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I thought I would discuss comment moderation in a brief post. First I am against comment moderation in general. I think requiring that every comment be moderated hinders open discussion. Blogs like the Post & Email moderate every comment. Sharon Rondeau unevenly and unfairly IMO allows people who agree with her to make threats and post all sorts of false claims. On the other hand I have seen her not allow through factual and documented comments that contain content that go against Birther memes.

The setting I use here sends your first comment into moderation and if it is approved you should be able to comment without it going into moderation. I have noticed lately some comments are still going into moderation that should not. uses Akismet to filter out comments from known spammers. I have seen rare instances where some legitimate comments were trapped by Akismet. I try to check the spam folder frequently to approve any that get caught wrongly.

Comments that contain too many links will also be flagged and moved to the spam folder. That number is is set pretty high so it should not be an issue with legitimate comments.

If you comment using a different email, ID, or using something like Twitter for logging in then that will be treated as a new comment and placed into the moderation folder.

If I continue to see comments going into moderation I will report it to

The comment policy for the RC Radio Blog remains unchanged:

Comment Policy

The views expressed in comments may or may not reflect those of the owner(s) of this blog or the Reality Check Radio program on BlogTalk radio. Comments posted from first time commneters are moderated and additional comments will be moderated until one is approved.   After the initial approval comments are not moderated unless they violate this comment policy.  Comments may be identified as spam if they contain too many links. Comments  that  are abusive, profane, or left by those who appear not to be interested in honest discussion may be placed in moderation or deleted. The owner(s) reserves the right to edit or delete comments.  Comments become the property of the RC Radio blog. Any edits will be noted in the comments.

I will not post or divulge  identifying information such as email addresses and IP addresses without consent of the commenter. However, comments containing threats may be reported to the proper authorities along with identifying information.

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12 Responses to Comment Moderation on this Blog

  1. johnmwoodman says:

    This comment has been deleted.

  2. Keith says:

    Off Topic: Is FogBow down for everybody? Are they under attack or something?

    • Yes, it is down. Foggy says his hosting company had a server crash.

      “IONOS support says, and I quote: “It looks like the server is trying to boot up, but it’s running into a series of errors and I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.”
      He’s going to bump it up to a higher level of support. HOWEVER, that means not until tomorrow morning – they don’t have any of the higher level techs working at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night. He’s going to leave a note for the techs to get to me first thing in the morning.
      I have about reached the end of the line with this hosting company. I’ve been with them a long time, but to have my site offline for more than 12 hours (which it will be) because of something screwing up on their end is just about the limit, as far as I’m concerned.
      I apologize to all, and I’ll keep working on this as best I can until I get us back up and running, if it takes another few weeks. 😉”

    • Sounds bad:

      10m ·
      The nightmare is getting worse. They may have permanently lost the database, which only means every post we’ve ever done, plus all your login information, everything. I’m going to call Sitelock, I pay them a little more than $100/month to protect this website. Maybe they have a backup, or at least can tell me what’s going on.

  3. W. Kevin Vicklund says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Traitor Jack or Rainbow Ike since before the pandemic. Are they still trying to comment, have they given up, or are they #DeadBirther ?

    • I have not heard from Trader Jack in probably a couple of years. I think he really is in his 90’s so who knows if he is still around. Ike tried to post a very offensive comment on VP Kamala Harris a few months ago and of course I deleted it. That’s the only thing I have heard from him since the election.

    • Trader Jack’s last comment was on May 31, 2019.

      Ike left his nasty comment about VP Harris at some point after the election. Since I trashed it I don’t know exactly when.

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