Former Guest on Reality Check Radio Will be a United States Senator

ABC-15 Arizona

Kyrsten Sinema

I would like to offer my congratulations to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ-9) who yesterday was declared the winner in a very close election to fill the  Senate seat  now held by retiring  Republican Senator Jeff Flake. Sinema was losing on election night to her opponent Martha McSally but began gaining as the last batches of early ballots and ballots handed in on Election Day were counted. She erased McSally’s lead last week and built up an insurmountable lead over the weekend.

As a many of my readers and listeners may recall Kyrsten was a guest on Reality Check Radio back in 2011 at the time Arizona and some other states were considering passing “Birther bills” that would require candidates running for president to present various forms of proof that they met the natural born citizenship requirement. Then Arizona  State Senator Sinema appeared along with GA Rep. Mark Hatfield who was sponsoring his own Birther bill in Georgia.

It was a memorable show. Sen. Sinema helped school Rep. Hatfield on the problems with his Birther bill. Since I  already wrote a detailed article that included a full transcript of the show I will not rehash the stupidity of these proposed bills. We mostly discussed Rep. Hatfield’s bill in Georgia but similar arguments would be valid against all of the bills that were proposed during the 2012 election cycle.

This is the link to the show that aired on March 11, 2011:

Reality Check Radio with Mark Hatfield and Kyrsten Sinema

This is the post show article that included a full transcript of the show:

Transcript of the interview with Mark Hatfield and Kyrsten Sinema


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2 Responses to Former Guest on Reality Check Radio Will be a United States Senator

  1. rantalbott says:

    Some of the same nuts who are still clinging to bitherism are againfollowing the lead of the Birfoon-in-Chief, and claiming Sinema’s win is “fraud”. 🙄

    Speaking of being “schooled”: did you hear about North Dakota passing a law to suppress the Native American vote because it was crucial to Heidi Heitkamp’s election win? They required a photo ID with a street address, which most NAs who live on the rez didn’t have, because they mostly don’t have named streets with house numbers.

    The tribal governments put together crash programs to get streets named and numbered, and issue photo tribal IDs to bypass delays in getting state IDs.

    NA voter participation went up by double, and sometimes even triple, digit percentages. And the guy who wrote the law got beaten by an NA woman running for office for the first time. 😆

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