information sources had been vilifying Hillary for years.

    I saw a scatter chart the other day that showed that the polarization of media choices is primarily a right wing phenomenon. I will post a copy it if I can find it.

    Ok, through the wonder of Google here it is.


    A major new study of social-media sharing patterns shows that political polarization is more common among conservatives than liberals — and that the exaggerations and falsehoods emanating from right-wing media outlets such as Breitbart News have infected mainstream discourse.

    Though the report, published by the Columbia Journalism Review, does an excellent job of laying out the challenge posed by Breitbart and its ilk, it is less than clear on how to counter it. Successfully standing up for truthful reporting in this environment “could usher in a new golden age for the Fourth Estate,” the authors write. But members of the public who care about such journalism are already flocking to news organizations like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and, locally, The Boston Globe, all of which have experienced a surge in paid subscriptions since the election of President Trump. That’s heartening, but there are no signs that it’s had any effect on the popularity or influence of the right-wing partisan media.

    The CJR study, by scholars at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, at Harvard Law School, and the MIT Center for Civic Media, examined more than 1.25 million articles between April 1, 2015, and Election Day. What they found was that Hillary Clinton supporters shared stories from across a relatively broad political spectrum, including center-right sources such as The Wall Street Journal, mainstream news organizations like the Times and the Post, and partisan liberal sites like The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast.

  3. Fred Muggs says:

    Trump seems to change his mind daily about everything. What a steadfast leader!

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