Video documents the facts on COVID-19 and the Trump administration blunders

This doesn’t need much explanation.

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  1. Ran Talbott says:

    Thanks for posting that. I didn’t learn much of anything new, but people who aren’t news and politics junkies should find it very informative.

    It reminds me of discussions of other Trump travesties: one of the problems with Mueller’s investigation is that tidbits of Team Trump’s misdeeds trickled out over a long period of time. So, when the report came out, much of it was already known. So it didn’t have the impact it would have if it were all new. To twist a metaphor: the frog was already boiled into unconsciousness.

    I did notice one minor error, at about 23 minutes in: when the pandemic response team was disbanded, only a few were reassigned within the NSC. Most were either let go, or returned to the agencies from which they were seconded.

    Thanks again.

  2. Ike says:

    RC, check your email

  3. Ike says:

    Extreme cruelty in China against blacks.

    Maybe the Left, Dems, and Obots now won’t be so quick to side with Chinese commies against Trump and America. I had a sick feeling for months watching it.

    China Is Forcing Africans To Sleep On Streets, Not Allowing In Supermarkets Because They Are Black

  4. We haven’t even talked about how absurd and irresponsible it is for the President to be pushing a completely unproven and dangerous treatment for COVID-19 using a drug normally used to treat malaria and Lupus. He picked up this miracle cure from right wing sites and experts like the quack Dr. Oz.

    • Ike says:

      There’s all kinds of testimony from the world over that includes the medical profession that claims it’s working. Just have to play it by ear nd hope it works.

    • Yet another study showing how irresponsible the Orange Idiot was to push an unproven drug for Covid-19 treatment:

      A malaria drug widely touted by President Donald Trump for treating the new coronavirus showed no benefit in a large analysis of its use in U.S. veterans hospitals. There were more deaths among those given hydroxychloroquine versus standard care, researchers reported.

      The nationwide study was not a rigorous experiment. But with 368 patients, it’s the largest look so far of hydroxychloroquine with or without the antibiotic azithromycin for COVID-19, which has killed more than 171,000 people as of Tuesday.

      The study was posted on an online site for researchers and has been submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine, but has not been reviewed by other scientists. Grants from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia paid for the work.

      Researchers analyzed medical records of 368 male veterans hospitalized with confirmed coronavirus infection at Veterans Health Administration medical centers who died or were discharged by April 11.

      About 28% who were given hydroxychloroquine plus usual care died, versus 11% of those getting routine care alone. About 22% of those getting the drug plus azithromycin died too, but the difference between that group and usual care was not considered large enough to rule out other factors that could have affected survival.

      Hydroxychloroquine made no difference in the need for a breathing machine, either.

      More at link …

  5. It appears Trump is the one who early on took China’s word that things were fine.

    • Ike says:

      Just some Dem/leftist agitprop. I doubt it’s accuracy.

      • Every claim is documented, most in Trump’s own words caught on video.

        • Ike says:

          And it’s nothing when compared to Hannity’s Timeline on what the Dems & lame Leftist media have said. It’s not hard to believe that they have sided with China, WHO, and WHO’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom, a Marxist revolutionary, against America. In case you don’t realize it that’s your side of the political aisle.

  6. Looks like one of Trump’s house Negroes said the wrong thing.

    The White House has been scaling back U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams’ media appearances after he commented on the health disparity between white Americans and racial minorities with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak.


    The surgeon general has been absent from President Donald Trump’s daily press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic since Friday April 10, during which he spoke on the higher number of COVID-19 cases in black and Hispanic communities compared to that of whites.

    “This epidemic is a tragedy, but it will be all the more tragic if we fail to recognize and address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and an array of other diseases and risk factors on communities of color,” Adams said, adding that the Trump administration was “determined not to let that happen.”

    I would add that the idea of the Surgeon General not being included in a president’s briefing on a pandemic is ridiculous and could only happen in a Trump administration where he appoints people and when they do not properly praise him or dare espouse a little bit of truth are shunned.

    • Ike says:

      House negroes? Laughing at your ignorance and your continuing obsession with race.

      I’m just guessing, but it’s a good bet that Adams probably has been held back because of your leftist Lamestream media’s vicious & racist attacks on him.

      These areas where the Corona virus has had a disproportionate impact on black communities is a real tragedy. The majority of these areas, if not all, have been under Democratic control for decades.

      Did you know that no Republican ever owned a slave. That’s right, they were all owned by Democrats.

      • “I’m just guessing, but it’s a good bet that Adams probably has been held back because of your leftist Lamestream media’s vicious & racist attacks on him.”

        So Trump is a weakling who can be easily bullied by the media? 😆

        The Republican Party started in the northern states in 1854 where slavery was not even legal. That claim is moronic even for Ike.

        I knew the “house Negro” comment would get Ike to foam at the mouth. The response was delicious and even better than I expected!

        • Ike says:

          The attacks on Adams were uncalled for, he didn’t deserve it. Trump can hold his own against anyone in the media.

          In 1854 slavery was still being practiced in some isolated parts of Northern states, and it was still legal in Delaware & Maryland.

          Leftist politicians are the new plantation owners, and Socialism is their slavery.

          For your own good you Obots should get as far away from them as possible and show America you believe in the Land of the Free. It also would be a good idea for yas to think about joining the Party of Lincoln.

      • Northland10 says:

        Did you know that no Republican ever owned a slave. That’s right, they were all owned by Democrats.

        Edward Bates, Lincoln’s first Attorney General, owned slaves up until 1851 as it was still legal in Missouri.

        As it is, comparing Southern Democrats (or even the northern liberal Republicans) from the civil war period with today’s party alignment is downright stupid. Things have changed radically over the years (remember that whole depression and later civil rights thing). It is only done by those who care little for actual facts and reality. They are content to toss out labels with no context. Lazy arguments and easily swayed by propagandists. Goebbels would be pleased.

        By the way, how would RC be embarrassing himself? The audience here generally agrees with him, except for one person. The debaters don’t get to declare which person “won” on their one terms. Lazy insults. Your job is not to “expose” him (or others) but to convince the audience you are right. I realize you are only in it to play games.

        Former President Obama was still a fully eligible President. Learn to live with that or get the Constitution changed for future times. I notice all the birthers seem to skip the easy way to fix their problems. If America fully agrees with them, it should have been an easy thing to do.

        Oh yeah, I forgot. When others disagree, it’s a conspiracy of the deep state. Must keep up the victimhood of the downtrodden white male.

        • “Oh yeah, I forgot. When others disagree, it’s a conspiracy of the deep state. Must keep up the victimhood of the downtrodden white male.”

          Or they are all Marxists and Commies. I think Ike escaped from the McCarthy era via a time warp.

        • Ike says:

          I think you got your facts on Edward Bates wrong. As I’ve told you Obots before that’s usually due to you Obots swallowing the false propaganda, smears, and race-mongering from your media masters and political overlords.

          I’m quoting part of the 1st paragraph of an article: “He never actually joined the Republican Party and remained an unregenerate Whig who strongly believed in the Union and internal improvements. Conservative by nature and stuffy by temperament, he opposed slavery but disdained blacks.”

          The Democrats of the 21st century act like throwbacks to the Democrats of the antebellum South. Back then they enslaved people to pick the cotton on their plantations, now they want to enslave all Americans to their socialism. You Obots shouldn’t support that.

          “…how would RC be embarrassing himself?”

          I’ve dealt with RC on a number of sites & issues. I can’t remember him ever getting anything right. Most of it is documented. That would have to be embarrassing, and he plays the race card as his default position.

          Here’s the Democrats embarrassing themselves with the Big Lie:

          Everybody knows Obama wasn’t eligible to be president. Due to the circumstances at the time he was given an Affirmative Action pass. 12 years and original records still hidden.

          • “Everybody knows Obama wasn’t eligible to be president. Due to the circumstances at the time he was given an Affirmative Action pass. 12 years and original records still hidden.”

            It takes a special kind of stupid to make that claim. Of course Ike’s strain of stupid has always been special.

  7. Trump removed Dr. Rick Bright, the Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), because he refused to ignore science and pimp Trump’s miracle cure. Here is his statement:

    “Yesterday, I was removed from my positions as the Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response by the Administration and involuntarily transferred to a more limited and less impactful position at the National Institutes of Health. I believe this transfer was in response to my insistence that the government invest the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19 pandemic into safe and scientifically vetted solutions, and not in drugs, vaccines and other technologies that lack scientific merit. I am speaking out because to combat this deadly virus, science — not politics or cronyism — has to lead the way.

    I have spent my entire career in vaccine development, in the government with CDC and BARDA and also in the biotechnology industry. My professional background has prepared me for a moment like this — to confront and defeat a deadly virus that threatens Americans and people around the globe. To this point, I have led the government’s efforts to invest in the best science available to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this resulted in clashes with HHS political leadership, including criticism for my proactive efforts to invest early in vaccines and supplies critical to saving American lives. I also resisted efforts to fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections.

    Specifically, and contrary to misguided directives, I limited the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, promoted by the Administration as a panacea, but which clearly lack scientific merit. While I am prepared to look at all options and to think “outside the box” for effective treatments, I rightly resisted efforts to provide an unproven drug on demand to the American public. I insisted that these drugs be provided only to hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19 while under the supervision of a physician. These drugs have potentially serious risks associated with them, including increased mortality observed in some recent studies in patients with COVID-19.

    Sidelining me in the middle of this pandemic and placing politics and cronyism ahead of science puts lives at risk and stunts national efforts to safely and effectively address this urgent public health crisis.

    I will request that the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services investigate the manner in which this Administration has politicized the work of BARDA and has pressured me and other conscientious scientists to fund companies with political connections as well as efforts that lack scientific merit. Rushing blindly towards unproven drugs can be disastrous and result in countless more deaths. Science, in service to the health and safety of the American people, must always trump politics.

    I am very grateful for the bipartisan support from Congress and their confidence in my leadership of BARDA as reflected in the generous appropriation to BARDA in the CARES 3 Act. It is my sincere hope that the dedicated professionals at BARDA and throughout HHS will be allowed to use the best scientific acumen and integrity to continue their efforts to stop the pandemic without political pressure or distractions. Americans deserve no less.”

  8. Looks like Fox News figured out hydroxychloroquine isn’t the miracle drug Trump touted it as after all.

    “For a month’s stretch, the Fox News star Laura Ingraham relentlessly promoted the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to her nearly four million nightly viewers.

    The drug was “a game changer” in the fight against the coronavirus, the conservative anchor declared. She booked recovered patients to describe their “miracle turnaround” — “like Lazarus, up from the grave,” as Ms. Ingraham put it. Anyone who questioned the drug’s efficacy, she said, was “in total denial.”

    “I love everybody, love the medical profession,” the host said on April 3, after listing off public health experts who questioned the cure. “But they want a double-blind controlled study on whether the sky is blue.”

    But as of last Wednesday, Ms. Ingraham was no longer talking about hydroxychloroquine, and she didn’t bring it up on her show for a week.

    Her fellow Fox News prime-time stars Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity also cut back on referring to the drug. In fact, since April 13, hydroxychloroquine has been mentioned about a dozen times on Fox News, compared with more than 100 times in the four previous weeks, according to a review of network transcripts.

    The shift came as President Trump has dialed back his public zeal for the treatment — and as studies and health experts have increasingly cast doubt on the efficacy of the drug in treating coronavirus.

    On Tuesday, a study of 368 Veterans Affairs patients showed that the use of hydroxychloroquine was associated with an increased risk of death. Mr. Trump’s own medical team, including Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, has urged caution about hydroxychloroquine, noting the drug’s potential adverse effect on patients with heart troubles.

    Ms. Ingraham declined to be interviewed for this article …

  9. Here is a thorough article from the LA Times about the scientific evidence piling up that anti-malarial drugs do not work on COVDI-19 and in fact can kill.

  10. I saw this on Facebook. It was posted by someone who has called the show in the past:

    Trump is a lunatic.

    50,000 people have died in the worst pandemic in a century.

    26 million people became jobless in the last 45 days.

    All Trump’s FEMA is doing is stealing PPE from blue states, for Trump to use as political capital.

    Trump’s GOP is looting trillions of dollars from the Treasury for their corporate overlords, while ignoring the people. Draining the swamp?

    Trump’s DOJ is in court today fighting to cancel health insurance of 20 million Americans.

    Our president says to “inject bleach.”

    Trump cultists double down, and double defend our Russia-owned, orange-skinned, wigged, shoe-lifted, IDIOT impeached president.



    50,000 USA deaths. Drink bleach.

    and this

    • Ran Talbott says:


      I wouldn’t count on that. Remember Dick Cheney, the Mighty Hunter of Captive Quail?

      • I recall the Cheney talking point was that the guy was only “peppered” in the face. I never knew getting shot in the face with bird shot and almost dying was getting “peppered”.

  11. John M. Woodman says:

    RC – Did you get my email?

    Your old phone number has gone dead. Call me.

  12. Ike says:

    When do you intend to release my replies you have in moderation?

    The latest one is dated:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 25, 2020 at 5:00 am

  13. Someone posted this at the Fogbow. Sums it up pretty well.

  14. I have seen a new nickname for Trump on Facebook and Twitter, “Bunker Bitch”. I love it and it seems to be sticking.

  15. gsgs says:

    remembering Reality Check, Woodman
    I wondered whether there were a SARS2-origin discussion here

    • Good to hear from you gsgs. How are you doing?

      There has not been any discussion about the origin of SARS2 but you are welcomed to start one.

      • gsgs says:

        hi again RC,
        I saw some articles,blog posts with detailed discussion about SARS2-genetics
        and somehow it reminded me to the birther discussion.
        The everlasting US dems vs. reps controversy,
        The Trump’s investigation
        about the Chinese lab (as there was a Trump’s investigation into the
        Obama birth certificate)
        Then I saw a Larry Clayman $20T lawsuit against China and I thought there could be a thread a fogbow, but couldn’t log in … the latest post in the Klayman thread was yours …so I’m here. I had been posting about Pandemics since 2006 (“flubie”), I’m also
        doing genome sequence analysis , but there are probably no others here
        who are doing that ?!

        • Larry Klayman files lots of stupid and frivolous lawsuits. It’s what he does.

          No, I am not into sequencing genomes. I thought I read somewhere that the particular strain of corona virus that is currently infecting the USA was found to have come from Europe. Maybe it was a mutated strain of the one that came from China.

          Our leader Trump tried to stick the name “Chinese virus” on the corona virus but he had to give up since it didn’t stick. Now he has moved on to falsely accusing 75 men of being members of Antifa and in general behaving like the racist fuck he is.

          • rantalbott says:

            NY state sequenced the DNA from a bunch of tests a month or two ago, and found that most (not all) of them were infected by strains that came via Europe, not directly from China. Now people are probably getting infected by strains that evolved everywhere, including here in the U.S.

        • John M. Woodman says:

          Not worth much discussion IMO.

          There are caves in southwestern China with bats. The bats have viruses.

          By 2019, three different zoonotic coronaviruses from southwest-Chinese bats were known over the past 20 years or so to cross the animal-human barrier and cause alarming large-scale disease outbreaks in humans. Since it had already happened three times in about 20 years, this was a known risk that any decent administration would’ve had its eyes on as a global and national security threat.

          Because the threat existed, there were already researchers in the area monitoring and doing research. Conspiracy theorists have pointed to the existence of a lab in the area. US researchers had been working with researchers at the lab, so we had a pretty good idea what they were doing.

          Hubei, the province in which Wuhan is located, has mountains, lakes, wilderness areas, caves, and just over 60 million ordinary citizens.

          Labs have safety protocols to prevent the escape of viruses.

          Ordinary citizens generally do not.

          Teenagers in particular do not.

          I’ve raised one teen boy who had a love for exploring areas that might be hazardous. His younger brother last year fell 15 feet out of a tree and got a mild concussion. All six, boys and girls, have been on various outdoor adventures.

          Our only visit to a cave has been guided, with a local cave explorer. But of course in a population of 60 million Hubei residents, there are going to be locals who end up rubbing shoulders with bats.

          Next topic?

          • gsgs says:

            it started in Wuhan, far away from the bats.
            By some coincidence? the major bat-virus-lab is in Wuhan.
            There was no Coronavirus-like pandemic in the known history of mankind.
            They can’t find a well-enough-matching virus in nature (yet)
            New cleavage site


            • The article and the comments are interesting. I will summarize:

              The author thinks the virus was manufactured by using two bat viruses and modifying them by using spike proteins from other human infecting SARS viruses to replace the original bat virus spike proteins. He even names a specific scientist whom he thinks is responsible and was funded by the Chinese Communist Party.

              • gsgs says:

                those crazy Lab-bers … debunk it .

              • This is one of many contradictory articles I found with a quick search:

                Scientists Are Tired of Explaining Why The COVID-19 Virus Was Not Made in a Lab

              • gsgs says:

                this thread :

                seems to debunk the claim that rmYN02 has a natural insertion
                as claimed here :
                somehow discrediting the respected authors. Will those comment ?
                Then there is this “men intruding animal habitat” agenda ,
                Daszak,Shi which makes me sceptic.
                I think men will create many pandemics this century, science will show them
                how to do it. (not with that target, but as a side effect)

              • John M. Woodman says:

                In other words, it’s the same basic thing as Obama’s birth certificate.

                It bears all the marks of an origin consistent with the generally accepted understanding of how it was created, and no signs of having been deliberately and artificially created.

                Or, to put it another way: The characteristics of the (document, virus) are absolutely inconsistent with the theory that it was deliberately and artificially created.

                And that’s the case with both items here, in spite of the fact that some people may allege otherwise.

                gsgs, I recently stepped briefly out of retirement on the birther issue to do some additional work regarding Arpaio’s final claims of “proof of forgery.” You can read about them here:


                There were eventually something like 160+ claims of “proof” that Obama was ineligible. Every single claim was nonsense.

                As I’ve said elsewhere, just having an enormous pile of horse manure doesn’t mean there’s a pony in there somewhere.

                The entire Obama “eligibility” pile of horse manure was sifted using a manual sifter. There was not a single pony in there anywhere.

              • John M. Woodman says:

                It’s the same basic dynamic as Obama’s birth certificate.

                All of the characteristics of both are highly consistent with the generally accepted origin story, and are completely inconsistent with the idea that either was deliberately and artificially created.

                In spite of what some people — usually people seeking to promote themselves in some way — allege about both.

                gsgs, I recently emerged from retirement on the Obama issue (briefly) to have a look at Arpaio’s final claims of “proof of forgery.” You can see the result of that here:


                In the end, we ended up with something like 160+ claims that Obama was supposedly ineligible to the office of President. I did a recount but don’t remember the exact number off the top of my head.

                This was like having a gigantic mountain of horse manure. Some people think, “Such a huge mountain of horse manure! Surely there must be a pony in there somewhere!”

                The entire mountain was carefully sifted, by hand. There wasn’t even one single pony anywhere in the pile.

              • gsgs says:

                hi John,
                thanks for the link … I looked at it for 10-20min , but don’t want to go into the details
                with the pandemic aroound. It’s often not so easy t figure out the truth …
                People should give probability estimates for the claims
                [just “reply” in the email, I hope it goes to the correct location here]

  16. John M. Woodman says:

    I have a spreadsheet that compares the effectiveness of our response with that of other countries.

    In place like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and even Finland, Austria, and Germany, they have now largely beaten the virus.

    We’re still having 700 deaths every day from this virus. It’s decreasing, but is projected to ramp up again by the end of summer. It looks like it will surpass anything we’ve yet seen.

    So far, we have 115,000 deaths from COVID-19.

    If we had managed it as effectively as Germany — which is the least effective of these countries — we would have 80,000 fewer deaths.

    If we had managed it as effectively as Australia and New Zealand, we would have 113,000 fewer deaths.


    The fact that we are giving up now means these deaths will continue and multiply.

    This is a catastrophic outcome.

    • gsgs says:

      they don’t understand this. Is it management or just (bad) luck ?
      We are very lucky that it is so mild (compare with SARS1)
      and that it can even be “pushed back” – that never happened before afaik

      • gsgs says:

        hmm, my post from yesterday is missing ?
        I had links to origin-discussion threads , nerd, twitter
        Just to show that this is actively and controversely being discussed
        my discussions so far:
        2002-3, WMDs,Iraq
        2006-8, H5N1 bird flu
        2008 financial crisis
        2009 H1N1 pandemic
        2012-15, GOF,Ebola,H7N7,MERS,Sichuan earthquake,Japan Tsunami,Hurricanes

  17. Northland10 says:

    <blockquote=”John Woodman>As I’ve said elsewhere, just having an enormous pile of horse manure doesn’t mean there’s a pony in there somewhere.

    The entire Obama “eligibility” pile of horse manure was sifted using a manual sifter. There was not a single pony in there anywhere.
    Back in the day, when birthers had said, “where’s there’s smoke, there’s got to be fire” my reaction was often, “where’s there’s smoke, there’s Jerome Corsi with a smoke machine.”

    • Northland10 says:

      well fudge.. I have to remember to use the correct syntax… too much using BBCode and not enough HTML.

    • Northland10 says:

      I will try this again so readers can tell which part I am quoting.

      John Woodman said: As I’ve said elsewhere, just having an enormous pile of horse manure doesn’t mean there’s a pony in there somewhere.

      The entire Obama “eligibility” pile of horse manure was sifted using a manual sifter. There was not a single pony in there anywhere.

      Back in the day, when birthers had said, “where’s there’s smoke, there’s got to be fire” my reaction was often, “where’s there’s smoke, there’s Jerome Corsi with a smoke machine.”

  18. Ike says:

    Black Lives Matter is a ‘racist scheme’

    How about that! Someone who sees it the same way I do, and he’s the son of “The Greatest”

    Muhammad Ali’s Son: My Father Would Have Called Black Lives Matter a ‘Bunch of Devils’

    Ike: I call the pinko racist Obots a Bunch of Devils

    In a recent interview, boxing icon Muhammad Ali’s son insisted that his father would have thought the Black Lives Matter movement is filled with “a bunch of devils.”

    In the interview published by the New York Post, Muhamad Ali, Jr., said he father would not be a fan of BLM. “My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘all lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree (with BLM),” he insisted.

    “Don’t bust up #!*^, don’t trash the place,” he added. “You can peacefully protest.”

    Ali also called the BLM movement a “racist” scheme.

    “I think it’s racist,” Ali said. “It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone – he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is.

    “It’s a racial statement,” Ali added. “It’s pitting black people against everyone else. It starts racial things to happen. I hate that.

    “They’re no different from Muslim terrorists,” Ali said scornfully of the rioters. “They should all get what they deserve. They’re f**king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops. They’re terrorists – they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.”

    Ali turned hard against BLM. “Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful protest. Antifa never wanted it peaceful. I would take them all out,” he said.

    The younger Ali, also a practicing Muslim like his father, then appeared to give the police in America the benefit of the doubt, saying, “Police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a *#@^$% today or kill a white man.’ They’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.”

    Ali also praised President Donald Trump and even said he thinks his pugilist dad would have liked Trump.

    “I think Trump’s a good president. My father would have supported him. Trump’s not a racist, he’s for all the people. Democrats are the ones who are racist and not for everybody,” hesaid. “These [Democrat politicians] saying Black Lives Matter, who the hell are you to say that? You’re not even black.”

    Finally, Ali slammed the Democrat Party.

    “Democrats don’t give a #!^ about anybody. Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a #!^; she’s trying not to get locked up,” Ali concluded. “Trump is much better than Clinton and Obama. … The only one to do what he said he would do is Donald Trump.”

    • So you found one black who opposes Black Lives Matter and that makes the entire movement racist? Nonsense. You should check out Ali Jr’s background. He isn’t exactly the role model his father was.

      Ike, I am taking you off your two month time out today. I will put your comments on moderation and approve them if you do not break any rules. Here are the rules: Don’t refer to any black man as “boy”. Don’t use the pejorative term “Democrat Party”. Don’t try to justify either. I have read your excuses and they do not wash. Do not personally attack any other commenter. Obey the other rules too. Failure to comply with all of these will result in a further timeout of any length of my choosing. If you play nice I will take you off moderation altogether. The choice is yours.

  19. Northland10 says:

    All lives do not matter until black lives matter.
    All lives do not matter until people protect others from COVID by wearing a mask and self-distancing.
    All lives do not matter until those without the means are able to afford their own healthcare.
    All lives do not matter until LGTB can participate in the same rights as others.

    None of these request special rights but only the same rights as the rest of Americans enjoy. ALL lives mean ALL and if you do not think Black Lives Matter, that you do not believe All Lives Matter.

    Don’t like it. Boo hoo.. too bad.

  20. Ike says:

    Is “Trump Derangement Syndrome” a Real Mental Condition?

    Urban Dictionary provides this handy definition: “Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively INSANE due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.”

    Justin Raimondo, the editorial director of, wrote a piece in the Los Angeles Times in 2016 that broke TDS down into three distinct phases or stages:

    1- “In the first stage of the disease, victims lose all sense of proportion. The president-elect’s every tweet provokes a firestorm, as if 140 characters were all it took to change the world.”

    2- “The mid-level stages of TDS have a profound effect on the victim’s vocabulary: Sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole.”

    3- “As TDS progresses, the afflicted lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality.”

    Here in the H2H forum we”ve witnessed a number of the lefties who have progressed to Stage 3

    The history of Trump Derangement Syndrome actually goes back to the early 2000s — a time when the idea of Trump as president was a punch line for late-night comics and nothing more.

    Wikipedia traces its roots to “Bush Derangement Syndrome” — a term first coined by the late conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer back in 2003. The condition, as Krauthammer defined it, was “the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.”

    Rob Whitley, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of psychiatry at McGill University. Whitley who has written an article about TDS in Psychology Today stated people have been seriously disturbed and distressed by the policies, speech, behavior, and tweets of President Trump, so much so that it has affected their cognitive, affective, and behavioral functioning. Such people may need mental health support.

    • This comes from someone with the worst case of ODS ever recorded*. You actually think President Obama was not really eligible. That’s nut job territory delusion.

      You’ve all kinds of opportunities to defend Trump’s awful record. How is he doing on COVID-19, race relations, honesty, integrity, protecting our soldiers, trade, and appointing capable people?

      *However you are tied with people like Robert Laity, Sharon Rondeau, and Cody Judy who seem to have a cumulative IQ less than 75.

      • Ike says:

        Based on my research of Natural Born Citizen I don’t believe your boy Obama, the afro-marxist muzzie, was eligible to be a candidate for the American presidency.

        As to the place of birth controversy I don’t believe either side has provided irrefutable physical proof for what they claim.

        When taken into consideration all the Leftist pinko (Democrap-Marxist-Progressive) defiance that Trump has had to contend with, he has, overall, done a good job up to this point in time.

        From my own experience debating & arguing with you on an assortment of issues since 2012 I find it’s you not the birthers that has the 75 IQ. There’s a large amount of document proof on many sites, including your blog, that shows hardly if ever you being right when going up against me.

        Here’s a little nugget that came to my attention some time ago that would be of interest to you, from someone who would know (I can’t reveal who it is): The claim is Woodman doesn’t believe even half the claptrap you Obots peddle. He strokes with flattery your obot egos because you have freely been promoting his book.

        [Since Ike can’t seem to follow the simple rules of this blog he has earned another 30 day time out. RC]

        • John M. Woodman says:

          Is the emphasis on “boy” his?

          Otherwise it might not be deliberately racist.

          I mean, far be it from me to defend a racist or racism — my position is to embrace anti-racism — but I also try to be generous in giving people the benefit of a doubt, where one exists.

          The rest of his post is such nonsense I don’t know whether to be disappointed with humanity, or just laugh.

          Particularly laughable is his lie regarding me. In the first place, it ought to be clear to anyone with half sense that no one is actively promoting a book that’s 9 years old on a President who left office almost 4 years ago.

          It also ought to be clear to anyone with half sense that in those 9 years, i’ve made little or nothing off of a book that only ever gained 10 reviews in 9 years.

          This is unlike the major birthers, such as Arpaio who by all reports raised millions of dollars off of his birther nonsense, and Corsi who has a large platform from which they were at one point selling all kinds of birther merchandise and soliciting donations at $1,000 a pop.

          And naturally, of course, he “can’t reveal” his bogus source.

          Like there’s someone out there who knows my “true beliefs.”

          But do you actually want a true belief? Want me to get truly honest and tell you what I really think?

          Here it is.

          Ike, you’re not just dumb, or incompetent at distinguishing reality from fantasy.

          You’re also a despicable person.

          There you go. True and unvarnished.

          • I added the emphasis to show why he got the time out. I doubt Ike knows how to add emphasis on WordPress.

            Whether his use of “boy” in regard to President Obama is or is not racist I told him not to do it and if he did it again it would result in a further suspension. The same goes for using the term “Democrat Party”. He just cannot help himself.

            However the racist use of “boy” to describe an adult black man goes back to the days of slavery. It continued in the South afterwards during the segregation period. The racist Ike is just trying to be cute and slip it by. I will not allow any adult black man to be called a boy especially one as great as Barack Obama. If Ike wants to post racist crap there are blogs like the Post & Email that will more than happily allow it.

            It’s funny that Ike keeps calling President Obama and his supporters pinkos and Commies yet it is his guy Trump who has done more than any leader in history to promote the agendas of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un. They could not have hand picked a US leader who could do as much as Trump has done to drive a wedge between our traditional allies in their regions and the US. This is something they or their predecessors have been trying to accomplish for years. Trump has accomplished this for them in less than one term. Now tell me who the Commies are again?

            Oh and another example of Ike’s stupidity was this gem:

            “As to the place of birth controversy I don’t believe either side has provided irrefutable physical proof for what they claim.”

            So the certified birth certificates, certification letters, contemporaneous newspaper announcements and statements from Hawaii aren’t evidence of anything? What a complete moron.

            • John M. Woodman says:

              I remember your annoyance that I had used the term “Democrat Party” in the initial version of my book. I had actually done a check to see what the official term was for the party — I didn’t know — and was quoting an erroneous source.

              Now, of course, I know better.

              It was the only thing I ever had to correct in the book.

          • Northland10 says:

            John Says: And naturally, of course, he “can’t reveal” his bogus source.

            It is kind of bad form to “reveal” your backside in public. I’m rather pleased that Corsi doesn’t. It’s an image I can do without.

          • Ike also throws out the term “Afro marxist muzzie” to describe President Obama. He is of African descent on his father’s side but isn’t a Marxist nor is he Muslim. How typical of a fascist asshole like Ike to slander an entire religion as “muzzie”.

  21. gsgs says:

    25.07.2020 · On Bolling’s show, Klayman and Mikovits said they planned to sue Fauci because, Mikovits claimed, in the last decade the doctor “manufactured” and shipped coronaviruses to Wuhan,
    Sinclair delays interview containing Fauci Covid

    • “Fauci Covid” WTF? Sinclair was going to broadcast a Bolling piece with conspiracy nut job anti-vaxxer Judy Mikovits and Larry Klayman. They deserve each other. Klayman’s lawsuit will go nowhere like his hundreds of other lawsuits. I would not believe anything Sinclair put on the air.

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