Post & Email Blog Called Out by Andrea Mitchell on NBC Nightly News for Pushing Racist Birther Theories

Screenshot form NBC Nightly News August 14, 2020

On the August 14th edition of the NBC Nightly News Andrea Mitchell narrated a segment that covered Donald Trump who had raised questions during a press briefing about Kamala Harris’ eligibility to serve as vice president (whether she was a natural born citizen). Trump was apparently referencing a Newsweek op-ed written two days earlier by Chapman University law professor John C. Eastman in which Eastman questioned not only whether Kamala Harris was a natural born citizen but whether she was a citizen at all.

Newsweek was deluged with criticism after the Eastman op-ed was published. Originally Newsweek had failed to disclose that Eastman had run for California Attorney General in 2010, a job Kamala Harris won the same year. His biography in the article now includes that fact. Newsweek issued a half-hearted apology for jumping on the Birther train.

In Andrea Mitchell’s segment she says Harris is being challenged by “a racist birther conspiracy theory, starting with a flurry of memes and fringe websites…” and as she says that a series of blog headlines flash by including Sharon Rondeau’s Post & Email.

After several tries I was able to capture a screenshot (included above) that clearly shows an article written by Rondeau in 2018 questioning whether Harris was eligible to run for president in 2020.

I find it encouraging that the media seemed to recognize that these Birther “questions” about Kamala Harris are just more of the same racist nonsense we saw play out for nearly the entire two terms of President Barack Obama.

What’s odd is that Rondeau who reports excitedly every time someone from a government or media IP address accesses her blog, even to the point of devoting entire articles to a single visit, barely mentioned that the Post & Email was on the NBC Nightly News (albeit for less than a second).

I have previously written about the Post & Email as the last remaining Birther blog:

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I also wrote a comprehensive post on the definition of natural born citizen:

For the thousandth time: Anyone born on US soil under the jurisdiction of the United States is a natural born citizen, period.

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6 Responses to Post & Email Blog Called Out by Andrea Mitchell on NBC Nightly News for Pushing Racist Birther Theories

  1. Robert Laity says:

    U.S.,ex Rel, Robert C. Laity v. U.S.Senator Kamala Harris, U.S.District Court,D.C., Case # 1:20-cv-02511-EGS, docketed 09/11/2020 Harris is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.

    • Dismissal soon to follow.

      “Therefore every person born within the United States, its territories or districts, whether the parents are citizens or aliens, is a natural born citizen in the sense of the Constitution, and entitled to all the rights and privileges appertaining to that capacity.” William Rawle, 1862

      • Yes, there are many problems with this filing. First it is too early since Sen. Harris is not Vice President (yet). Mr. Laity has no personal interest to be qualified as a realtor. Also his theories on the definition of natural born citizen are completely wrong. Minor v Happersett is not precedent, John Jay’s letter is irrelevant, and de Vattel did not influence the framers definition of natural born citizen. As a matter of fact de Vattel actually never wrote the phrase “natural born citizen” in his treatises since he wrote in French and what he wrote was not translated that way until an anonymous translation published in 1797.

        Yes, Judge Sullivan should make short work of this.

    • Northland10 says:

      Mr. Laity,

      Here is a way to reword the Minor ruling:

      It was never doubted that an apple is a fruit. Some authorities go further and include others. Of this class, there have been doubts, but never to the first. For the purpose of this case, it is not necessary to solve these doubts.

      Does this mean the only fruit is an apple and there are no other types of fruits? This is the interpretation you and others are giving to Minor.

      They never said there were no other ways to achieve NBC, but that the what they listed never had doubts, so was sufficient to make their point about voting rights not being automatic (i.e. even the strictest definition of citizenship did not give a voter those rights).

      In addition, their explanation of citizenship was not a definition, but an illustration for their ruling on voting rights.

    • tbfreeman says:

      I like how birthers stake out the bold position that everyone born in the United States to two U.S. citizen parents is a natural-born citizen.

      Literally no one disagrees with that.

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