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Hey, Jerry Corsi, while you are filing criminal complaints how about filing one against your boss

Jerome Corsi the author of the instant comedy classic, Where’s the Birth Certificate, said Sunday night on the Bill Cunningham radio program that he will be “filing criminal charges against the White House for releasing a fraudulent birth certificate”. You … Continue reading

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Where’s the Birth Certificate?

Why it it’s right here assholes: Tune in for a special Wednesday night edition of RC Radio tonight along with a a RC Radio Special Comment.

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Is Tim Adams Credible? A Reality Check

OK, I know some of you are laughing already; however, it is fair question to ask. After all, Adams is the only present or former Hawaiian government employee to my knowledge who has ever challenged the authenticity of the Obama … Continue reading

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RC Radio Asks WND to Comment on Troubling Revelation from Tim Adams

Joe Farah RC Radio has asked Joe Farah, the editor of World Net Daily, to comment on the troubling revelation by Tim Adams on RC radio  that the affidavit that was published earlier this year was actually prepared at the … Continue reading

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