Let the Birther fun begin! Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris

Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden named Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate last Tuesday and within hours the Harris Birthers slithered out of the woodwork from the usual places. Birthers like Sharon Rondeau, Gary Wilmott, Charles Kerchner, and Robert Laity all posted that Harris was ineligible at the Post & Email. Within two days the Birther Boob in Chief himself brought up questions about Harris’s eligibility.

I am sure that within days we we will see the first Harris Birther lawsuit filed somewhere. As we saw in 2008 and 2012 with Barack Obama and in 2016 with Ted Cruz these types of challenges on eligibility grounds are very difficult to press in the courts for various legal reasons. The courts will for the most part not allow claims of injury based on claims like “I don’t think the scary black man is eligible” to proceed past the early stages. This is why the Birthers compiled a perfect 0-226 record against President Obama over two election cycles.

I think there is a small but real possibility that the Trump campaign or Mike Pence could bring some sort of challenge against Senator Harris after she is nominated by the Democrats next week. After all, the Birther Boob in Chief is in the White House and he seems to have no problems with being identified as a racist Birther (although he finally had to admit that President Obama was born in the US and was eligible).

I for one would welcome such a challenge to end the two citizen parent nonsense once and for all. Recall that last year I explained why this legal theory is wrong and how it originated.

So relax, sit back, have the popcorn handy and enjoy the show.

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11 Responses to Let the Birther fun begin! Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris

  1. I think it would be good to capture the history of the false two parent citizen to be NBC theory, at least the modern version of it. I doubt anyone in the media knows it was invented in late 2008 by a poker playing, drug using, part time attorney from New Jersey.

  2. gsgs says:

    adapt the old constitution to modern times

  3. Ike apparently is still not convinced that he has to follow my simple rules to comment here so he has earned another one month time out. It’s like watching a child doing the same stupid thing over and over again and expecting a different result next time.

  4. Lupin says:

    One may well wonder why — if there was an ambiguity — I don’t think there is, but for argument’s sake, let’s say there is — in the NBC definition, it wasn’t fixed by Congress by some kind of unanimous or nearly unanimous law. After all, neither side has an interest in preserving any ambiguity which creates pointless arguments about Ted Cruz or Kamala Harris. The fact that after the Birther debacle, nothing was done to settle this once and for all is in itself curious.

    • Lupin,

      Good to hear from you my friend. In the case of Kamala Harris there really is no controversy. She is eligible. I know some Birthers and a few fringe attorneys are making noise and even the Birther Boob in the White House kind of picked it up (“they say” and just asking questions don’t you know) but there is just no doubt among real legal authorities that she is a natural born citizen.

      Kevin Davidson published a good summary of cases where judges opined on this situation of the eligibility of anyone born on US soil regardless of the status of their parents at the time of birth:


      A caller to my show, Thomas Brown, used to say this: “Sometimes when there is smoke there is someone behind it with a smoke machine.”

    • One of the problems that might have left ambiguity is that almost all the plaintiffs in eligibility lawsuits were either pro se Birthers who did not have a clue or represented by attorneys who were almost as bad. Their cases therefore went nowhere. No opposing candidate who would like have had standing brought a lawsuit. They likely could have had standing.

      What should happen is that the natural born citizen requirement should be removed from Article II of the Constitution and replaced with a residency requirement like that for representatives and senators. For proof that the natural born citizenship requirement does not guarantee any quality of leadership one need not look further than the current buffoon in the White House. There are an untold number of perfectly qualified immigrants who could do netter.

  5. Lupin says:

    One thing I did notice is, your mainstream media (CNN etc) are no longer shy about calling birther lies what they are: racist lies. Good.

    • Yes, that is good to see. I refuse to watch Fox News so I do not know how they are handling it.

      • rantalbott says:

        The Young Turks do a lot of stories about Faux News, and post excerpts from their shows on YouTube. Their discussions often run on for a while, but they usually include a clip or two and a summary in the first few minutes. I don’t remember whether their shows “The Damage Report” and “The Ring of Fire” have their own channels, or are on TYT’s channel. Since I also don’t watch Faux News, I don’t know how representative a sample their stories are.

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