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I am still here!

I noticed I haven’t written anything for months so I thought I would check in with any readers I might have left. We were in the path of Hurricane Ian but managed to get through w/o any damage and were … Continue reading

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How We Fix America: A Course and a Plan

Our friend John Woodman has just released an important new book titled How We Fix America: A Course and a Plan It is available in paperback form on Amazon. The book is styled as a course with 13 “lessons” and … Continue reading

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Updates to the comment policy on this blog

Today I updated the blog comment policy. I still encourage free and open discussion. I have been quite tolerant of those who disagree with me and most of my readers over the years but there are limits. Some issues like … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays to All

I would like to wish everyone a very happy 2021 holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. This has been an interesting year. We saw Birtherism whimper to life last year when Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as … Continue reading

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Birther Attorney and Not a Constitutional Expert Succumbs to COVID-19

We learned a few days ago that Birther attorney Mario Apuzzo had passed over the weekend from complications associated with COVID-19. Apuzzo was 65 years old and had been hospitalized with COVID and pneumonia. Apuzzo filed one of the early … Continue reading

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Constitution Association, Inc v Kamala Devi Harris, the Other Harris Birther Lawsuit

Now that Robert Laity’s lawsuit against Vice President Harris has been denied and denied again by SCOTUS we can turn our attention to another Harris Birther lawsuit that has been festering in the Southern District of California. A group calling … Continue reading

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Laity v Harris Petition for Certiorari Denied by the Supreme Court

The orders from the SCOTUS conference held last Thursday May 27 contained a one line denial of Robert Laity’s appeal of his loss in the DC Circuit. See page 3. I have consistently predicted that Laity’s appeal would be doomed … Continue reading

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Robert Laity’s Appeal to the Supreme Court is Docketed

Robert Laity’s futile appeal of his DC Circuit denial in Laity v Harris has now been docketed at the Supreme Court. The Clerk assigned case number 20-1503 to the petition for writ for certiorari. Vice President Harris has until May … Continue reading

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DC Court of Appeals Denies Laity’s Request for a Hearing en Banc

On March 18th the DC Court of Appeals denied Robert Laity’s request for a hearing in en banc in his quo warranto case against Vice President Kamala Harris. A hearing en banc is a rehearing of an appeal recently rejected … Continue reading

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Comment Moderation on this Blog

I thought I would discuss comment moderation in a brief post. First I am against comment moderation in general. I think requiring that every comment be moderated hinders open discussion. Blogs like the Post & Email moderate every comment. Sharon … Continue reading

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