The Post & Email Lies about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert MuellerSince the Post & Email blog editor Sharon Rondeau has a phony comment policy at her fake news site I thought I would comment from time to time about some the idiocy she publishes there and the ridiculous comments that she approves.

One of Sharon’s heroes is Tennessee resident Walter Fitzpatrick III, the former Navy Lt. CMDR who has the distinction of being convicted of crimes as both a member of the military and as a civilian.

Sharon and her band of clueless commenters can always be counted on to connect the dots even when the dots exist only in what passes for brains at the P&E. That’s what she and Fitzpatrick are doing in regards to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In a recent article Rondeau questioned why Mueller was named as Special Counsel. In a  series of articles on Mueller she quoted her special bud from Tennessee Walter Fitzpatrick who thinks that Robert Mueller was personally responsible for the fact that he and his pal Darren Huff went to prison for threatening to take over Madisonville, TN back in 2010. At the time Mueller was the Director of the FBI you see.

Yep, that is the connection. It is all because the FBI was justifiably concerned about right wing nut jobs like Darren Huff boasting that they were going to “take over” Madisonville after Fitzpatrick was jailed in April 2010 for trying to arrest the grand jury foreman Gary Pettway. Fitzpatrick claimed Pettway was serving as foreperson illegally and also would not allow the grand jury to vote on Fitzpatrick’s petition to arrest President Obama for treason.

The FBI had been alerted by a bank teller back in Huff’s hometown in Georgia. Huff bragged to the teller that he and some other militia members were going to take over Madisonville and get Walt out of jail. The FBI coordinated with Tennessee state and local law enforcement authorities to make sure this promised takeover didn’t happen. Huff was arrested and charged with carrying weapons across state lines for purposes of causing civil unrest.

The rest of the article is a dredging up of every right wing complaint about Mueller that Rondeau can find using Google. What Rondeau doesn’t tell you is that both Fitzpatrick and Huff were convicted by juries of their peers and that they really are criminals. They aren’t innocent victims of Robert Mueller or anyone in law enforcement. They made their own messes. It wasn’t the first time for Walter either.

Fitzpatrick-Walt-101027-lgFitzpatrick has a long history of not working and playing well with others. He graduated near the bottom of his class at the US Naval Academy in 1975. While serving as XO aboard the Destroyer USS Mars in 1989 Fitzpatrick was left in charge of the ship while Captain Mike Nordeen attended his bother’s funeral in Washington, DC. His brother. William Nordeen was a Naval attaché with the American embassy in Greece. William Nordeen was killed when his armor plated sedan was hit by a remotely detonated car bomb next to his vehicle. The Marxist group 17 November claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Some time after the funeral an audit was initiated into Fitzpatrick’s administration of the USS Mars Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund for which he as the XO was responsible.  Among other things money from the fund had been used to pay travel expenses for officers’ wives to attend Nordeen’s brother’s funeral.

Eventually, Fitzpatrick was charged and convicted at a court martial of one charge, an Article 92 violation in that he was derelict in the performance of duties as the person in charge of the MWR, was derelict in the performance of those duties in that he willfully failed to follow proper procedures for the accounting and expenditure of Morale, Welfare and Recreation funds on board USS MARS (AFS 1), as it was his duty to duty to do. The willful part later was downgraded to negligently in a review.

Walt was offered a non judicial punishment under Article 15 (Captain’s Mast) but Walt being the hard headed moron that he is refused to accept it. Walt’s punishment was an official letter of reprimand and he was eventually beached. After being passed up three times for promotion he was forced to retire from the Navy.

That is a brief explanation of how Fitzpatrick’s Naval career ended. For a much more detailed account I recommend reading blogger nbc’s post about the Fitzpatrick court martial at the Fogbow forum. nbc took the time to find the official records and review them. Fitzpatrick claims someone forged his signature on a letter acknowledging that he received the letter of reprimand. Whether or not this is true really had no effect on how Fitzpatrick’s Naval career was going to end.

Fitzpatrick’s court martial and disgraceful end of his Navy career seem to launch Fitzpatrick on a destructive path in life. Blogger Patrick McKinion at his now dormant Bad Fiction blog documented his many run ins with the law while he resided in Kitsap, WA: Doing the Walter Fitzpatrick Rap. Note that several complaints for spousal abuse show up in his records.

Now back to Special Counsel Mueller …

Mueller is just the latest in a long line of government officials, judges, grand jury forepersons, and law enforcement personnel at all levels whom Fitzpatrick with his deluded mindset blames for his abject failure of a life. Sharon Rondeau seems to have anointed herself as Walt’s official cheerleader.

In an article Rondeau published at her blog but not written by her Mueller’s investigation into Russia and events surrounding the 2016 election is called a “with hunt”. The author of course is just parroting what the Liar-in-Chief Trump has said.

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Mueller, a Republican,  was appointed as Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a Republican appointed by Donald Trump.
  • Mueller had been appointed as Director of the FBI by Republican President George W. Bush and is considered by most sane people to have done a good job running the agency in the post 911 era.
  • So far the Mueller investigation has gotten indictments against nineteen people and three companies including three guilty pleas.
  • He uncovered a well financed Russian operation run inside the US to use hundreds of people to interfere with the 2016 election on behalf of Donald Trump.
  • He found that the former campaign director for the Trump for president organization Paul Manafort and former deputy director Rick Gates were acting as unregistered agents for a foreign country and engaged in laundering millions of dollars overseas to avoid paying US taxes.

That’s some witch hunt!

It’s hilarious that Rondeau would hold up the criminal and loser Walter Fitzpatrick as a hero while trashing Mueller. Mueller was a war hero, a successful US Attorney, Director of the FBI, and is now running an efficient and critical investigation that is exposing crime at the highest levels of government.

Fitzpatrick on the other hand has been convicted twice for menacing local officials because of his wrong headed belief that he can take over his local grand jury and use it to push his personal fantasy charge that President Obama committed treason.

Rondeau and Fitzpatrick are free to comment in rebuttal of anything I have written here. However, she is a coward who hides behind comment moderation at her blog. The last thing she wants let slip into her Birther cocoon are facts.

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8 Responses to The Post & Email Lies about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

  1. tbfreeman says:

    Tiny correction: Rondeau refuses to use any Google product, as it is too biased and political for her tastes. Which is hilarious, because Rondeau often whines that her preferred yet inferior search engines can’t locate information (that Google readily can).

    • That’s funny. Maybe I should change it to “googled” (lower case)? I remember the days when Orly used to Google her name on a daily basis to check the number of hits. If the number dropped it was due to a huge conspiracy.

  2. Jut one more tiny correction: Mueller has secured 5 guilty pleas, not just 3!

  3. I think Sharon and Walter are working on a 15 part series on Mueller and the Madisonville Hoax. I wrote this in a comment at the Fogbow:

    The hoax in Madisonville wasn’t perpetrated by the Robert Mueller, the FBI, the TBI or even the Fogbow (which actually didn’t even exist then). It was perpetrated by Fitzpatrick himself. The hoax was that he was going to take over the grand jury, that he was going to indict Obama for treason, and that he was ever going to get more than one or two idiots like the remote controlled dildo wielding Darren Huff to come and join his stupid plan.

    That was and is the Madisonville Hoax.

  4. I would post a link for this article at the P&E but I have long been banned at Rondeau’s blog.

  5. This is for all of you P&E fans who I am sure read here (I know at least one of you leaves me a weekly love note). What do you think about your Fueher’s comment yesterday about taking away guns from the mentally ill without due process? For years you feared that Obama the black guy would come after your guns. But it’s the fox you put in the hen house who you should really fear.

    And one could make the case that Birthers are mentally ill, a very convincing case. Have a nice day! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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