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Will Susan Daniels back up her claims?

I emailed Susan Daniels and offered her a chance to debate Frank Arduini (Historian Dude) on Reality Check Radio. The subject of the debate would be her claims that she has evidence that President Obama used a “stolen social security … Continue reading

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It’s a twofer at the Supreme Court

Just as we predicted the latest two Birther cases to make it to the Supreme Court have been denied. This morning the court published the list of cases considered at the conference held last Thursday and both Paige v Vermont … Continue reading

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"God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"-Part IX

By Frank Arduini Be Vewy,Vewy Quiet. We’we Hunting Obots! Carl Gallups was in a reflective mood. Not necessarily because he wanted to be. And certainly not because it came to him either naturally or easily. Gallups was in a reflective … Continue reading

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Past Show Index for Reality Check Radio

Dr. Conspiracy has put together a nifty index of past RC Radio shows dating back to 2010. The lack of a good index to past shows has always been a weakness on the Blog Talk Radio site. Many thanks to … Continue reading

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Doctor Conspiracy on RC Radio

Doctor Conspiracy from Obama Conspiracy Theories will be my guest on RC Radio this week when I return to host. Doc just keeps turning out great articles on the Birthers. He recently marked the posting of over 100,000 comments on … Continue reading

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