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Supreme Court to Orly Taitz: Obama is eligible and is not committing identity fraud

Today the Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Noonan v Bowen case that clears President Obama on claims made by Orly Taitz of identity theft and serving while ineligible to be President. Taitz had used this case to dump … Continue reading

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Fogbow is down. I will post any updates from the Grinols hearing here.

The Fogbow forum crashed just now from too much traffic. I will post any updates I have and we hope to have a full report at 9 PM EST  on RC Radio. I will uypdate this post as necessary.–special-report-grinols-v-electoral-collegeContinue reading

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What was your favorite Reality Check Radio episode from 2012?

Last year was a banner year for Reality Check Radio. We broke all of the records for number of listeners for both a single show and for one month. On the show last night I mentioned that I would conduct … Continue reading

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FEC Investigating Orly Taitz Senate Campaign Finances–$2500 Donated by Dead Woman

The Fogbow has reported that the Federal Elections Commission has opened an investigation into Orly Taitz’s unsuccessful 2012 campaign to replace Dianne Feinstein as Senator from the largest state in the union. Taitz finished a distant 5th in a large … Continue reading

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Special Show Monday November 5th

Reality Check Radio will air a special election eve show on Monday night at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. My guests will be California attorneys Jay Ritt and Scott Tepper and Mississippi attorney Sam Begley. Mr. Begley and Mr. Tepper … Continue reading

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Attorney Scott Tepper to Join the Defense Team in Mississippi Ballot Challenge [Updated]

As we said on RC Radio the other night keep your eyes on Mississippi. We have breaking news from The Fogbow courtesy of realist: And speaking of ordering more popcorn… Breaking!! “Word on the street” from a covert Obot operative … Continue reading

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A Tardis – Yeah that’s the ticket!

A post by  Nathanael at The Fogbow yesterday hit the nail right on the head: I2ANAL: I thought the contempt dance was a three-step: subpoena-compel-contempt. How can one be found in contempt if there was never an order to be … Continue reading

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Time for Birthers to admit they are wrong and move on

While the headline yesterday was obviously the decision by Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi in Georgia to leave President Obama on the primary ballot because he is a natural born citizen we learned that another more important decision was handed … Continue reading

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BREAKING – Did Orly Taitz Commit Perjury in a Hawaiian Court Filing or Is She Just That Incompetent?

Thanks to Hawaii resident Mike Dunford, a recent Reality Check Radio guest, we have learned that Orly Taitz may have perjured herself in a recent filing submitted to circuit court Judge Nishimura in Honolulu, Hawaii. The filing in question was … Continue reading

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The Circus is Coming to Georgia and Judge Malihi is the Ringmaster

Verbalobe (the creator of the brilliant Birther Dreams cartoon series) wrote a post at the Fogbow that I believe captures my own thoughts on the Georgia ballot challenge: “If Judge Malihi permits the full Cirque du Merde, in the end … Continue reading

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