Cold Case Posse Timeline – 2012


January 8

The Cold Case Posse solicits funds online.

Feb 6

WND reports that Arpaio has scheduled a news conference “for March 1 to release findings of the Cold Case Posse that has been investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be president.”
“Arpaio declined to release to WND any of the posse’s conclusions in advance of the press conference, although he is on record saying the findings may be “shocking” to many.” (Corsi on WND)

Feb 21

“[Arapaio] announced that he met with Rick Santorum for 20 minutes before his speech to the group, and told reporters afterward that he briefed him on the Obama investigation, “as a matter of fairness in case he wouldn’t want me to support him.”” (Buzzfeed,

Feb 29

CCP “publishes” its report for sale (, by Corsi & Zullo, summarizing the Investigation

Mar 1

Arpaio/Zullo/Corsi/WND ‘Preliminary’ Report ‘News Conference’

“The veracity of the Presidents BC and Selective Service Registrarion card are highly suspect.”
“Based on all the other evidence…I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.”
“A continuing investigation is needed to identify the identity of the person or persons involved in creating the alleged birth certificate forgery, and to determine who, if anyone, in the White House or the state of Hawaii may have authorized the forgery,”
Corsi has identified but not named a “person of interest” in the “forgery.”
“He hasn’t decided who to turn it over to.”
“Sheriff Arpaio stresses that these are preliminary findings and concluded by suggesting a Congressional investigation might be warranted.” (MCSO Presser,

Mar 2
Phoenix New Times: Obama Birth Certificate “Report” Released by Joe Arpaio is Actually Eight Months Old (
“In fact, the report prepared by Mara Zebest — who was at the press conference today — is a rewritten version of a report she released in June.” (Loren Collins)

Mar 5

Joe Farah complains in WND that the Arpaio/CCP press conference did not lead the news reports from the MSM (
Corsi says that within two weeks, they will have come out with the full story on the Ayers family supporting foreign student Obama story. (AlexJonesRadio,,
Via ORYR: Arpaio on Peter Doyles radio show — “Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Being Investigated”

Mar 8

Zullo says MSM has been threatened to keep them from reporting eligibility story, thus the necessity to publish the report as a book (WND,

Mar 16

Arpaio on Grassroots Radio: “We have standing.” (

Mar 18

“The sheriff is contemplating his next move, which he said could involve taking his findings to law-enforcement officials in Hawaii or Washington, or working with local legislators.
“I’m not going to drop this,” he said. “You don’t think I did a press conference and let it die? ” (AZ Republic,

Mar 21

ORYR: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gives U.S. Selective Service Director Larry Romo 30 Days to Investigate and Release Obama’s Original Selective Service Form for Forensic Document Examiners to Analyze ( (Response came Mar 28: FOAD, h

Mar 22

Corsi on InfoWars: “And there are “BLOCKBUSTER” stories being developed by Arpaio’s “investigation.”
The DOJ is “implicated” by Arpaio’s “investigation.”
They’re going to arrest these perpetrators. (
“I’ll tell you one thing. We got tons of other information that could be very shocking, too, but I’m sticking now with just the [forgery] investigation and possible criminal violations.”
When asked about making an arrest, Arpaio said, “We’re trying to identify any alleged forger. We haven’t done that yet. (WND,

Mar 31

Meeting at Sun City West church sponsored by Tea Parties announced, “where Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo will present their preliminary findings and updates.” (Sonoran News,

Mar 26

Defeat the Mainstream Media Blackout Keeping You in the Dark ….
… the Surprise Tea Party board voted unanimously today (3/26/12), 10 to 0 to not allow live feed video-streaming.

Mar 31

Presentation to Tea Parties (pix:
Mr. Zullo said that it is possible there will be another press conference in the near future, possibly with a round table of the experts. He admitted that the scope of the investigation is increasing, even spreading internationally.

There is no doubt that we have a forgery on our hands. [ ] The team is on the hunt for those who committed the forgery, Mr. Zullo said, and that they “have some pretty good ideas” about who committed the forgery.
(Western Journalism,
From the video:
…the CCP’s is committed to “….to keep the public informed…” of their progress…
“This is an ongoing investigation. And being as an ongoing investigation, (not that I expect it to happen) but you could always come up with a peice of information that all of a sudden wipes out everything you just did. So we are not going to go around testifying to these things if we could help it because it is ongoing. When it’s ongoing you really can’t talk about much. ” (Zullo,

Apr 1

Zullo on InfoWars: “BIG NEWS: Now that they turned it over to the Sheriff, it’s a FULL FLEDGED LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION.”

Apr 19

Zullo calls Nellie Rivstedt (butterdezillion) to gather additional evidence (FR,

Apr 24

“Joe Arpaio Plans To Release New Findings In Obama Birth Certificate Investigation”
“said he would soon hold a press conference to reveal new evidence that he believes will prove that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service documenation are fabrications.” (HuffPo,

May 21

Zullo, Corsi, and AZ LEO go to Hawaii
(Civilian volunteer Zullo first reported to be using a badge)
Phoenix New Times: “Arpaio said the volunteer posse is in the midst of a criminal investigation…” (

May 25

Corsi on InfoWars: He didn’t share any of the bombshells that he was promising for this week but he says you won’t believe the bombshells forthcoming in Arpaio’s investigation–big news in a few weeks as to the identity of Obama’s real father. (reported by AnitaMaria, )

May 28

Zullo still in Hawaii, interviewed by Gillar: “there will be EXPLOSIVE evidence at Arpaio’s next presser” (

May 31


June 9

Arpaio: “there will be a press conference in 2-3 weeks, and “it was a very profitable trip to Hawaii, we came up with a lot of stuff.”” (

June 29

Whatever4 wrote:Was perusing the comments on Frank Arduini’s Response to Zebest, and found Mark Gillar says:

Mark Gillar wrote:The next Cold Case Posse press conference is scheduled for July 17th.

Jul 1

Zullo: “The information … is going to be breathtaking when it’s released.”

Jul 16

‘Indisputable proof’ of Obama forgery to be released
“The investigative team also promises to release more conclusions drawn from computer analysis of the document the White House released April 27, 2011. ”

Jul 17

Joe Arpaio holds the second press conference on the findings of the Cold Case Posse led by Mike Zullo.

Arpaio: “I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to”
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said it’s time for a higher authority to investigate the issue.

Mr. Arpaio said he would like Congress … “someone” … to look at the material his investigative team had gathered. (
…the Sheriff of Maricopa County, in an official press release, is calling for a congressional investigation of Hawaii law as a threat to national security…
Nothing else new except the (alleged) interview with Verna Lee, and the pencil codes for the 1961 LFBC data (debunked)
Arpaio Press Release:

Jul 26

“Corsi is in England. ( Claims he’s finding “interesting” things regarding the Kenyan government. He admits that he hasn’t found anything incriminating about Obama specifically, but he has obtained…wait for it…AN AFFIDAVIT! Which says that Kenyan birth records were destroyed after Obama’s visit in 2006.” (Loren Collins, )

Aug 7

Corsi video: “Arpaio Investigation Closes in on Obama Birth Certificate Fraud.”
“He says they will be doing more research in August and hope to have a blockbuster in September or October. He thinks a court case will order cause a judge to order Obama to unseal the birth records in Hawaii.” (RC,

In the same video Corsi makes this interesting comment:

“August is still going to be a research month. You are going to find that Sheriff Arpaio’s group is going to get increasingly closed mouth about the evidence that’s being created.”

I wrote a blog post about that amazing admission by Corsi. Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Aug 14

Zullo in Washington Times: ““We presented the most compelling stuff that we know we can prove. That’s the other side of it. We can prove this. This isn’t speculation anymore.”” (

Sept 2

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama Identity Document Fraud Investigation Will Continue
More huge revelations to be revealed prior to the election… SHOCKER!!

Sept 7

“Next week in WND, I will begin publishing the next round of findings from Sheriff Arpaio’s continuing law enforcement investigation into Obama’s eligibility to be president. The investigation is continuing and for the next two months there will be new revelations.” (Corsi, Facebook)

Sept 10

Zullo took another Hawaiian vacation!
“Arpaio is still execting someone to “run with this”,”
“Seems Arpaio “Will do something after the election””
(everalm taking one for the team, )

Sept 26 [Update 9/6/13]

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery replied to an open letter to him from Surprise, AZ Tea Party member and former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly requesting that he take the CCP evidence to a grand jury come “to the aid of Sheriff Arpaio and take the MCSO findings to the Maricopa County Grand Jury for review. Let’s turn Sheriff Arpaio’s findings over to the people who have been assigned the task of determining whether a crime has been committed and ultimately who is the beneficiary of such criminal behavior. Lets take the evidence out of the hands of the politicians and let the citizens in the Maricopa County Grand Jury decide the validity of the MCSO findings, prior to the November elections.” See:

Bill Montgomery replied that he would take no action based on two facts:

  1. He had no jurisdiction because none of the alleged criminal conduct had occurred in Maricopa County.
  2. Quoting Montgomery, ” … the criminal statute you cited in your message requires additional evidence that the MCSO investigation to date has not uncovered. Specifically, we would need evidence to affirmatively prove that Mr. Obama is not a US citizen. To date, there has been evidence presented leading to speculation that documents have been forged and other documents do not exist. That alone, though, is not sufficient evidence to present to a grand jury and actually have a reasonable likelihood of conviction.”

The full text of the letter is available at

An RC Radio tip of the cap to jtmunkus and HistorianDude for providing information on this item.

Oct 5

“I was initially contacted by Ken Ashton, an aide to Sen. Coburn in Sen. Coburn’s Washington office, on Sept. 4,” Zullo explained to WND. “I provided Ashton at his request, an overview of the sheriff’s investigation, focusing on the document fraud.”
“My staff has reached out to Sheriff Arpaio’s office,” Coburn wrote in the constituent letter. “However, I have yet to be presented any credible evidence to demonstrate President Obama was not born in Hawaii.”

Nov 14

Zullo affidavit. Nothing new. Extended whine.
(Frank Arduini does detailed analysis of affidavit — “The Annotated Zullo” (scribd))

Dec 7

First sighting of “Lieutenant Zullo” (previously we’d seen Pam Barnett refer to him as “Detective Zullo”)
“BREAKING! Sheriff Arpaio – FULL STEAM AHEAD with BHO Investigation
Also, surprises are coming!!!”
(PPSimmons, )
“Mike Zullo confirmed in a phone conversation with the PPSimmons channel that the investigation, and the resulting legal actions from the investigation, was going full steam ahead.”

Dec 11

(allegedly) Gallups “he said that some bombshell would come out within a week.”

Dec 16

Gallups: “Arpaio is going “full steam ahead”, and “ratcheting up the investigation”.” (





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