MCSO Cold Case Posse Timeline

Zullo and JoeVerbalobe at at The Fogbow forum posted a timeline that documents the different activities and promises made by the MCSO Cold Case Posse since its inception in 2011. Thanks to Verbalobe for putting this together and giving us permission to publish it. Also thanks to the folks at the Fogbow who helped gather information by listening to the radio shows, watching videos and collecting information from various sites. This includes Loren and a special thanks to LM_K and her team of Twinx and AnitaMaria who produced transcripts of the July 17, 2012 news conference and videos.

My plan is to keep this page current as new information is forthcoming.

Update  5/24/14 – The timeline has been separated by years. Click on one of the links below to view the timeline for a particular year.





26 Responses to MCSO Cold Case Posse Timeline

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  2. RoadScholar says:

    “Lt. Zullo and I believe we have made some supernatural progress.”

    Quick… Call the Ghostbusters!

  3. alg says:

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  4. CarlOrcas says:

    Great job pulling all of this nonsense together.

    Re the following comment from 2011:

    “Sept 16

    Arpaio agrees to commission the Cold Case Posse.”WND confirmed with Zullo and with Arpaio’s office that the investigation into the Obama birth certificate has been sanctioned fully by Arpaio’s office. The investigation, they said, will be conducted with “utmost diligence,” and the investigators will be authorized to utilize subpoena power.”

    For the record…….even real police officers in Arizona don’t have the authority “to utilize subpoena power”.

    • I updated the entry for August 7. 2012 to include a mention about Corsi saying that “evidence was being created”. That was a classic Freudian slip. I will try to add to the page as time permits. Patrick McKinnion also has a nice version of the timeline on his Bad Fiction blog in the Myth Busting section.

      I suppose there is some duplication of effort here but I think it is worthwhile to get the word out what a bunch of prevaricators these folks are.

  5. Sactosintolerant says:

    Any word on how Lt. Zullo’s meeting went with the VI,P,I,NFs?!?!

    • RoadScholar says:

      Swimmingly. He’s got a new “expert” to back up the claim the the LFBC .pdf is an “obvious forgery,” and he should know because… he is a Handwriting Graphologist (sort of a fortune teller/astrologer but using your handwriting instead of your palm) and his self-published book… is on Amazon in the “Occult” section.

      • I could almost write the script for Lyin’ Carl’s next really big Fabrication Friday shoo:

        – Zullu captivated all the VIP’s and sooper dooper VIP’s at CSPOA
        – The were agog at his sooper sekrit ebidence
        – They Obots are so scared they are either a) saying nothing or b) posting everywhere trying to discredit Zullu’s new expert (choose one or both)
        – Big things are happening real soon now
        – Send money

  6. I updated the CCP Timeline page with some of the latest events,

  7. jtmunkus says:

    A couple of items that should be on the timeline: At the July MCSO presser, Arpaio said “don’t focus on who’s in bed with who…”

    Also, the Maricopa County Attorney’s refusal to take action on the [u]nvestigation.

    Otherwise, excellent!

  8. Thanks for the comment jt! I will try to add those items when I find the links. Of course the Fogbow folks were nice enough to create transcripts of the MCSO press conferences so that one is easy.

    As for the second, I cannot remember the particular interview where Zullo said that. It was either on Fact Free Friday with Gallups or a Blog Talk Radio show.

    • I do not believe that the Posse has actually ever acknowledged this fact. Our information comes from Surprise Tea Party member and initiator of their petition to Arpiao, Brian Reilly. A transcript of his letter from Maricopa County Attorney can be found here:

      • Thanks HD. Since the letter is from Bill Montgomery himself. I think that merits inclusion on the Timeline. It appears that by the time Reilly contacted Attorney Bill Montgomery in September 2012 he was no longer part of the CCP. Something I had not noticed before was Montgomery was replying to a website submission most likely using the contact form on the Maricopa County Attorney’s web site. It would be interesting to see what Reilly sent.

        According to the disclaimer on the Contact Us form on the website anything submitted there is a public record”

        The information submitted in this contact form may constitute a public > record as defined in A.R.S. � 41-151.18, > and may be subject to inspection by or disclosure to third parties upon > request for commercial or non-commercial use in accordance with A.R.S. � > 39-121 et al.

        It might be interesting to obtain a copy of what Reilly sent to Montgomery.


        I think I found what Reilly sent. He wrote an An open letter to Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery: that was published on the Obama Ballot Challenge Blog.

        • Note that Montgomery asserts that he did talk direct;y with Arpaio about the “investigation.” The Posse cannot pretend that this communication was done entirely behind their backs, or that they have never contacted Montgomery. This puts an interesting color on their current spin about why they refuse to “file charges.” Zullo repeatedly asserts that he doesn’t want to be caught in the position of filing charges and being told they don’t have enough evidence. In point of fact, that’s exactly what has already taken place.

  9. Arthur says:

    Hi RC,
    I think it’s time to update your time-line, what with the new announcements by Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo.

    On Friday, November 22, Gallups interviewed Zullo. Among other claims, Zullo said that the Maricopa Sheriff’s Dept. was now “deeply involved” with the CCP investigation, and that “they are “working closely together as one team.” Zullo said that he couldn’t provide any specific details, but he asserted that the “whole notion of the Xerox 7655 is out the window,” and they will “annihilate it when the time comes.” Meanwhile, Gallups alluded to a new twist in the CCP investigation and that his listeners should be “patient and prayerful” because “the evidence is mounting up; it’s overwhelming–and it’s not just about the birth certificate.” According to Gallups, the investigation has gone “deeper and darker” than they ever imagined, and that the evidence is “earth shattering, history making . . .potentially.” Zullo added that while he doesn’t know when his new information can be made public, he predicted that when it is released, “it will be universe shattering” and that Gallups will be able to “take this show and play it in the future” as proof he made such a prediction.

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  11. David Bryan says:

    I figure the most likely target for that “criminal investigation being conducted inside the sheriff’s office” would be Zullo, for impersonating a peace officer.

  12. truth seeker says:

    Don’t forget the Sepember 22, 2012 failed “Birther Palooza” get entertainment spectacle.

  13. jtmunkus says:

    So, according to Mike “the cobbler” Shoesmith, the lying liar, Lyin’ Carl Gallups said in January, 2014 that:

    1) The universe will definitely shatter in March, and
    2) Despite dozens and dozens of exhortations to the contrary, the “evidence” was not “100% verified” as of January.

    He forgot to add “send money”, unless I’m just missing it.

  14. mimi says:

    Tick Tock, Posse!

    • mimi

      They have been quiet. I don’t even have anything to add to the timeline of late. I suppose I should add Brian Reilly’s complaint to the state of Arizona though.

  15. I have debated whether to undertake the task of documenting the final two years of the Cold Case Posse. If anyone else is interested in helping let me know.

    The investigation in 2015 and 2016 mostly consisted of Zullo and Lt. Mackiewicz living with Dennis Montgomery in Seattle on expense account waiting for “Oz” to come up with something. In other words wasting the Maricopa County citizens’ tax dollars.

    Of course there was the Melendres civil case where it all came out and where Zullo took the Fifth over 200 times.

  16. Most of the audio links are broken on these pages because Dropbox no longer allows for public posting of files. I will work on fixing these at some point.

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