Updates to the comment policy on this blog

Today I updated the blog comment policy. I still encourage free and open discussion. I have been quite tolerant of those who disagree with me and most of my readers over the years but there are limits. Some issues like the place of Barack Obama’s birth and his eligibility to have been President have long been settled. Anyone wishing to question these facts in 2022 is crossing the line into the land of the trolls.

3/28/2022 Update:

I will not longer allow anyone who supported the January 6, 2021 criminal insurrection or supports politicians who participated in the insurrection to comment here. The comment policy has been updated to reflect this change.

The updated comment policy may be found here

About Reality Check

I have been following politics since my teens a very long time ago. I began debunking the Birther myths since late 2008. I commented an Birther sites and also fine sites like Obama Conspiracy Theories and Politijab. In 2009 I noticed that even though there were probably a dozen Birther run radio programs not a single anti-Birther program existed. Therefore I started "Land of the Obots" on Blog Talk Radio. I later changed the name to Reality Check Radio. The program ran weekly until sometime around 2016. This blog was originally begun to provide a place to discuss the radio show, my guests, and topics covered on the show.
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11 Responses to Updates to the comment policy on this blog

  1. I read an article on identifying trolls this morning. How to Identify a Troll. Although the title says “10 ways to identify a troll” it actually gives 8 since the last two are “Block the troll” and “Report the troll”. I would agree with the first 8 pretty much based on my experience with trolls here and elsewhere. I would add a few rules based on my experience:

    Makes outrageous claims then acts as if they are normal. The old maxim that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence applies. A number All of the Birther claims fit this category.

    Changes the subject often especially when pinned down on a false claim.

    Frequently uses logical fallacies especially the straw man argument. One of the all time examples of this was the argument that if a Birther could find one anomaly in the Obama LFBC that could not be immediately explained that rendered the document a forgery.

    • gsgs says:

      so, what is being discussed here now and who is still here ?

      Ukraine conflict ?
      COVID ?

      • Good to see you gsgs. What would you like to discuss?

        Rambo Ike still wants to discuss long settled Birther nonsense like his discredited definition for natural born. He is still not over a black guy being elected President either. I have not had too much to write about. I am still following one eligibility case against VP Harris that is essentially dead.

        COVID and Ukraine would be more interesting topics to discuss. I will start an open topic for discussions on current events if you would like.

        • I suggest:

          Discuss the ideas in the “How We Fix America” course. 🙂

          We can fix what’s wrong with America — if we will.

          Doing so has the potential to massively transform the lives of 90% of Americans.

          • I added a new post on How We Fix America.

            Oh and there is this: Biden Sees Big Bounce In Approval Rate

            It’s not that I put a lot of stock in approval polls but some commenter made a big deal of Biden’s low approval ratings.

            • Unfortunately, Biden’s approval ratings remain low.

              This is extremely unfortunate as it’s a direct reflection of our failure to manage misinformation and political propaganda.

              The economy grew at 5.7% in his first year. We added 6.6 million jobs, a record. Unemployment has dropped from 6.3% to 3.8%.

              He’s helped rally our allies in mostly effective action against Ukraine.

              Yes, there’s inflation. But gas prices are now headed back down.

              He’s doing a pretty good job.

              • I think Biden’s approval rating is low because these lying low life assholes on Fox News, in the Republican party, and even media who should know better made it appear that the fall of Afghanistan and 13 dead Americans were his fault. We spent almost two decades under three administrations trying to achieve goals that we were never going to attain in Afghanistan. We lost 2000 men. The ending was per-ordained.

                In reality Biden saved hundreds of American lives by telling the truth and doing what needed to be done the first year in office. That is courage.

                That is why I banned low life scum who support lies and traitors like Trump from my blog. I have battled these lying excuses for humans here for over 10 years and I am done letting them come here and lie their asses off. If they want to lie with their last breath like Hermetian did they can do it elsewhere.

              • Yes, as a Republican (at the time) digging for the actual truth of our situation, I was struck by things like this.

                Joe Biden gets endlessly blamed for the deaths of 13 Americans in the pullout from Afghanistan (which were not his fault), just as Hillary Clinton got endlessly blamed for the death of four Americans in Benghazi (which also were not her fault).

                Meanwhile, the guy with an R behind his name can actually CAUSE the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS through his failure to act, incompetence, mismanagement, and lack of any real concern (evidence: the death rate of Americans due to COVID under Trump versus the death rate in other developed countries). He can literally attempt to destroy our Constitutional republic itself, and he just… gets a free pass.

                I guarantee I can turn on the radio right now and find media people slamming Biden and praising Trump.

                It’s twisted. It’s completely backwards.

                That is why I banned low life scum who support lies
                and traitors like Trump from my blog. I have battled
                these lying excuses for humans here for over 10
                years and I am done letting them come here and lie
                their asses off. If they want to lie with their last breath
                like Hermetian did they can do it elsewhere.

                Good for you. I’m in full support.

              • I think what is clear from recent revelations is that that the 1/6/2021 events were not an accident or something that just happened. The plan was made by Trump and his minions in the weeks before. John Eastman laid the groundwork with a plan where while Congress was under attack Vice President Pence would allow objections to electors from various states and then adjourn Congress.

                This would throw the nation into a Constitutional crises worse than any we have seen since the Civil War. The attack on Congress by the Trump supporting groups was orchestrated to give support to the gravity of the crisis. Here is what Judge David Carter (a Republican appointed Judge) wrote:

                [then-President Donald Trump] “likely attempted to obstruct the joint session of Congress” on Jan. 6, 2021, which would be a crime.
                “The illegality of the plan was obvious,
                “Every American — and certainly the president of the United States — knows that in a democracy, leaders are elected, not installed. With a plan this ‘BOLD,’ President Trump knowingly tried to subvert this fundamental principle. Based on the evidence, the Court finds it more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021,..

                Carter continued:

                “The court is tasked only with deciding a dispute over a handful of emails, … This is not a criminal prosecution; this is not even a civil liability suit. At most, this case is a warning about the dangers of ‘legal theories’ gone wrong, the powerful abusing public platforms, and desperation to win at all costs. If Dr. Eastman and President Trump’s plan had worked, it would have permanently ended the peaceful transition of power, undermining American democracy and the Constitution.”

                Let that sink in a minute. This is a Republican appointed federal judge explaining what was going on.

                So if you are an insurrection denier or still support the likes of Trump, and the Republicans who still support Trump you are not nor ever will be welcomed here. You have nothing of value to say until you wake up from your brainwashing induced trance.

  2. COMALite J says:

    In coming back to this blog, I kinda skipped this article because the title looked boring (policy update), but I agree.

    A week or so after the events of January 6, 2021, I wrote the first draft of a little something intended to describe what happened in a manner targeted to the intellectual, academic, and maturity level of a typical Trump supporter. I’ve since made several changes for improved scansion of the parody lyrics vs. the original, and to incorporate new information such as what was revealed over the summer with the Select Committee hearings.

    Since the original had animation as well as music, I also made a proposed animation script. Unfortunately, with the limited HTML support available in regular WordPress comments, I don’t see a way to include those without it being confusing because it either has to be in a table (side-by-side) or interspersed with the lyrics so that you know what animation goes with what lyrics.

    For now, for your enjoyment, here’s the latest revision’s lyrics alone, without the proposed animation script (which illustrates and clarifies some of the lyrics):

    Verse №1:
    ♪♫ When | Real-Don-ald had “Jy-y-na | Flu,” (uh-huh-huh) ♫♪
    ♫♪ That | was-n’t what made him go, | _ “Boo-hoo”: ♪♫
    ♪♫ He’d | lost both e-lec–tions, ♫♪
    ♫♪ And | all court ob-jec–tions: ♪♫
    ♪♫ Why | Real-Do-nald tweet-ed some | In – sur – rec – tion: ♫♪

    Spoken №1:
    “Hey! I’m smart!
    OUCH! Losin’ hurts!
    YOW! That’s not fair, countin’ all those black votes down there!”

    Chorus №1:
    ♫♪ In-sur-rec-tions (“Hey!”) use in-|-cite-ment (“YOW!”) for se-di-tion: (“OUCH!”) ♪♫
    ♪♫ They | gen-’ral-ly should re-sult in a sen-tence | by in-car-ce-ra-tion joint, ♫♪
    ♫♪ Or by a fin-ing when the charge is not as | stro-ong. ♪♫

    Verse №2:
    ♪♫ Though | Giu-li-an-i’s drunk off his | head (uh-huh-huh) ♫♪
    ♫♪ Team | Nor-mal knew he’d rue this | _ ye-het. ♪♫
    ♪♫ He’d | plied his vo-ca–tion ♫♪
    ♫♪ At | the wrong lo-ca–tion, ♪♫
    ♪♫ So | Giu-li-an-i hol-lered for | In – sur – rec – tion: ♫♪

    Spoken №2:
    Well! We’ve found our nerve!”
    OH! We’ve never been so incited in all our lives!”
    Hey! Trial by combat!”

    Chorus №2:
    ♫♪ In-sur-rec-tions (“Well!”) use in-|-cite-ment (“OH!”) for se-di-tion: (“Hey!”) ♪♫
    rest same as Chorus №1)

    ♪♫ So if you’re | Na-zi (“Sieg HEIL!”) or | sad (“Aw!”) ♫♪
    ♫♪ Or | right-wing (“Eeeeeek!”) or | mad (“Rats!”) ♪♫
    ♪♫ Or in-|-ci-ted (“Wwoww!”) or bad (“Aye!”) ♫♪
    ♫♪ An In-sur-rec-tion won’t be sen-tenced | liiight. ♪♫

    Verse №2:
    ♪♫ The | race seemed tied on Nov. Third in | all (uh-huh-huh) ♫♪
    ♫♪ When | mailed ’n’ ear-ly votes were | _ caw-halled. ♪♫
    ♪♫ They’d | flipped the e-lec–tion ♫♪
    ♫♪ In the | oth-er di-rec–tion, ♪♫
    ♪♫ And MA-|-GAts star-ted shout-ing for | In – sur – rec – tion: ♫♪

    Spoken №3:
    “Aw! You threw the wrong votes!
    Darn! You just lost the race!
    “Hurray! I’m for the other guy!

    Chorus №3:
    ♫♪ In-sur-rec-tions (“Aw!”) use in-|-cite-ment (“Darn!”) for se-di-tion: (“Hurray!”) ♪♫
    rest same as Chorus №1)

    Reprise Bridge:
    ♪♫ So if you’re | Nat-C (“Puh-RAISE!!”) … ♫♪
    (rest same as Bridge)

    Reprise Chorus:
    ♪♫ In-sur-rec-tions (“Hey!”) use in-|-cite-ment (“Aye!”) for se-di-tion: (“Hey!”) ♫♪
    rest same as Chorus №1)

    Coda Chorus:
    ♫♪ In-sur-rec-tions, by in-|-cite-ment, for se-di-tion: ♪♫
    ♪♫ They’re the | big crimes, they’re the | big crimes, ♫♪
    ♫♪ They’re the | bi-ig-li-est | criiiiiiiiiimes!! ♪♫

    Spoken Coda:
    Whew! That’s his end!”

    In case anyone’s not familiar with the source material.

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