Joe Arpaio Finishes Last in Arizona Republican Senate Primary Race–Will Zullo Now Release His “Secret Evidence”?

Courtesy The Daily Beast

Courtesy The Daily Deast

Joe Arpaio’s race to win retiring Senator Jeff Flake’s seat ended last night when he was only able to garner 19.5% of the Republican vote. Arpaio finished behind the winner Martha McSally (52.2%) and Kelli Ward (28.3%).  Arapio was leading in only one county, the one containing Yuma in SW Arizona, with 59% of the precincts reporting. See the New York Times Arizona Primary Results

[Update September 2, 2018: The current total with about 95% of the precincts counted has  McSally with 52.9%, Ward with 28.2%, and Arpaio with 18.9% statewide.  Arpaio only managed to poll 17.5% in Maricopa County. He held on in Yuma County to win by around 250 votes. ]

Meanwhile on the Democratic side Representative Kyrsten Sinema easily won over her opponent Deedra Aboud picking up 80.8% of the vote. You may recall that then state Senator Sinema was a guest on RC Radio back in 2011. She dismantled George state Rep. Mark Hatfield and his Birther bill.   Sinema has a real shot at winning in November in her race against McSally.  She could make history by not only flipping a senate seat to the Democratic column but become the first openly Atheist person elected to the United States Senate.

With Arapio’s loss one of ex Cold Case Posse Lead Mike Zullo’s excuses for not releasing all the evidence from his five year long investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate has disappeared. Arapio had said that he might bring up the Obama birth certificate matter if he were elected to the Senate.

I am not confident Arpaio’s loss will change Zullo’s position however. This was just the latest in a long line of excuses for not releasing items like Reed Hayes’ report and the report from the FORLAB firm in Italy. Zullo will cook up another convenient excuse for not releasing those.

I encourage all my readers to kick in a few bucks to Rep. Sinema’s campaign. She did a great job fighting the Birthers in Ari9zona when they were pushing a stupid Birther bill there. She would make a fine senator.

Edited August 30, 2018 to add:

Arpaio’s defeat even brought Stephen Lemons back to the Phoenix NewTimes to write an article about what is probably the end of Joe’s political career:

Goodbye, Joe Arpaio: Last in the Senate Race, First in ‘Blood, Slime, and Misery’

It is a good read. Lemons doesn’t get into the Birther stuff or the Cold Case Posse however.

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17 Responses to Joe Arpaio Finishes Last in Arizona Republican Senate Primary Race–Will Zullo Now Release His “Secret Evidence”?

  1. rantalbott says:

    I used to joke that Arpaio’s popularity varied inversely with distance from Phoenix. Looks like that was literally true in this election 😉

    Will Zullo even bother to try to make an excuse this time? I mean, who would he offer his excuse to? Surely even Rondeau has given up on him by now, and her readers would complain that she was wasting valuable pixels that could be devoted to explaining how the Mueller investigation is actually a ploy to cover up Pizzagate by “running out the clock on the statue[sic] of limitations”.

    • tbfreeman says:

      Gallups and Zullo’s schtick as of late is to thread today’s conservative headlines about the Dark State with promises that Zullo’s information is alignment. But no one will really know, because Zullo will never release it.

      Rondeau will never, ever give up on Zullo; his “any day now” routine has been sustaining him for years.

  2. Pete says:

    “Not confident?” Zullo will never, ever, ever release what he has, because the illusion that he has anything at all is worth a thousand times the value of an openly exposed pail of garbage.

  3. tbfreeman says:

    Gallups and Zullo’s schtick as of late is to thread today’s conservative headlines about the Dark State with promises that Zullo’s information is alignment. But no one will really know, because Zullo will never release it.

    Rondeau will never, ever give up on Zullo; his “any day now” routine has been sustaining him for years.

  4. Arpaio thought the “silent majority” was going to sweep him into the nomination like it worked for Trump. I guess Joe doesn’t realize Trump never had a majority. Joe also didn’t have the Russians working on his behalf.

  5. I suppose we can say the answer on Zullo releasing evidence is a big fat no. Of course he never had any evidence to release in the first place.

  6. I am deciding whether the election deserves a separate article or just a comment. It was a crushing defeat for Trump. If you consider that he is benefiting from the Obama economy that is still roaring along and the Republicans are going to lose 35 to 40 seats in the House and a pot load of state legislatures and governorships it falls squarely on him for the loss.

    The Senate may not be as bad as first returns indicated. As I write this Kyrsten Sinema has pulled ahead in AZ and in FL Bill Nelson is within recount range and might even be ahead when the initial count is done.

    In case you haven’t heard, Birther Gary Kreep lost his bid to stay on the bench in San Diego. Kreep was one of the first attorneys to file lawsuits on behalf of Birther clients following the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

    • rantalbott says:

      I disagree about it being a “crushing defeat”: that would have required the loss of the Senate majority. I would liken it to Hitler’s loss of Sicily in WWII. A “major” defeat, and something of a “turning point”, but only the beginning of a struggle that will include both won and lost battles, and his doing lots more harm, before we get to the crushing defeat.

      I’m cautiously hopeful about Sinema: I have a personal grudge against McSally because her (bleep) performance in the House harmed me, so I was hoping to see her crushed by the “Blue Wave”. Unfortunately, her last-minute lies seem to have worked, and gotten her a “squeaker”. And the late mail-in ballots (most of what’s still uncounted) usually skew Republican. But her former district flipped “bigly” (from 43-57 to 54-46), so maybe the big batch still coming from Pima County will offset the likely-reddish load from Maricopa.

      That’s good news about Kreep. Sadly, when I checked, I saw that he got 41% of the votes. But they did do better than that district in Nevada that elected a dead pimp 😉

      • The Senate was just set up to work against the Democrats this year. They had to defend too many seats in conservative states. I think Sinema is going to win. She was up by 22k last night when they stopped counting and the remaining ballots are mostly from counties she is winning. Sinema is ahead in Maricopa County now. She has 595,444 votes to 556,076 for McSally. If that split holds for the remaining 266k to be counted from Maricopa she will win easily. Of course the idiot Trump said there’s going to be another election in Arizona. 😆

        Who knows what will happen in Florida?

        • rantalbott says:

          The Senate is set up to work against Democrats, period, given the current population patterns. When the Constitution was written, the population ratio of the largest state to the smallest was about 10-to-1. Now it’s about 70-to-1. The 25 smallest states have less than 1/6 of population, but they get half of the Senate seats, and comprise most of the GOP majority.

          There was a time, not so long ago, when that wasn’t too bad, because most Senators were capable of working out compromises for the good of the country. But the GOP has largely been taken over by people who are motivated by power, not patriotism or principles. And they see their path to power as stoking division and tribalism. It’s ironic that the system that was originally set up to prevent a tyranny of the majority is now supporting tyranny by the minority.

          At this point, I think even [insert choice of deity here] doesn’t know what’s going to happen in Florida. But we know it’s going to be nasty: even formerly-sane people like Lindsey Graham have gone over to the Dark Side.

      • dunstvangeet says:

        There were 9 seats (Montana, West Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Dakota, Indiana, and Florida) where Democrats were defending Senate Seats that Trump won the state. Democrats won 5 of those states (Montana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio). They may win 1 more (Florida).

        Republican Seats where Democrats had a chance were Nevada (only seat where Hillary Clinton won the state), Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas.

        Democrats would have had to have won 11 of those 13 seats in order to take the Senate. They’ve currently won 6 (Montana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio Nevada) of those 13, and leading in 1 (Arizona), and have an outside chance in another one (Florida). In a normal year, I would have expected the Republicans to pick up 5-6 senate seats. The fact that Democrats limited those losses to 1-3 Senate seats (it’s looking more like 2 senate seats, with Arizona going Democratic, and Mississippi and Florida going Republican) is nothing short of a blue wave.

        • That is a nice summary of the Senate situation. I am pretty confident Kyrsten Sinema is going to win in Arizona. She is up around 29k votes with about 260k left to count. Most of the outstanding votes are from counties she was beating McSally. Of course Maricopa County is huge and it depends on from where the remaining ballots come.

          • rantalbott says:

            Yeah, the latest news is still encouraging. I found out there are daily update files for the two big counties being posted at and

            Unfortunately, they don’t keep the histories up, and the Wayback Machine isn’t archiving them, but both are currently showing much bigger leads for Sinema than the statewide results (expected for Pima, but slightly surprising for Maricopa. Maybe Shurfjoe left a really bad taste in some mouths?).

            Interesting tidbit from the NYTimes: since virtually all ballots are computer-tallied, they can do cross-tabs. Roughly 150,000 of the people who voted for the winning GOP candidate for governor voted for Sinema. That’s about 7% of the total. Maybe Martha shouldn’t have sucked up to Trump so strongly 😉

            • Thanks for the links. For some reason the McSally folks were expecting the late ballots from Maricopa to break for McSally. So far it has not happened. In fact the opposite has happened in Maricopa. Even in counties McSally won she has under performed in the late ballot count. That happened in Pinal County today. I expect the Senate race to be called tomorrow or Tuesday.

              • rantalbott says:

                Iirc, Steve Kornacki on MSNBC mentioned that skew in the later ballots a few days ago. I don’t recall saying anything about counter-trends in the late ballots. Maybe they were skewed red in the past because the whole election was?

              • From what I gather on Twitter there are two different “buckets” of votes being counted in Maricopa County.

                Bucket A: “Late early ballots”. These are early ballots that were received at the Recorders Office from Friday through Monday before the election. These have tended to break for Sinema.

                Bucket B: These are ballots that were handed in by voters at the polling places on Election Day. They are presumed to break for McSally because Republicans had a +10 advantage in voters who voted at polls on election day.

                There were more Bucket A votes to be initially counted by around 300k to 200k but more of those have been counted so far. McSally’s people had been saying that when the Bucket B votes came in they would gain and maybe even win. It appears now she would need to win the remaining votes by over 20% in Maricopa County to catch up. That’s very unlikely to happen. So far Sinema has gained every time a new batch of votes from Maricopa is posted. She has also out-performed her election night percentages even in counties that went for McSally.

              • rantalbott says:

                I downloaded the latest progress report. Excluding Green and write-ins (because I didn’t want do the complex spreadsheet formulas), Sinema got 54% of today’s counting.

                Just heard on the news that McSally has conceded, and media are starting to call it for Sinema.

                Also just heard on TV: Corsi has announced that he expects to be indicted for lying to Mueller, and wants donations to a legal defense fund. I wonder if Shurfjoe still has some birferbux that he hasn’t spent. 😛

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