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Will the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Petition Sheriff Penzone to Look into Trump’s Possible Treason?

In August of 2011 an Arizona citizen named Brian Reilly spearheaded an effort to have the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Patriots to sign a petition to request that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio open an investigation into the authenticity … Continue reading

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Was the CCP Birth Certificate Investigation Pay to Play?

Morgan Loew, an investigative reporter for Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, presented a devastating piece last night on Mike Zullo and the sham Cold Case Posse investigation into President Obama’s long form birth certificate. The segment included an interview with Brian … Continue reading

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MCSO Public Information Officer Brian Lee May Have Helped Write “A Question of Eligibility ” eBook

Reality Check Radio has obtained a copy of the metadata from the Word version of the eBook authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo that was sold for profit on Amazon starting the same day as the first Cold Case … Continue reading

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New Cold Case Posse Timeline Page

I added a new page titled “MSCO Cold Case Posse Timeline” on the blog. This timeline is a collection of several posts by Verbalobe at the Fogbow. With his permission I assembled it into one page here at the RC … Continue reading

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Frank Arduini: “The Annotated Zullo”

My guest last night was Frank Arduini aka “Epectitus” and “Historian Dude” on blogs and forums and a long time nemesis of Birthers everywhere. Frank recently sliced and diced Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s so called affidavit that … Continue reading

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Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

It would certainly seem so. This might be the funniest Freudian slip of all time! At the 8:00 minute mark of the following YouTube video that WND reporter Jerome Corsi posted earlier this week he made a very interesting remark. … Continue reading

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Jerome Corsi, Paul Irey, and Lucas Smith team up to shoot themselves in the foot

Okay, bear with me, this one will take a bit of explanation. Remember the WND article by Jerome Corsi titled How does Obama’s document stack up against a genuine BC? that was publsihed last month in which Paul Irey analyzed … Continue reading

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John Woodman: Paul Irey will not debate me because Jerome Corsi might not like it

John Woodman returned as my guest on RC Radio last Thursday night. He said that Paul Irey who had initially seemed open to debating him on a national radio show had changed his mind after reading portions of the book … Continue reading

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Jerome Corsi – Ass Ace Reporter

WND Reporter Jerome Corsi Jerome Corsi has published a series of articles on the extreme right wing blog World Net Daily that purport to expose what he deems to be a vast network of paid Obama operatives who congregate at … Continue reading

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