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Thank You John Woodman

I first heard of John Woodman in the late spring of 2011 when Foggy at the Fogbow forum posted links to a YouTube video authored by someone with the handle “Springfield Computer Guy”.  Almost immediately after the White House released … Continue reading

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A Tardis – Yeah that’s the ticket!

A post by  Nathanael at The Fogbow yesterday hit the nail right on the head: I2ANAL: I thought the contempt dance was a three-step: subpoena-compel-contempt. How can one be found in contempt if there was never an order to be … Continue reading

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No Birther is Willing to Debate the Meaning of Natural Born Citizen

Several weeks ago I posted on this blog and announced on my show that I would offer a full 90 minutes on RC Radio to anyone who wanted to debate the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen”. I received three offers … Continue reading

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RC Radio Natural Born Citizen Debate Challenge

I would like to start off 2012 with a bang! Who is a natural born citizen? Before late 2008 there was not much discussion of this question except in some obscure legal articles and talk about a few candidates not … Continue reading

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