Laity v Harris Petition for Certiorari Denied by the Supreme Court

The orders from the SCOTUS conference held last Thursday May 27 contained a one line denial of Robert Laity’s appeal of his loss in the DC Circuit. See page 3.

I have consistently predicted that Laity’s appeal would be doomed for many reasons. In a comment at the Post & Email Laity has said he would file a petition for rehearing. This too will be denied.

Updated 6/22/2021:

Laity’s petition for rehearing was added to the Supreme Court case docket today and is dated June 16. There is a slim chance it could be on the agenda for the conference on Thursday but more likely it will be on the agenda for the first conference of the new term in October.

It is six pages long and merely restates Laity’s previous claims. It will therefore be denied.

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20 Responses to Laity v Harris Petition for Certiorari Denied by the Supreme Court

  1. tbfreeman says:

    In addition to his inevitable request for rehearing, Laity also is teasing a Plan B (just like Gallups did so many years ago).

    Meanwhile, the Constitution Association case (in California) has an order to show cause why its case shouldn’t be dismissed for lack of standing (and mootness).

    • Gallups was on Plan B with Universe Shattering news for over six years. It ended when he tried to take all the credit for the Cold Case Posse “achievements” and that caused a divorce with Mike Zullo. Laity has a long way to go to provide that much entertainment.

    • tbfreeman says:

      (One of the dudes in) the Constitution Association filed a response to the court’s OSC re: dismissal for lack of jurisdiction.

      The chumps don’t even see their looming inevitable dismissal.

      Click to access gov.uscourts.casd.694824.8.0.pdf

      • I noticed they were able to get an attorney to put his name on the reply. He didn’t sign it however and I doubt he wrote it. Judge Robinson had told them in the OSC that a corporation must be represented by a licensed attorney. Whoever wrote it made some really stupid arguments. For example they tried to argue that Vice President Harris is not an employee of the US government so they did not have to follow the rules for serving a government employee and the ex parte filing by the US should be rejected. That will go over with Judge Robinson like a turd in the punch bowl.

        • tbfreeman says:

          Having watched some of Gibbs’ “shows,” it is pretty clear that the three main dudes wrote the OSC response by committee. The association’s lawyer didn’t do anything other than claim to represent the association.

          Their argument that the vice president is neither an officer nor an employee actually is not a bad one. (Serious scholars debated a related issue during the second impeachment.) But these dudes made their argument poorly, and they intentionally ignore the government’s main argument: that service on Harris was improper.

          But the court likely isn’t going to bother with the sideshows of service on Harris or the federal government’s motion to set aside the entry of judgment. Because the court will rule it lacks jurisdiction and dismiss the case for that reason.

    • Laity’s plan B is to talk to “a local” Congressman about proposing a constitutional amendment defining natural born citizen to his liking. He mentioned this in a comment at the P&E. That his as much chance of succeeding as his frivolous lawsuits. Even if he convinces a member of Congress to sponsor a proposed amendment it will never get out of committee.

      Laity in reality has only one plan, Plan F for failure.

  2. johnmwoodman says:

    Totally shocked.

  3. I added a link to Laity’s petition for rehearing to the article. It appeared on the docket today and was dated 6/16. Laity does nothing to address the requirements in Rule 44 and will therefore be denied.

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