Cold Case Posse Timeline – 2014


February 7

Mike Zullo makes his first appearance in several weeks on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” show on a small station in NW Florida WEBY (Gallups actually pays for the time slot that is listed as “Your Turn” on the WEBY schedule). Zullo said that the next big event may be in March or may not. I could be later. Zullo says there are two separate “investigations”. One is involves the birth certificate and is being conducted by the Cold Case Posse and the other is a criminal investigation being conducted inside the sheriff’s office. Zullo give no details on either.

Zullo also claimed that the “Xerox evidence” actually helped their investigation(but he doesn’t say how) and that “they” have traced have traced IP addresses of “Obots” to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the White House.

Part I:

Part II:

February 10

The Arizona Politics Blog contacted the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office about Mike Zullo’s claim that detectives inside the MCSO were working on matters related to the birth certificate investigation but not he birth certificate itself. at first Lt. Brandon Jones told Arizona Politics that two detectives were working on a related investigation. However, but  later in the day Lt. Jones that was not the case. He that he “was misinformed” when he had confirmed the information earlier.  He now states that “The detectives are not working on anything regarding the birth certificate. Not even surrounding. Mr Zullo was incorrect, they are working on other sensitive cases not even related.”

This corrected information directly conflicts with what Mike Zullo said last Friday.

February 28

Carl Gallups, Mike Zullo’s unofficial spokesman said on his weekly radio show on WEBY in Milton, FL he had talked to Zullo yesterday and that a release of new information was still planned. Zullo said that “major media was definitely involved, big, big, big names” and were “chomping at the bit” to cover the “criminal investigation.” He continued, that Zullo was “Shooting for late March,” but the date is “fluid.” He said the date is fluid because the media wants to time it with other events and more information (of criminal activity leading directly to the White House!) is still coming in.

Gallups didn’t provide an details as to why the major media would need to prepare for a huge story or what events they wanted to time the release with.

March 9

Brian Reilly, the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party member who claimed to have convinced Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2011 to direct his Cold Case Posse to investigate President Obama’s Birth Certificate published a “tell all” article at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.  Reilly claimed that he and his wife paid to fly Jerome Corsi to Arizona to address the Tea Party.

In the article Reilly relates several bizarre incidents involving CCP Commander Mike Zullo. In one Zullo went off in a meeting at the Wells Fargo Building office of the MSCO for making a video from Hawaii that Zullo did not authorize. Reilly said

It was shocking to watch Zullo verbally unload on Corsi in the MCSO conference room in front of Arpaio. Corsi had made a video report from Hawaii on the Internet without Zullo’s knowledge or approval during Zullo’s first Hawaii trip. I’ll never forget Zullo screaming at Corsi, Zullo’s freaky, bulging red eyes, and Arpaio asking me to do something about the conflict. Corsi sat at the conference table looking at his laptop sheepishly saying, “I’m fired…I’m fired.” At one point, Corsi didn’t want to be left alone in the same room with Zullo and Corsi accompanied me out to the parking garage to find his glasses on top of the patrol car. It was a memorable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment in the conference room. ( My next stop at the hospital ER for stress was just around the corner.)

Reilly also related a weird incident that occurred when he and Zullo traveled to Washington state to check out Stanley Ann Dunham’s old neighborhood:

Another memorable event happened in April of 2012 while we were in Stanley Ann Dunham’s neighborhood on Mercer Island in the state of Washington. Denise and I remember this vividly. I accompanied Zullo as a private citizen to back him up. ( I still had a valid Washington permit to carry. Zullo couldn’t legally carry concealed in Washington. Remember, he’s not a real cop. ) We were in Washington to follow up on some leads. We were sitting in the black GMC rental vehicle when Zullo suddenly told us that we needed to turn off our cell-phones and put them in the vehicle glove box. We quickly complied. He shut the glove box door. Suddenly, Commander Zullo began to tell us in a seriously hushed tone how Lord Monckton said that he could arrange to have British Intelligence, MI-6 give the Cold Case Posse investigators protection. Denise and I sat in stunned disbelief. Zullo told us how Lord Monckton had met with Arpaio. Monckton, we were told, requested that he be given the birth certificate investigation along with all of the CCP evidence. We were told that the Brits wanted Hillary Clinton in place of Barack Obama. Our impression was, Zullo believed what he was saying. He was dead serious. Once my wife and I got back to our motel room and closed the door, we looked at each other in total disbelief, and wondered, did that really happen? Is he really that gullible?

Reilly indicated he believes that there is no “universe shattering evidence” and that for all practical purposes the CCP investigation is done.

March 31

March ended without the promised release of the “universe shattering evidence” by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Carl Gallups had recently begun to back away from the promised March release but as recently as January his cohort Mike Shoesmith write this on the PPSimmons blog:

Today, Gallups revealed that the long-awaited details of this investigation will be made public in March of this year, a mere two months from now.

Mike Zullo has personally described the coming release as “universe shattering.”

The Cold Case Posse initiated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio was tasked with investigating the validity of Barack Obama’s claim to the office of President and revealed shocking details which show that documents proffered by the White House are indeed fraudulently manufactured. Further investigation, we have since been told, have uncovered details which dwarf the proven document fraud.

Carl Gallups told his audience this morning that the details of this investigation are scheduled to be revealed in March. The investigation team is working diligently on the final verification of all the information they have. They do not want to bring anything forward which is not 100 percent verified

May 10

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is interviewed on “The Right Side” by Chris Pareja. In the interview Arapio commented on the Cold Case Posse investigation for the first time in many months. Arpaio said the investigation into the birth certificate “is not done” and that there is a a “media” blackout.” on the investigation.  He directly accused the State of Hawaii of producing a forgery and said they are still trying to find out who is behind it.

Arpaio appeared to contradict recent statements by Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups. Arapio made no mention of anything other than an investigation into the birth certificate while Zullo has stated emphatically that the investigation has led into other areas unrelated to the birth certificate. Arpaio also made no mention of full time MCSO personnel involvement in any related investigation and said it is being conducted by the CCP, which costs the taxpayers nothing. This is another direct contraction to recent claims by Zullo and Gallups.

This is an audio excerpt of the relevant portions of the interview:

A transcript of the interview is available at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.

May 24

CCP head investigator Mike Zullo appeared once again on Carl Gallups “Freedom Friday” radio show to provide an update on the investigation. The announcement that Zullo or Arpaio would appear earlier in the day had caused great anticipation on Birther blogs like Birther Reports that this appearance would herald the release of the ‘universe shattering evidence” that Gallups and Zullo had been bragging about for months. At the very least most Birthers expected Zullo to set a date for a news conference to release the latest information.

What was delivered was quite less than expected and the reaction in the small Birther community was swift. Here is the audio:

Zullo admitted the March deadline was missed. He seemed to pin the cancellation of the March release on Sheriff Aprio himself. He painted a completely different picture of the investigation than the one Gallups and Zullo had been portraying for months. Zullo said they are “honing [sic] in on the persons responsible for creating the fraudulent document”. Zullo admitted that over the past two years many trails had gone cold. Zullo refused to commit to any time frame for the release of anything.

Thanks to Epectittus at the Fogbow here is a transcript of this portion: (emphasis added)

Okay Carl. You know, I guess, Sheriff Arpaio had made a decision during a recent telephone interview that you know, maybe it was time that we let people know why the March date had elapsed and we did not come out like we anticipated . And the Sheriff made it pretty clear in this interview, and I believe it’s up on a lot of the major sites, that we are honing in on, we believe, the people responsible for the creation of that fraudulent document. Now back when you and I were on the phone and I was out of state conducting this investigation I had said that I believed we would do this in March. And we had every intention to do that. We believed we have the evidence that just destroys any kind of debate about this thing being authentic.

However, as time was going on… and you know because I kept calling you and I kept telling you, Carl, I don’t think this is gonna happen… a lot of more information began to unfold and it started to take us down a trail. And a lot of times over the last two years, Carl, you know this has been trails that go cold? This one isn’t. And the Sheriff has just made the decision he is not going to do anything until we finish this leg of this investigation. And that’s the reason why March didn’t happen. And that’s the reason why I can’t come on your show and give a date. Because this is still active, still going on and we’re pursuing it. And the Sheriff believes that this will be worth the wait if this comes to fruition.

Gallups brought up once again the “Xerox machine” even though Zullo has said many times “it is of no concern”. This is what Zullo had to say:

Well that Xerox machine really could never answer one of the fundamental questions of the document. And I don’t want to get into what that is. But that is a smoke screen.

And you know what? I’ll even share a little information. There is an NSA document that has been received by us that actually indicates, it teaches operatives how to use Xerox machines and the like to cleanse documents and erase metadata. So, I mean that tells you a lot right there about the Xerox machine.

And you know I made it really easy for those people involved in sending out this information. Send me an affidavit. Tell me who you used to do this work. What their credentials are. And I’ll be more than happy to talk to them. You know I’m still kinda waiting for the affidavits

Zullo was also asked about Doug Vogt’s failed attempt take his “evidence” into federal court:

You know, my understanding it was a legal maneuver to submit… I don’t even want to use the word “evidence,” I don’t even know what it is… a statement of some effect trying to report a crime. Misprision of felon, or felon, or something like that. I don’t even understand what he was trying to do. But my understanding is that Doug submitted a sealed document to the court. And I guess the judge unsealed the document. And there are a lot of allegations in there and what not.

And I know Doug. I know his heart. I know that he’s trying to do the right thing. All I have to say to that is, I believe the court has dismissed it. And I am thankful that they dismissed it. Because that kind of work doesn’t rise to the level of a criminal investigation. It is speculative in nature. It may have some good work as far as dissecting the document. But the circumstances around the creation of the document and who he alleged did it are something that we absolutely do not agree with.

And it’s something that kinda like a stand that we’re gonna hafta take here. There is references to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, to myself personally in there which really… the way those chain of events took place aren’t depicted correctly in the document.

You know, he took a shot. And you know, more power to him. I mean he did what he thought he had to do. But it is not something reflective of the work that we’re doing at all.

Zullo also made this telling admission when he summed up the status of the investigation:

Yes, from our… absolutely! I mean this… you know, I can’t give you a date. I’m not gonna put myself in that box again. Obviously. But it is gonna happen. I mean the Sheriff wouldn’t make the statements he made. The Sheriff made it really clear , don’t be fooled by people telling you that he gave up. ‘Cause he didn’t. And we didn’t. And we’re continuing… I just can’t tell you, “Hey, we’re close. “ I can’t say that yet.

The reaction from the Birthers was extreme disappointment while still expressing hope in their heroes Zull and Arpaio.

Carl Gallups was apparently not happy with the way the Birther community had reacted to the broadcast. The following day he released a stinging rebuke to the Birthers that seemed to be specifically aimed at Bob Nelson’s Birther Report and commenters there.

Gallups distanced himself from the “whining Birthers” and for the first time claimed he is not even a Birther. [in the past Gallups has said he was proud to wear that title.]

[Updated 5/27/2014: Both PPSimmons and Birther Reports have scrubbed Gallups’ video rant. Doctor Conspiracy’s transcript linked below remains, however.]

Doctor Conspiracy provided a transcript of Gallups rant.
Gallups turns on birthers: calls them “whiners”

June 4

Stephen Lemons at the Phoenix New Times published a report that revealed that Sheriff Arpaio had been working with scam artist Dennis Montgomery to dig up dirt on Attorney General Eric Holder and Federal Judge G. Murray Snow. Lemons said:

What have they been investigating? According to my sources, Mackiewicz, Anglin, and the informant are focused on U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow, the Justice Department, and a bizarre conspiracy theory that the DOJ and Snow have conspired to somehow “get” Joe Arpaio.

The person who purportedly convinced Arapio of this paranoid fantasy, the sources say, is computer fraudster Dennis L. Montgomery, the subject of a 2010 Playboy exposé titled “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon.”

Lemons speculated that this investigation, which apparently began in October 2013, may be the “universe shattering news” and “criminal investigation not related to the birth certificate being conducted inside the MCSO” that Carl Gallups an Mike Zullo had been talking about since November 2013 on Gallups’ Freedom Friday radio program.

Lemon’s learned that the investigation included multiple trips to Seattle to meet with Montgomery and that the MCSO purchase over $50,000 worth of computer equipment for him.

A week after the article was published blogger Kevin Davidson revealed at his Obama Conspiracy Theories blog that a source told him that Arpaio and Cold Case Posse member Mike Zullo had met with a business partner of Montgomery, Tim Blixseth, and Montgomery’s former attorney Michael J. Flynn in Phoenix in May or June 2012 during the Cold Case Posse investigation. This meeting may have resulted in the relations ship with Montgomery.

Blixseth was probably introduced to Sheriff Joe Arpaio by Jerome Corsi. WND ran a series of articles in June 2012 favorable to Blixseth’s claims that Eric Holder and the Justice department had given favorable treatment to Credit Suisse and other creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding for Yellowstone ski resort in Montana that Blixseth and his wife had owned. See The Corsi/WND/Arpaio/Zullo/Montgomery connection for additional details.

One could infer that Blixseth recruited his former business partner and computer sleuth Montgomery to dig up dirt on Eric Holder, whom both Blixseth and Joe Arpaio would have considered an enemy at the time of the meeting in 2012.


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7 Responses to Cold Case Posse Timeline – 2014

  1. gsgs says:

    {Monckton at WND, 6days ago:
    Indeed, life proceeds from God the Father…Mr. Obama’s anti-Christian stance… }

  2. gsgs says:

    Monckton had a paper at
    Written by Christopher Monckton, Willie Soon, David Legates, and William Briggs, the study
    was published in the January 2015 Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    I found a discussion, with links (that have further links …) here

  3. gsgs says:,_3rd_Viscount_Monckton_of_Brenchley
    wikipedia hasn’t his new paper yet

    Monckton offered his support to the (“fascist, paranoid”) Australian RiseUp Party

    > In the interim, Monckton became a Barack Obama birth certificate truther.
    > In 2012, he told the Dennis Miller radio show (Miller is a US Bill Leak type
    > figure, a libertarian who had a midlife collapse into lickspittle reaction) that
    > Obama was “definitely not American” and that the long-form birth certificate
    > was “definitely a forgery”. The issue was “more important than the fraud of
    > global warming”. Since that little episode, Monckton’s high-profile supporters
    > have melted away like snow in summer (snow in summer! Global warming
    > is a fraud). Hizz lordship appears to have gone quiet on the birther stuff.
    > Thank God lunatic fascists came along to save him from a lapse into sanity.
    > — Guy Rundle

    { OT , one for google:

    Monckton is the most prominent (ex?) birther
    or maybe after Arpaio.

  4. Thanks for the comments gsgs. I hope you are doing well. Yes, I am familiar of Lord Monckton’s forays into the climate change arena. He is seen as a kook there too.

  5. gsgs says:

    it’s always interesting to observe whether peoples are able to admit when they had been wrong;
    when they changed their opinion with new data,observations,opinions reflections being considered.
    For someone like Monckton (Zullo,Gallups,…)you also wonder whether he really believes what
    he is telling, or whether he just at some point was “pushed” into a position and then extends on
    that because he doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong. I saw this being called “paradigm shift bias”.

    His religion came from his parents, his education and surroundings, but it is uncommon, unscientific
    and not being used in scientific papers or arguing. (except theology).
    It is used in politics, as a vague guideline for ethical standards, but not as he does, as an argument
    in scientific discussions or personal differences. I mean, Obama’s birth certificate validity cannot
    depend on the religion (or political party) of the arguer(s).
    Meanwhile Monckton should have become aware that his religion was just plain wrong
    on most scientific issues.

    His attitude towards gayness came from his once made suggestion (1990s) when AIDS was
    considered a real threat, but much had happened since then which was not foreseeable,
    not even for Monckton. He won’t adapt his attitude, though.

    Finally, I think, his climate change activism came from his political position.
    It was the opposite party that warned about climate change (Al Gore etc.)
    so he had to argue against it to strengthen his political position.
    In the beginning he probably didn’t know so much about it, but had chosen
    his position already and his subsequent research was biased towards that.

  6. When you have invested so much of your personal reputation into a theory as Monckton, Taitz, Gallups, Corsi, Zullo, and others it is very difficult to back away from claims even when they become absurd. We spent the better part of one radio program discussing which Birthers are “true believers” and which ones are just charlatans in it for the fame and money. It is hard to know since the answer is probably a combination of both.

    I suspect the notoriety plays a big part. Look at Orly Taitz. Had she not latched onto the Birther movement she would just be the immigrant wife of a fairly successful partner in a medical software company who also happens to be a dentist (by most accounts she is not very good at that). Birtherism gave her fame and got her into the national news for a brief period of time. It doesn’t matter that sane people think she is crazy. She can Google and find thousands of “hits” for “Orly Taitz”. She wants to hold on to that fame so desperately that she figured out she had milk Birtherism dry so she moved into the immigration field.

    You can see some of the same traits with Zullo and Gallups. Zullo apparently couldn’t make a living in the law enforcement business so he changed careers to become an automobile broker and day trader. When Brian Reilly gave Joe Arpaio a chance to get into the Birther business he cleverly gave the sham investigation to the Cold Case Posse and Mike Zullo. This gave Arpaio the separation he needed so he could stand up and slander Obama whom he hates, and say no public funds were used. Yet, he could still raise massive amounts of money from the gullible fools who actually believed and continue to believe that Arpaio would some day be arresting the President.

    Zullo like Taitz gained fame he could never have achieved any other way. If you listened to Brian Reilly describe Zullo’s behavior as they traveled around the country it is clear Zullo is playing out the fantasy of a fictional detective from TV and movies.

    I hope we are better than that. I would like to think we have followed the evidence where it took us. We have made mistakes and admitted them. One early theory of the LFBC layers was that they were due to OCR. Since the evidence didn’t support that we dropped it. I and others who maintained that Hawaii would not give out certified copies of long form birth certificates were wrong. While it is not the standard form that is issued it is now clear that in certain circumstances Hawaii will issue them.

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