Cold Case Posse Timeline – 2013


Jan 13

ORYR/PPSimmons (
“A few weeks back we reported to you at PPS that some surprises were in the work on the Obama citizenship scandal. We reported that we expected some breaking news on the matter within weeks. The particular event that we expected did not happen, but only through a very strange and unfortunate set of circumstances. However, do not be dismayed, as it turns out the plan b for the matter may turn out to be a more powerful revelation event than the first planned one. Since it still involves some of the same major players and perhaps even more major players this time….
We still cannot reveal the details of the plan however I can report with honesty and accuracy these two facts:
1. A potentially monumental Plan B exposure of the Obama fraud is in the works by very reliable and competent people. The plan involves people who will easily garner national attention to the matter. […]
2. PPS has been in direct contact with the Sheriff Arpaio investigation. We have just again been assured by Lt. Mike Zullo lead investigator that the investigation and potential angles of prosecution are still going full steam ahead . Just because it’s not in the news right now does not mean they are not feverishly working on the matter . There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming

Jan 15

Zullo featured speaker at Tea Party event. “He will also be speaking about some updates on Obama’s Fraudulent Live Birth Certificate post on the White House website.”

Jan 16

Zullo’s appearance reported on OBC ( “he said, “just because it is not in the news right now does not mean nothing is happening.” In fact, he laid out in general terms some real hopeful information. Check out that latest PP Simmons video. I know Mike is connected to that somehow, but do not know the details. He believes their Plan B (Plan A did not happen) is even much stronger, whatever it is.”

Jan 24

Invitation to General “Colon” Powell to view evidence
Zullo says he believes every American has standing to challenge the eligibility of a sitting president but doesn’t think any of the lawsuits have been properly brought to the courts. (ORYR,

Jan 26

Gallups interviews Zullo. Again.
they have evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” and “absolute forensic verification” that the long form is a “100% forgery”. At 4:14 that he has “new found evidence that they’ve never made public” and “will not make public until they have the right opportunity” which will “convince even the greatest skeptic that his document is 100% a forgery”.

Jan 27

Part II of Fluffing Zullo:
they are now looking and dealing with this from a “total law enforcement perspective, the media thing, the authors who write books, the bloggers, they’re all out of the way.”

Feb 13

Gallups with Zullo:
“Lt. Zullo assured Carl that the investigation is full steam ahead, new items have been uncovered, more information is flowing in, plans are being made, new legal contacts are being made and cultivated – and a definitive plan of action is NOW in the works.”

Feb 26

Al Hendershot via ORYR: “I am supplying the posse with information and evidence as well. BTW they have not given up. “The real fight is just beginning”.” (

Mar 2

PPSimmons via ORYR (
Heading to CPAC with Zullo. “We will be gaining an audience with some VIPs from around the nation… we have some attorney generals and some congressmen who have said that they would perhaps speak with us; and one congressman in particular WANTS to meet with us… so we’re going on a fishing expedition … we have been asked to go out there and present to some congressmen…. That’s huge.”

Mar 15

Gallups via Facebook during CPAC: ” Lt. Zullo and I believe we have made some supernatural progress. We have much more work to do, but we have met with several VIPS, one of which has made some deep and sincere promises of powerful action. Our meeting was one that lasted several hours with a VIP that usually gives five minute slots. I cannot share any more details at this point.”

Mar 17

“We DID meet with VIPS of “standing.” We feel that some powerful things could begin happening if they will keep their promises. There will be more meetings at which we will present some hardcore evidence.”
“Unbelievable! THE TOP COP criminal investigator standing there with the evidence in his hand of one of the greatest frauds every perpetrated on America and this “darling of the conservatives” says ” I can’t get involved it might hurt me.” Oh well – PRAY about the other contacts we made and the promises we were given. I am not naive – I know there is a chance that they will all cave in on us – however, we accomplished what we came here for -step ONE!”

Mar 18

“We have promises and very good prospects of more meetings to come. We networked with some important people who have promised to help us contact other important government officials around the nation. Some of those contacts have already called me back, with promises of forward movement.”
“In matters of this nature, it is possible that something monumental will occur, perhaps within just a few months. It is equally possible that nothing at all will result.”

Mar 21

Gallups answers questions from P&E
“Q: Are you able to say how many VIPs you presented the evidence to?
A: Four directly (sit-down meetings) – had “side bar” conversations with several others.
Q: Did any of them promise a time frame?
A: Yes…loosely. Still working out the details. Hopefully we will see some real progress over the next several months.”

Mar 30

“Sheriff Joe Lead Investigator; This Is A Felony Criminal Investigation”

Apr 1

“Sheriff Joe’s Lead Obama Identity Document Fraud Investigator Takes Case To Public”

Apr 4

Gallups: “Mike will be on for an hour and half taking calls from around the world and disclosing new information in the fraud case against Obama.”

Apr 5
Zullo live call-in with Gallups: “our evidence has now been verified”. “Carl is going to “out” the VIP’s who made big promises and have now backed down.”
Zullo; “I have undeniable evidence that this document is a 100% forgery, no mistake about it.”
Gallups: “And we’ve got big, big people, who have seen it, who are looking at it, and who are freaking out, and more than likely, if they do what they say, are getting ready to do something about it. So… Mike’s got the evidence.”
Gallups: “You are a lawman. You are a professional investigator. You are working for Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, a huge Sheriff’s office, of the county that’s the capital of Arizona, hundreds of officers, you’re on the Cold Case Posse, this is a big deal! This is criminal! This is not just some rinky-dink little thing…”
Gallups: “You’re dealing with a criminal fraud perpetrated against the United States of America, right?”
Zullo: “That about sizes it up, Carl. This is one of the most sensitive investigations I think that could be done.”
Gallups: “Let’s let people know how they can donate…”
ORYR Summarizes the Call-in Show (

2. The fraudulent birth certificate represents a crime….a felony.

7. Biggest fraud committed in American history.
8. “I have enough evidence to drive a stake in the heart of this document”
9. This investigation has been verified.
10. New evidence has been turned over to the Cold Case Posse within the last two days from other law enforcement.
11. The Investigation is not stopping.
12. People in high positions with standing have seen the evidence and others also are making arrangements to see it.
13. Promises have been made from people in high positions that the investigation will move forward.

15. Ret. Army Lt. Col. Allen West and U.S. Rep. is aware of the evidence and cites future political aspirations as to why he refuses to pursue.
16. Lt. Zullo is working toward getting evidence before a DA or Attorney General.

18. Other sheriffs are interested in the investigation.

Apr 6

PPSimmons via Facebook
“Bottom Line: The investigation is OVER! The birth Certificate is a proven FRAUD! Waiting for the feds to step up and take the evidence. People are standing by to move the case to the next level.”

Apr 12

Carl Gallups
Recap of previous week’s updates:

1. There was new evidence received (not described)
2. There are VIPs of standing “on board” (not named)
3. There is a plan of action (not outlined)
4. Other VIPs have now scheduled meetings with Zullo. (not named)
5. A certified source has declared the investigation 100% accurate
6. At least one VIP has reneged on promise to have further meetings. Gallups will out them sometime soon.
7. The next push may take 3-6 months, depending on the plan of action that is being formulated. (I guess #3 is already false)

Further meetings are being scheduled. Something is going to happen.
More recently:
One of the VIPs called Zullo; Plan A is still on target and scheduled.

Apr 16

Zullo: “I am hopeful that something good is going to happen here relatively soon. It’s going to be a little different for us though, going forward, because we may have to pick and choose where we want to place this. The evidence that we have now is so damning to this document that we for the first time feel like we’re in the driver’s seat.”
“That’s basically it, in a nutshell. For the first time ever we have people in a position to be able to do something with it, talking to us.”

Apr 29

PPSimmons: LATEST! MORE VIPS ON BOARD with Obama Fraud Case!
“Gallups says that there is late breaking news in the rapidly growing movement for a potential prosecution of this matter.
As we have been reporting, Zullo expects several VIPS to bring this case to public light in the very near future. Not only is the case expected to be soon brought to national attention but also there is a strong movement towards the prosecution of the case.”
“Lt. Zullo reports that ANOTHER two groups of VIPS have asked to meet with him and want to see the evidence as well. These VIPS also are directly connected to people who can bring the case to the prosecution level and are extremely anxious to get something moving on the case – and soon!”
“Gallups indicated that all of the VIPS and the various groups are from different areas of the country. Gallups says, “This is really becoming a nation-wide phenomenon.”

May 1

Linda Bentley at “Sonoran News”
“Reminding everyone there has been a media blackout for the last five years on the issue, Zullo said he sees a light at the end of the tunnel and asks people to be patient just a little while longer and stated, “Hopefully by mid-summer.”

May 2

As Carl Gallups (PPSIMMONS founder and host of Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups) and Mike Zullo (lead investigator of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse) have been telling us, things are moving closer to bringing the fraudulent Obama birth certificate case to a level of federal prosecution.

Reminding everyone there has been a media blackout of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation for the last five years :?: on the issue, Zullo said he now sees a very bright light at the end of the tunnel and asks people to be patient just a little while longer. When asked when this information may come to public light, Zullo responded, “If all goes according to plan – possibly mid-summer. But, a three to six month window is still very plausible.”

May 14

Larry Klayman filed a Motion to Strike the amicus brief filed by the Alabama Democratic Party in the McInnish v Chapman case before the Alabama Supreme Court. The brief included a 207 point 56 page affidavit supplied by Mike Zullo. The affidavit contained little new information except for a quotes from an anonymous “court certified handwriting analyst and forensic document examiner” who supposedly supported the conclusions of the CCP investigation. Here is the affidavit as filed:

May 17

In an appearance on Carl Gallup’s radio program Zullo said that the “work product of the [CCP] as a corporation is mine” and indicates that he would write a book about the investigation if nothing proceeds in the legal arena. On the same program Gallups and Zullo accused Orly Taitz of being an Obama operative.

May 24

On his radio program Carl Gallups said that in 10 or 11 days that Mike Zullo will be attending a large meeting with “very important, powerful, influential, national figures;  people who have asked Mike Zullo to make a presentation”.

May 31 – June 1

Mike Zullo attended the Constitutional Sheriffs an Peace Officers Association meeting in St. Charles, MO. His time in the general session was cut from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. He gave two hour long breakout session presentations. One was open to the public and the other where he supposedly presented new super-sekrit stuff to active peace officers and public officials was close. In the public presentation Zullo tried to smooth over the race code fiasco by claiming that they were referring to a 1960 code manual that no one has ever seen (and they will not release) because the 1961 codes were not yet being used by Hawaii in August 1961.

Zullo also revealed that the “expert” whom was quoted in the most recent affidavit. He is Reed Hayes from Honolulu. Hayes is a handwriting analyst and also dabbles in the pseudosciences of graphology and astrology according to information available on line. Zullo did not release a copy of any report provided by Hayes.

June 20, 2013

Mike Zullo appeared on the WheresthebirthcertificateXcom  radio program on Blog Talk Radio and discussed the father’s race designation as “African” on Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He said that the CCP had obtained copies of two Hawaiian birth certificates of black individuals from 1961 where the race designation is “Negro”.  Zullo does not indicate the nationality of the fathers, however. If they were both American then that would certainly explain why the race was “Negro”. Blogger Squeeky Fromm transcribed this portion of the show on her blog, The Birther Think Tank. This is what Zullo had to say:

On the document it says race of father, and it uses the term “African.” [ skip computer stuff] That word was not used in 1960. That word did not come into vogue until 1980s, late 70s, early 80s.  And “African was not used. The 1961 Vital Statistics manual clearly states that if a person of color, the race designator is “Negro” . . . And I will share this with you. We have two birth certificates, 1961, from black individuals  and on both of their certificates the race of the father is “Negro.” So Obama’s again it is the only document that I know of that has a 20 year, what do I want to say, a phantom expression of race. It didn’t exist in 1960.

Squeeky points out some of the issues with Zullo’s claim:

Hmmm. Notice Deputy Zullo doesn’t bother to tell us WHERE those fathers were born. He doesn’t say, those two fathers were born in Africa, too. Which leads me to suspect they weren’t. Because that would have been significant from the standpoint of consistency. Zullo would have at least had a “There is an inconsistency!” argument.

But even if those fathers were born in Africa, the issue as a whole would still be insignificant and meaningless from the angle of trying to prove some sort of forgery. Assuming the use of the word was a mistake, could Zullo say with any degree of certainty that it wasn’t a mistake on the part of some clerk in the process back in 1961, as opposed to an act of forgery??? Of course not.

July 29

Mike Zullo appeared on the “Nightly News” segment on the Alex Jones Show. Zullo said he has copyrighted graphologist Reed Hayes report. He also repeated an unfounded claim that paid Obama operatives are trying to discredit him.

Former Zullo supporter and zany police chief Mark Kessler was on the Jeff Rense radio program the same day. He claimed that during the private session at CSPOA last month Zullo played a video of his meeting with Jill Nagamine in Hawaii that he had secretly recorded. Kessler also said that quite a few attendees left Zullo’s presentation before he was done and some made derisive remarks.

August 8

Oklahoma Birther Miki Booth attended Rep. Markwayne Mullin’s town hall meeting in his home district and tried to present Mullin with a copy of Mike Zullo’s 71 page affidavit. Rep. Mullin refused to accept it and said the Birthers had four years to do something and had not and now Obama had been re-elected. He also said “I don’t give a shit about the birth certificate.” Of course Mullin is not a popular guy on the Birther blogs now.

August 15

Carl Gallups appeared on Mike Volin’s Blog Talk radio program and was asked about the “Xerox evidence“. Gallups says Zullo is aware of the evidence and “it is of no concern”. Audio:

August 16

Zullo and Gallups discussed a cancelled meeting with Gallup’s Congressman Representative Jeff Miller, (R FL-1) on Gallups’ Freedom Friday radio program. Gallups and Zullo had a breif meeting with Miller in his Washington, D’C office when they attended CPAC earlier this year.  Gallups tried to arrange a meeting with Miller at his Pensacola office and have Mike Zullo attend with his “evidence”. According to Gallups the meeting had been arranged when he received a call from Miller’s Chief of Staff Dan McFaul saying that no such meeting had been arranged.

According to Zullo’s version of the story he claims to have emails from Millers scheduling secretary named Jessica that the meeting had been scheduled. Gallups quoted McFaul as saying that Miller never agreed to meet with Zullo since he is not a constituent of Miller.

Jeff Miller is person who filled Joe Scarborough’s seat when he left the House in 1998.

At this point no member of Congress has publicly called for anything concerning the Cold Case Posse so called case of fraud. Even Rep. Steve Stockman from Texas and who was originally scheduled to be on Carl Gallup’s Freedom Friday program has not issued any statement on the CCP and has never rescheduled an appearance on Gallups’ program.

September 5

Mike Zullo Breaks Silence! On Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups

Mike Zullo made a surprise appearance on Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups and gave a  brief update as well as couple of revelations.

Main revelations according to Zullo:

1. Investigation still going
2. Zullo meeting with D.C. Officials who are now MOVING case forward  <<FISA??>>
3. Conferences WILL happen
4. Technology being used in investigations that general public has never heard of or seen before
5. The wait will be worth it – this investigation WILL vindicate those who have been concerned about the BC, etc.
6. The revelations will be “gutwrenching” (Zullo’s words)
7. The conferences will happen ONLY when all legal hurdles have been crossed and all information is properly vetted and investigated.
8. The conferences will happen most likely in the next few months
9. The conferences are NOT being purposely timed around Nov. elections – this is not a political event for Zullo or Arpaio – it is a forensic and serious criminal investigation and is being handled as such.

November 8

Gallups says the evidence that the birth certificate is “iron clad” and discounts the Obot Xerox evidence (without detailing why). He claims the Obots have threatened the courts and the media. He said Zullo has affidavits from major media documenting the threats. Gallups for the first time hints of a new “deep dark turn” in the investigation and says there are things that Zullo cannot tell him. As it runs out this was probably the first mention of what has come to be know as the “Seattle Operation” that consisted of Zullo, two deputies from the MCSO and scam artist Dennis Montgomery from Seattle.

Youtube clip:


November 22

Carl Gallups interviewed Mike Zullo on his Freedom Friday show.. Among other claims, Zullo said that the Maricopa Sheriff’s Dept. was now “deeply involved” with the CCP investigation, and that “they are “working closely together as one team.”  Zullo said that he couldn’t provide any specific details, but he asserted that the “whole notion of the Xerox 7655 is out the window,” and they will “annihilate it when the time comes.” Meanwhile, Gallups alluded to a new twist in the CCP investigation and that his listeners should be “patient and prayerful” because “the evidence is mounting up; it’s overwhelming–and it’s not just about the birth certificate.”  According to Gallups, the investigation has gone “deeper and darker” than they ever imagined, and that the evidence is “earth shattering, history making . . .potentially.” Zullo added that while he doesn’t know when his new information can be made public, he predicted that when it is released, “it will be universe shattering” and that Gallups will be able to “take this show and play it in the future” as proof he made such a prediction.

Segment 1 (Zullo starts at 6:50)

Segment 2 (remainder of Zullo interview)


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