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RC Radio will cover the subpoena enforcement hearing with a special show tonight

A special episode of RC Radio is scheduled at 9 PM ET tonight to cover the hearing being held today in Judge Nishimura’s court in Honolulu. Orly Taitz is seeking an order to have her “phony” subpoenas from Georgia to … Continue reading

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RC Radio Natural Born Citizen Debate Challenge

I would like to start off 2012 with a bang! Who is a natural born citizen? Before late 2008 there was not much discussion of this question except in some obscure legal articles and talk about a few candidates not … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to Taitz: Take your nutiness back to La-La Land

Last week Orly Taitz finally got to put her stack of “zibits” and “dossies” before an honest to goodness official venue. On November 18 Taitz appeared for nearly a full hour before the New Hampshire Ballot Access Commission. The Commission … Continue reading

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Chief Judge allows Orly to "phone it in" [Updated]*

Judge Susan Oki Mollway In an unusual move the chief judge of the federal district court in Hawaii, Susan Mollway,  has ordered the world’s worst attorney Orly Taitz to appear in her court room next Tuesday at a hearing on … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Birtherism

Yes, I have been a slacker lately. I admit it. But, hey, we did two shows the week before last when we covered Orly’s Great Hawaiian Adventure with Paul Irey and Douglas Vogt in tow. Speaking of Paul Irey, someone … Continue reading

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Orly’s latest carnival side show and why it will fail

You would would think after a two and a half year year unbroken string of complete and utter failures in the courts that even the most insane of Birthers would be a little skeptical about Orly Taitz latest stupid lawyer … Continue reading

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Transcript of the May 11 Hearing in Hornbeck v Salazar Procured

The transcript of the impromptu hearing held by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson  on May 11 in New Orleans was posted by Jack Ryan and Friends of The Fogbow today. The transcript indicates that the report given by Georgetown JD … Continue reading

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Dentist Orly Taitz must think all drilling is the same

Dentist and self proclaimed constitutional and civil rights attorney Orly Taitz must be confusing drilling cavities with drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. How else could one explain Orly’s latest escapade? it is her attempt to intervene in … Continue reading

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