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The end of Birtherism?

I haven’t written anything since the election so I thought I would put together some random thoughts on the coming end of President Obama’s second term, the Trump administration, and what this all means as far as the Birther movement. … Continue reading

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Skip Tracer Birther Gets a Visit from the FBI – Computer Seized

Albert Hendershot the professional skip tracer and Birther from Birmingham, Alabama claims he received a visit from the FBI on April 10th and they asked him to voluntarily surrender his computer for a few days while they combed through his … Continue reading

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Supreme Court to Orly Taitz: Obama is eligible and is not committing identity fraud

Today the Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Noonan v Bowen case that clears President Obama on claims made by Orly Taitz of identity theft and serving while ineligible to be President. Taitz had used this case to dump … Continue reading

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What a year!

What a year! As I write this President Obama is only minutes away from taking the official oath of office and beginning his second term as President of the United States of America. The ceremonial public oath and address will … Continue reading

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Blogger ladyforest turns out to be just another racist Birther

I had hope that at least one Birther blogger was sane and somewhat reasonable. Blogger ladyforest who writes at my very own point of view was able to help show that bloggers Dan Crosby and Penbrook Johannson produced a fake … Continue reading

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More Proof Barack Obama Graduated from Columbia University in 1983

A tip of the cap to our own producer of Reality Check Radio, Dr. Ken, for this one. A commenter on Jerome Corsi’s YouTube channel has uploaded what appears to be a copy of the graduation program for Columbia University … Continue reading

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