Cold Case Posse TImeline – 2011


Jan 24

Corsi publishes article on Abercrombie that will be mined for Chapter 2 of his e-book.

April 27

Long-form released.

May 17

“Where’s The Birth Certificate” by J Corsi published

June 11

ORYR posts Selective Service cards from Susan Daniels that will be mined for Chapter 3 of the e-book.

July 21

Corsi publishes article on long-form that will be mined for Chapter 1 of his e-book.

June 28

Zebest’s Adobe Illustrator report concludes LFBC pdf is a forgery. (

August 2

Corsi publishes another article on long-form that will be mined for Chapter 1 of his e-book.

Aug 17

Corsi takes evidence from 20 “experts” demonstrating why the online LFBC pdf “is a forgery” to a meeting of the Surprise Tea Party.  Together they assemble and sign a petition to bring this evidence to a VIP of standing in a position to pursue criminal charges: Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (In an article posted at Obama Conspiracy Theories on March 9, 2014 member Brian Reilly claims to have paid to fly Corsi to the meeting.)

Aug 18

Members of Surprise Tea Party and Corsi meet with Arpaio.

August 20

Tea party letter to Arpaio.

Sept 16

Arpaio agrees to commission the Cold Case Posse.”WND confirmed with Zullo and with Arpaio’s office that the investigation into the Obama birth certificate has been sanctioned fully by Arpaio’s office. The investigation, they said, will be conducted with “utmost diligence,” and the investigators will be authorized to utilize subpoena power.” (WND,

Nov 1

Corsi “spent 18 hours over a two-day period in Arizona briefing the Cold Case Posse on a wide range of evidence regarding Obama’s eligibility.” (ConWebWatch)

Nov 18

Mark Gillar interviews Jerome Corsi, Joe Arpaio, Susan Daniels, and Mara Zebest ( That’s 5 people directly involved in the Cold Case Posse ‘investigation,’ on the same radio program on November 18, 2011 none of whom were actually members of the Cold Case Posse itself.

December 9

MCSOCCP.ORG domain was registered


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