Last Birther Case Scheduled to be Executed on March 16th.

H/T to Bob at the Fogbow for this one. The last active Birther case is now dead-listed at the Supreme Court and will be dismissed at conference on March 16th.

Here is the docket for the case:

Laity Case

The case is Robert C. Laity v State of New York, et. al.  It is an appeal filed by long time Birther Robert Laity, a New York state resident, of his case against the state and 2016 presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal.  Both Cruz and the New York Attorney General’s office have filed waivers to respond and as we know from previous Birther cases at SCOTUS that means the case is dead as a door nail and will appear on the denied list on Monday, March 19.

Laity’s case is the last Birther case from the 2016 election cycle that was still technically breathing in any court system. All the previous Birther cases previous election cycles in 2008 and 2012 have long since died.

Laity has some particularly crazy notions. He believes that Barack Obama could still be prosecuted, convicted and executed under the UCMJ. Yep, he is that crazy. Laity is a coward when it comes to arguing his position however. He hides behind Sharon Rondeau’s comment moderation at the Post & Email and blocks anyone on Twitter who dares point out his ideas are nonsense.

In his current petition Laity couldn’t resist taking one last shot at President Obama. He claimed that Obama too was ineligible. He even gets in a shout out to Joe Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse.

His Birth certificate has been proven to be forged, in any event. This
assertion is public knowledge substantiated by the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joseph Arpaio, Cold Case Posse which released the findings of at least two independent forensic document examiners.

Laity also had filed a Birther case during the 2012 election cycle against Barack Obama and the state of NY. It too was denied all the way up.

Laity’s first try in SCOTUS was in 2008. He filed some sort of case against James Peak, Secretary of Veterans Affairs under George W. Bush. I don’t have any details on this case but it might be related to a much older case where Laity was officially reprimanded in 1991  for using profanity while he was an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You can read a description of the 1993 case here:

Laity v. Department of Veterans Affairs

A H/T to W. Kevin Vicklund for finding the details on this one.


Update 4/30/2018: As mentioned in the comments below Laity filed a Petition for Rehearing on 4/6/2018. It was scheduled for conference on Friday 4/27/2018. It was shown as denied on the order list published this morning.  The case docket is usually updated within a day or two.

Bob at the Fogbow forum noted this is the first time since August 2008 when Phil Berg filed a lawsuit to attempt to postpone the Democratic Convention that there has not been an active Birther case in a court somewhere. However, I expect some of the usual suspects to return in 2020 with lawsuits against potential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Kamala Harris.

Update 5/3/2018: The SCOTUS docket for Laity v NY State, et. al. has been updated to include the denial of the Petition for Rehearing:

Laity Rehearing denied

Could someone please post a link to this article for Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Mail? The  great journalist seems incapable of doing a simple SCOTUS Docket search without help.

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29 Responses to Last Birther Case Scheduled to be Executed on March 16th.

  1. realisr says:

    While not officially deadlisted until SCOTUS fails to ask for a reply or replies, the chances of that in this case are somewhere between slim and none and slim left town.

  2. jail watcher says:

    Brain DEAD moderator exist here. Flynn has a lot of arguments about how he was pursued… and BTW you’re too stupid to have a discussion on the Flynn matter.

  3. It’s official. Laity, Robert C. v State of NY, et. al. is on the denied list from the March 16th conference that was posted this morning.

    Click to access 031918zor_h3ci.pdf

  4. I HAVE debated/argued my case with others for ten years now. “Coward”? People who would allow a treasonous degenerate like Obama to usurp the Presidency unscathed. Those people are the cowards.

    • W. Kevin Vicklund says:

      Hey, Bobby, want to take a stab at the question that Thomas and the Supremes are avoiding? Okay, here it is:

      Are Puerto Ricans eligible for the office of President of the United States?

      Please limit your answer to the question as stated.

      • Laity ran away to the safe confines of Sharon Rondeau’s Post & Email blog where she moderates any commenter who doesn’t push the Birther memes lies and bans them. Laity hasn’t debated anyone in an open forum like this one.

    • If you are not a coward why do you block people on Twitter who point out your cases are losers and hide behind Sharon Rondeau’s phony comment policy?

    • Anyone still citing Minor v Happersett in a case on the definition natural born citizen at this point either cannot read and comprehend or is dishonest. Robert Laity does of course continue to cite Minor.

      Several courts have told Birthers that Minor doesn’t support their two citizen parent claim. Minor of course wasn’t even a citizenship case. It was a voting rights case. The main finding in Minor, that citizenship did not convey the right of suffrage to women, was made moot by the Nineteenth Amendment.

      The court in Wong Kim Ark noted that Minor had not settled who were natural born citizens. In WKA the court settled that question and ruled that before the adoption the Fourteenth Amendment the common law definition for NBC derived from English common law had been in effect.

    • Laity’s pamphlet, I mean book, is available on Barnes and Noble for $10.99. There is one 5 star review and the rest are 1 star. Guess who left the 5 star review? If you guessed Laity himself you would be correct. 😆

      Laity’s pamphlet is all of 72 pages. That is over $0.15/page for utter nonsense. I am sure the sales will be huge! It was published using a vanity press called iUniverse.The lowest price I found there was $899 for publishing anything. I would take the under on Laity getting his money back. .

  5. Here is a link to Mr. Laity’s petition for a rehearing

    Click to access 20180410122548168_00000001.pdf

    He cited his book as an authority. 😆

    Then there is this:

    In a previous U.S. Supreme Court case related to the instant case, see: Laity v. New York, Case # 13-875, this court was notified that New York State is in non-compliance with the United States Constitution in that it has persistently misrepresented, since at least the year 2008, and continues to illegally misrepresent a U.S. Constitutional criteria mandated by Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 5. New York State continues to proffer on its Board of Elections website that a candidate for President of the United States must be “born a citizen.” The actual criteria is that a candidate must be a “Nat-ural Born Citizen.” This conflagration [emphasis added] of terms must be corrected. I have sought prior mandamus and do so again, against the State of New York by order to cease and desist its illegal activity to defraud the voters of New York.

    Don’t you hate it when terms go up in a conflagration?

  6. tbfreeman says:

    Laity’s reconsideration petition will be heard (and denied) on April 27. The denial order will be published on May 1.

  7. Pete says:

    Laity’s case was a completely baseless waste of resources from the very beginning. A lot of good people could have told him so.

    Oh, wait. They did.

    Some people just never learn.

  8. “Some people just never learn.”

    That’s certainly true of Birthers. One consistency in all of the Birther lawsuits is that they never grasped that having a butt hurt because a black guy won the White House is not an injury that allows them to undo the election in the courts or change the definition of natural born citizen.

  9. I updated the article to add a screen shot of the docket showing the denial of Laity’s Petition for Rehearing. This case is done.

  10. A note to the Birther asshole who posts the vile comments using TOR servers and fake email addresses:

    In case you haven’t noticed your comments are going straight to the trash. Go ahead and knock yourself out. I don’t even see them any longer. 😆

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