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The views expressed in comments may or may not reflect those of the owner(s) of this blog or the Reality Check Radio program on BlogTalk radio. Comments posted from first time commneters are moderated and additional comments will be moderated until one is approved.   After the initial approval comments are not moderated unless they violate this comment policy.  Comments may be identified as spam if they contain too many links. Comments  that  are abusive, profane, or left by those who appear not to be interested in intelligent discussion may be placed in moderation or deleted. The owner(s) reserves the right to edit or delete comments. Any edits will be noted in the comments.

I will not post or divulge  identifying information such as email addresses and IP addresses without consent of the commenter.

4 Responses to Comment Policy

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  3. gsgs says:

    links are a problem ?
    I don’t like how the comments are ordered, indented –
    hard to follow the discussion

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