Remember this?

Remember this video by Mark Gillar? He posted it on his Tea Party Power Hour YouTube channel in 2013. Folks were going to prison. Yes, people were going to prison over Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I know. It sounds absurd now. It was absurd then.

Yet, even today there are still crazy Birthers like Robert Laity, OPOVV (for One Pissed Off Vietnam Vet) and others at the Post & Email who firmly believe that Obama was never legitimate and worse. Laity believes President Obama committed treason and should be tried under the UCMJ. Here is a typical comment from Laity:

Robert Laity   Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 2:07 AM

Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud, during a time when the U.S. was at war. He swore a false oath of office to defend the constitution knowing that he is a fraud.
That makes Obama both a Traitor under 18 USC and a spy under 10 USC (UCMJ 906.106)

First, as Laity has been told several times on Twitter and elsewhere, the president is not under the UCMJ. The president is a civilian. Second, President Obama was elected twice, twice the electoral college vote was certified at a joint session of Congress, and he was sworn in twice. He served his two full terms. End of story. The nonsense about his birth certificate and not being eligible is complete bullshit.

Laity also likes to fantasize that he performed a “formal citizens arrest” of Barack Obama in 2012. He has notified every attorney general since then of his “formal citizen’s arrest”. This citizens arrest is probably what earned him a visit from the Secret Service. Laity is probably a harmless nut case but he certainly doesn’t live in the real world so it is good the men in suits from the US Secret Service checked him out.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves in a real crisis. The Birther President gutted our ability to respond to an epidemic by dismantling the pandemic response team at the National Security Council. Why? Ostensibly it was a cost cutting measure but a more likely explanation is that it had been created by President Obama. Trump also failed to listen to what experts where telling him about COVID-19 months ago. Almost at every turn Trump has failed to do the right thing or has done exactly the wrong thing and that is going to make the ultimate outcome much worse.

I have observed, debated, and laughed at Birthers since late 2008. If I have learned one thing it is that their stupidity, hatred and racism has no bounds. No amount of evidence was ever going to convince them that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, none of his documents were forged, and he was rightfully elected and served two terms admirably.

It is no surprise that they worship the Birther in the Oval Office now despite ample evidence that he lies, cheats, and is completely unequipped to handle possibly the greatest crisis to hit the country since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Instead these mental midgets would rather waste their time talking about how Carl Gallups did Mike Zullo wrong or there is something wrong with Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration card.

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31 Responses to Remember this?

  1. I have to say from my interaction with conservatives and Birthers on the Internet I am not shocked at all by the findings of this study:

    People with lower emotional intelligence are more likely to hold right-wing views, study finds

  2. Ike says:

    That’s a survey from Belgium, a country that has been labeled ‘perhaps the most liberal country in the world’.

    In 2010 Belgium elected a socialist pole-puffer, Elio Di Rupo, like your Obama, to be the Prime Minister.

    Belgium fits in with the European Socialists countries

    A recent Gallup poll (1/8/2019) has the USA leaning conservative 35%, moderate 35%, and liberals 26%.

    Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic (a mental disease). They’re the real authoritarians. “Inside Every Leftist Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out”

  3. I wonder if my article prompted Gillar to work on some new craptastic videos? On his YouTube channel he added a bunch of short new videos. They appear to be works in progress. 😉

  4. Ike says:

    You bozos should give it up. Still, after all this time haven’t got anything completely right, and haven’t corrected all the errors I pointed out. It’s obvious most of yas are products of the shallow neanderthal end of the gene pool.

    Why are you moral degenerates still using the black race as political fodder. As a group they’re taking a hell of a beating per Covid-19. About 2 to 3 times that of any other group.

    Here’s one you tried before and I used the FBI & CDC stats to straighten it out. You degenerates never learn, RC plays the race card again: “It is a fact that the orange piece of shit in the Oval Office now destroying the country is there because of the votes of white non-college graduates. Of course that is also the group where you will find the greatest concentration of anti-science, evangelical, anti-gay, and racist individuals.”

    Reposting this from another site, it’s easier than digging up the stats: “The average IQ for blacks in the US is about 85, lower in Africa. So about half the black population is 85 or less. That doesn’t amount to a lot of wattage. One could expect difficulties in a complex society.”

    Almost everything you bozos are claiming I’ve been over it with yas. Ya try bringing it back as if it was a new argument. Your memories are bad.

  5. John M. Woodman says:

    I… oh, gosh. It was all I could do not to leave a comment on that video noting that almost 7 years later, the only people involved in the Obama eligibility debate who’ve gone to jail have been birthers, and the only high-profile person to be prosecuted was Joe Arpaio.

  6. John Woodman published a new article on the Arpaio/Zullo December 2016 “press conference”.

    • Ike says:

      Present status of the Barack Obama Birth Certificate & presidential eligibility controversy for 4/30/2020:

      The original birth certificate (August 1961?) claimed to be on file (stored in a vault) at the HDoH has not been provided to the American people for inspection to verify the 2 substitute birth documents released in June 2008 & April 2011.

      The claimed daddy, Kenyan Obama Sr., wasn’t permanently domiciled (treat a country as a permanent home) in the United States, and owed allegiance to Kenya, thus making Barack Jr., if born in the United States, subject to a foreign power.

      Those who were subject to a foreign power under the Civil Rights Act were in turn not subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States under the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause.

      From the 1866 debates constitutionalizing the 1866 CRA into the 14th Amendment:

      “All that this amendment provides is, that all persons born in
      the United States and not subject to some foreign Power—for that,
      no doubt, is the meaning of the committee who have brought
      the matter before us—shall be considered as citizens of the
      United States…”

      • Present status of the Barack Obama Birth Certificate & presidential eligibility controversy for 4/30/2020:

        President Obama was eligible and served two full terms. His presidency was successful especially when compared to the Lying Orange Turd now in office.

        Birthers are still racist scum and always will be.

        • Ike says:

          It’s understandable your lashing out with extreme rage over your ‘boy’ Obama, that reprehensible piece of Marxist dung, and Dear Leader to the anti-American Left, who was never qualified under the U.S. Constitution for the American Presidency, unlike The Donald. It’s a no brainer why he has kept his original records, if they exist, from being seen by the American people, even when he was offered $5 million and more for the release of some.

          More evidence has recently surfaced regarding Obama as the spymaster* behind Crossfire Hurricane, the subversive clandestine operation that was spying on American citizens. We have James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, on record confessing in July 2018 to CNN’s Anderson Cooper it was Obama who gave the order kicking off Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

          *The agent who oversees a network of subordinates on a covert spying operation.

          • President Obama is not a “boy“. He is a 58 year old ex-President of the Untied States and deserves respect. Your use of “boy” in this context is a racial slur. I only approved your comment to show people what a racist piece of Birther scum you are.

            • Ike says:

              If you understood anything in regards to Your Boy you wouldn’t have responded the way you did. Your Boy is the spin off of My Boy in the 2nd person. These are idioms that have been around long before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. They were used all over America, including the black community.

              My use of it is not a racial slur. It’s because of how you’ve been brainwashed by Marxist academia professors, Leftist lamestream media, and leftist Democrat politicians that you believe such nonsense.

              Originally my boy/your boy was used to describe a close friend, someone you looked up to, or someone who would have your back when needed. Today because of the Marxist indoctrinations going on the Left, liberal minds have been poisoned to believe something different.

              • Referring to any adult black man as a “boy” is a racial slur. Quit lying your ass off about it. If you use it again you will be banned. Also, if you use “Democrat” where “Democratic” is the proper word that will also be grounds for a ban.


                Since you can’t seem to avoid using these epithets I have put you on moderation in the meantime.

              • The official and legal name of the “Democratic Party” is the Democratic Party, the largest and oldest political party in the United States. The use of the term “Democrat Party” by conservatives is a pejorative. I will not tolerate its use. Ike wanted to argue the point so I am giving him a month or so time out from commenting.

                Somehow I assume we will all manage to survive. 😆

              • Northland10 says:

                I will not tolerate its use. Ike wanted to argue the point so I am giving him a month or so time out from commenting.

                His idiotic attempt to explain away his ‘boy’ comment would have caused me to cut him off. I’m a little surprised it took him this long for these types of comments. He’s usually a bit quicker at turning that way, so he can get a rise out of others. It’s his MO.

              • “His idiotic attempt to explain away his ‘boy’ comment would have caused me to cut him off.”

                I almost banned him after that comment. Trying to justify using racist terms by claiming that blacks have used those terms is right out of the racist playbook.

              • He can always go over the the Post & Email. Racism is not only tolerated but is celebrated there.

              • Northland10 says:

                True, but they are not going to argue with him, which is what he truly likes. He wants to use his racism where it will bother people, not where it will be appreciated by people.

              • “True, but they are not going to argue with him, which is what he truly likes. He wants to use his racism where it will bother people, not where it will be appreciated by people.”

                That’s a very good point Northland. That’s his shtick because at the core he is a troll. He was permanently banned at Doc’s and John Woodman’s blog. I recall that Ike posted some at the Birther Report and was not accepted very well there because he didn’t completely toe the Birther line.

        • Ike says:

          Obama behind the Comey FBI targeting Trump & LtG Flynn.

          Excerpt from the article: “To understand what happened here, you have to understand what the FBI’s objective was, first formed in collaboration with Obama-administration officials. That includes President Obama, Vice President Biden …”

        • Ike says:

          Here’s Diamond & Silk interviewing Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

          Big takeaway: Obama behind all the different Spygate operations.

          If you wanna cut to the chase start at the 6 minute mark.

  7. Racist Rambo continues to try to sneak through his racist rantings. He is too stupid to understand what banned means. Therefore I am extending his time out to two months.

  8. So I understand that Donald the Birther Trump is refusing to allow the portrait of the first black President to be displayed along with portraits of all the previous presidents in the White House. Racist much?

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