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The views expressed in comments may or may not reflect those of the owner(s) of this blog or the Reality Check Radio program on BlogTalk radio. Comments posted from first time commenters are moderated and additional comments will be moderated until one is approved.   After the initial approval comments are not moderated unless they violate this comment policy.  Comments may be identified as spam if they contain too many links. Comments  that  are abusive, profane, or left by those who appear not to be interested in honest discussion may be placed in moderation or deleted. The owner(s) reserves the right to edit or delete comments.  Comments become the property of the RC Radio blog. Any edits will be noted in the comments.

Added 2/25/2022:  Updated 3/28/2022. I am adding a few additional rules to my blog comment policy:

  1. Since it is indisputable that President Obama is a natural born citizen, was duly elected twice and served two terms any comment claiming otherwise without a citing a specific court case where either candidate Obama or President Obama was ruled ineligible by name will be deleted in it’s entirety. This applies equally to anyone commenting. This question was settled over a decade ago in 1898 and any further expression of ignorance about it is a waste of my readers’ time.
  2. This prohibition also includes dishonest questions about President Obama’s place of birth and birth documentation. Those questions were also settled long ago.
  3. Intentional misspellings of the name of the Democratic party will result in an entire comment being deleted. It is childish and intentionally done by conservatives to demean the party that does not support our enemy. See this article.
  4. Commenters who obviously supported the January 6, 2021 insurrection or support those who participated in the planning and execution of the unsuccessful insurrection from Donald Trump on down the chain  are not welcome to comment here. I consider them to be um-American, anti-democratic traitors and not capable of intelligent discussion.
  5. Commenters who violate the rules multiple times will be placed on moderation until they  demonstrate to the blog administrator(s) that they understand and will follow the rules.
  6. Trolls may be permanently banned at my discretion. A troll is defined as someone who repeatedly leaves  intentionally annoying or offensive comments in order to upset someone, to get attention or cause trouble

I will not post or divulge  identifying information such as email addresses and IP addresses without consent of the commenter. However, comments containing threats may be reported to the proper authorities along with identifying information.

If you have a question or even if you disagree with any of this policy the comments below are the proper place to do it. However, the same rules apply here so please keep it civil.

11 Responses to Comment Policy

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  3. gsgs says:

    links are a problem ?
    I don’t like how the comments are ordered, indented –
    hard to follow the discussion

    • Links are OK. If a comment has too many links it gets flagged as spam. That is a Word Press feature. I just increased the number allowed to 8.

      I am ambivalent on nested comments. For a busy blog with a lot of comments like Obama Conspiracy Theories nested comments don’t work very well. That is why Doctor Conspiracy went to a flat discussion format. This blog doesn’t get as much traffic normally. If most folks would prefer a flat discussion format I would be happy to change it.

      • Northland10 says:

        Since does not have the quote function like Doc’s, nested can be helpful to keep track of wh is responding to who. That said, since I am reading usually from Feedly, I don’t get the advantage of nesting unless. go to the site.

        As it is, sometimes the discussion is has so many nested levels, you cannot tell anyway.

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  5. Northland10 says:

    FYI, here is the quick reference page for Markdown.

    As an example, in my response above, all I had to do was the following (Hopefully I will enter the code markdown properly so it displays the code not turns it into HTML).

    > [Reality Check said]( I turned Markdown on. Thanks for the tip.

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