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There is breaking news this afternoon in the criminal contempt case of former Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Jose Arpaio. He was found guilty by federal District Judge Susan Bolton. Bolton issued the ruling today. The criminal contempt charges were the … Continue reading

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Mike Zullo Admits the Obots Were Correct All Along

He said that in “Zullo-speakTM” of course. The admission came during an interview on the Hagmann Report radio program on December 16th. Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups appeared the day after the December 15 final press conference of the Cold … Continue reading

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Was the CCP Birth Certificate Investigation Pay to Play?

Morgan Loew, an investigative reporter for Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, presented a devastating piece last night on Mike Zullo and the sham Cold Case Posse investigation into President Obama’s long form birth certificate. The segment included an interview with Brian … Continue reading

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CCP Chief Deputy Clown Zullo Engages in Hilarious Resume Padding

Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Chief investigator Mike Zullo (who committed to be interviewed on Reality Check Radio and then reneged) recently gave and interview to a relatively unknown blog named American Free Press. The interview was given to Pete … Continue reading

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Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

It would certainly seem so. This might be the funniest Freudian slip of all time! At the 8:00 minute mark of the following YouTube video that WND reporter Jerome Corsi posted earlier this week he made a very interesting remark. … Continue reading

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Michael Zullo is Afraid to Appear on RC Radio

I called Michael Zullo, the head of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, on Sunday afternoon to invite him to appear on RC Radio tomorrow night. He accepted and seemed eager to come on the show. That was until he talked … Continue reading

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