Carl Gallups “Obot Challenge”

GallupsOn his PPSimmons Facebook page Carl Gallups issued the following challenge:

(Obamabots silent as crickets on this one)

How is it that Trump is LYING about Russia (when no evidence exists that he is lying) but Obama is NOT lying about his fake BC when tons of forensic evidence exists to the contrary – complete with a 5-year criminal investigation by America’s 4th largest sheriff’s office and verified by two international document expert entities?

Now – just HOW does THAT work?

Where to start?

It’s amazing that someone who presents himself as a “man of God” could continue to tell such blatant lies. Gallups is a young earth creationist who doesn’t believe in evolution and regularly parades conspiracy nuts on his show and YouTube channel. These include the disgusting and kooky guy who goes by the moniker “Barry Soetoro Esquire” who is a Sandy Hooker Truther. Gallups let BSE peddle his disgusting views that no children died in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT since they were all actors in a staged event. Gallups didn’t contradict a single point. He just let BSE spew his filth. Gallups runs something called the “PPSIMMONS network”,which is actually nothing more than a collection of a web page, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page. He has a weekly radio program on a small right wing station in Milton, FL in the panhandle that might reach into rural Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia on a good day. Gallups likes to make believe he runs a huge media empire.

First, what exactly does “lying about Russia” suppose to mean?  The Russian issue for the Trump campaign and Trump presidency is a complex and ever evolving scandal. That scandal has grown to such a proportion that committees in both the House and Senate are conducting hearings and Trumps own Deputy Attorney General has appointed a Special Counsel to look into the various scandals involving Russia and the Trump administration. We know that Trump appointees and surrogates have lied about their ties to Russia. Michael Flynn was fired as Trump’s national security advisor for failing to disclose his ties to Russia. Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and even Trumps own son in law failed to disclose contacts with Russian officials. Multiple intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election on the side of Donald Trump.


If Gallups is claiming Trump never lied in any claim concerning his association with Putin and Russia that is easy to disprove. Trump claimed during the presidential campaign in 2016 that he had never met Vladimir Putin and no association with him. Trumps own words belie that claim. This article by Michael Isakoff and linked videos show Trump lied about his contacts with Putin. Trump also has lied various times about his financial dealings with Russia.

Tape shows Trump contradicting himself (again) on Putin meeting

Russian Business Ties:

In an interview in October 2016 Trump said:

“The reason they blame Russia is they are trying to tarnish me with Russia. I know about Russia, but not about the inner workings. I have no business there and no loans from Russia. I have a great balance sheet.”

Yet we know that Trump moved the Miss Universe beauty pageant to Moscow and in 2008 and Trump’s own son Donald Trump, Jr. said at a real estate conference “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” and “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia,”.

Politico: Yes, there is evidence Trump does business with Russians

So there are two easily documented lies that Trump repeated about his connections with Putin and Russia. Anyone can find these on Google in a matter of minutes. Apparently Gallups’ research skills are lacking however. Dare we say willful ignorance?

Obama Birth Certificate:

Gallups tried to manufacture an equivalence of the Trump Russian scandals to the Obama birth certificate controversy. He references the investigation conducted by Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse led by commander Mike Zullo. This is absurd. On this blog I have documented repeatedly the many issues with Mike Zullo’s investigation and conclusion that President Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. Gallups cites two “international document entities”. First even that short statement is incorrect since one of these “entities” is Reed Hayes from Hawaii. Last time I looked Hawaii was one of the 50 states of the USA.

Let’s look at what those “international entities” did for Zullo and actually said. Zullo went through hundreds of document forensic examiners before finding these two. He said he had contacted 212 examiners before finding graphologist Reed Hayes. Hayes was willing to hire himself out to Zullo and examine the PDF file posted on the White House web site. He never examined the original document. He apparently didn’t even verify that the PDF file given to him by Zullo was actually the same as the one posted at the White House web site.He said he examined a PDF file given to him by Zullo.

We don’t know how many more examiners Zullo had to contact before finding the Italian firm FORLAB. Zullo has never released either report and has only selectively quoted from them. Neither firm stated with certainty that President Obama’s Birth certificate was fraudulent. Both Reed Hayes and FORLAB admitted all they examined was a PDF file given to them by Mike Zullo. Reed Hayes put up a page at his blog to counter some of the false claims about his work made by Birthers like Carl Gallups. Hayes writes:

Under normal circumstances, document examiners who are investigating allegedly altered material work only with original documentation.  In cases where official documents are in question, other similar official documents of the same time period are required for examination and comparison.  Any statements of opinion that I have given are therefore contingent upon examination of the original paper document allegedly in the hands of the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

In short, my examination does not prove that President Obama’s valid Certificate of Live Birth does or does not exist at the State of Hawaii Department of Health.  If the certificate is in fact at the Department of Health, my examination still does not prove that that document is valid.  Again, I have not examined the original and can therefore not be certain as to the authenticity of the COLB.

Hayes also discusses how his credentials have been misrepresented:

I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, “the nation’s foremost document examiner” as some are touting. …

I have never stated in any of my cases that I am “100 percent certain” of anything.  Some have indicated that my report to Mr. Zullo concludes with the statement that “I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects” and “the birth certificate posted on the Whitehouse website on April 27, 2011 is entirely fabricated.”  However, as stated previously and also clarified in my report, I have no knowledge if in fact that document represents the birth certificate in possession of the State of Hawaii.  My report also makes it clear that I suspect the document released by the White House may be a fabricated document intended to bring down President Obama.

Some have erroneously publicized that I work for the Perkins Coie law firm in Seattle.  Others have stated that I have been retained by attorneys at Perkins Coie to render testimony.  Still others claim that I am an expert witness for the firm.  Perkins Coie appears on my list of clients because I worked one (count them—one) questioned handwriting case for the firm in the early ‘90s.  The matter settled out of court and I did not render testimony at deposition, hearing, or trial.  I am not an expert witness for Perkins Coie nor am I associated with them in any way aside from that lone case from years ago.  It amazes me how people can make something out of nothing in order to lend support to their agenda.

I have not seen any public statement by FORLAB on their report and analysis so all we know is what was recounted by Mike Zullo at the December 15, 2016 [not a] press conference and what he has said in subsequent interviews. Apparently FORLAB confirmed what blogger NBC and I claimed: that the origin of the PDF file posted at in 2011 was a Xerox model 7655 scanner/copier/printer. Zullo admitted this in an interview on the Hagmann Report. I discussed this in a previous article Mike Zullo admits the Obots were correct all along

The bottom line:

What neither Gallups nor Zullo will tell you is one undeniable fact. Under the US Constitution there is a single and ultimate authority who can determine whether Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. It isn’t Mike Zullo. It isn’t Joe Arpaio, the MCSO or even the state of Arizona. It is the state of Hawaii. Hawaii has verified that they supplied a representative for Barack Obama with two certified copies of his “long form” birth certificate and that the information on the copy posted at the White House web site in 2011. This makes any discussion about layers, kerning, certificate numbers, smiley face optical illusions, typography, or any other Hawaii birth certificate pointless and superfluous.  Of course Zullo has spent time trying to slander and libel the state of Hawaii. He has made the false claim that Hawaii has loose record keeping or is prone to issuing false documents. He has presented no evidence to support that claim, none whatsoever. He has not identified any person who might have been involved in an forgery despite claiming several times they had a “person of interest”. Do you wonder why? It is because he would have been opening himself and Arpaio to a libel charge.

If a law enforcement agency or a legal party needed to verify a vital statistics record there is exactly one place to go. It isn’t a graphologist in Hawaii or a forensic laboratory in Italy. It would be the governmental authority who issued the document. That is what two secretaries of state did when they relented to Birther pressure in 2012 and asked for forfication of Barack Obama’s place of birth. They asked Hawaii and Hawaii verified the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaii has issued certified birth certificates twice and verified them twice. No birth in history is as well documented as Barack Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

The most Reverend Gallups is welcome to supply any rebuttal he wishes and I will post it here without editing. That’s something he is afraid to do on his own Facebook page. When a commenter even mildly challenged the brave pastor he deleted the entire discussion.

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21 Responses to Carl Gallups “Obot Challenge”

  1. RC, not only does he delete the conversation, he blocks the poster. His sidekick, Mike Shoesmith, advocates burning books that he does not like.

    As to the “evidence”, in order for Zullo to be correct, we have to come to rather ridiculous conclusion that of the millions of birth certificates issued by Hawaii, he had possession of one of the “source” documents that was used to “create” the PDF. . Almost as important, Gillar admitted to altering the PDF from the WH website to make the evidence fit. Of course, it never occurred to these geniuses that two documents filled in on the same typewriter will have identical typeface and the tab sets would be the same.

    But then again, Gallups ignores the fact every word he has said on the subject has proven to be a lie. It is remarkable actually.

    We are also asked to believe that the most important investigation since the Kennedy assassination was entrusted to a used car salesman.

    • It struck me as I was writing this article how difficult it is to describe the outright dishonesty it took to compare the Cold Case Posse clueless investigation to what pundits are calling the largest presidential scandal since Watergate. You can’t call it stupidity because no one could be that stupid.

      • Well Gallups has never been one for honesty. It’s the entire movement in a nutshell. On one hand we have an entirely fraudulent one sided investigation by keystone rent-a-cops who basically threw out all their previous claims of evidence to focus on a theory created by paid shill Mark Gillar. Gillar even admitted he had to manipulate the pdf to match his theory. It’s also very telling that Zullo couldn’t find a single certified document expert in the entire Western Hemisphere to play ball with him. Even more telling is that Arpaio never once tried to get a court order to examine the certified copy from Hawaii. It shows how little he actually believed in the investigation.

        • Well put PM. I started to add more in the article about the failure of Arpaio’s investigation. No suspect was identified. No one was arrested. No one was indicted. The Maricopa County attorney said it consisted of nothing but suspicions and innuendo. Not a single member of Congress is calling for hearings. The investigation ran for five years and has nothing. Zullo was fired and banned from any posse duty. It was a big fat zero.

  2. COMALite J says:

    Open letter to “Reverend” Carl Gallups:

    of Saint John the Divine

    ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 22
    (The very last chapter in the entire Bible!)

    12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
    13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
    15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
    16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    And there you have it: the very last words that Jesus Christ spoke to us in His Word. That’s red ink — the last red ink in a Red Letter Edition.

    Did you see what He said there? It is by our work that every man will be judged. Only those who do His commandments have right to the Tree of Life and to enter through the gates of the Holy City.

    And notice in verse 15: outside the Holy City, locked outside of it forever, includes “and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie!” Whoever willfully lies, for any reason (even if they think they’re doing it for Him and His Gospel and cause), are locked outside of the Holy City forever along with the sorcerers and whoremongers and murderers and idolators!

    “But that only applies to the unsaved! Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as Personal Savior are guaranteed entry into the Holy City,” you say? Sorry, nope. First off, in verse 12 Jesus says that He will give His reward to every man according as his work shall be. Every. man. Not just those in or not in the Book of Life. Or are you calling Him a liar there? Or was He merely mistaken?

    Moreover, everyone mentioned in this section is found written in the Book of Life, and that includes the sorcerers and whoremongerers and murderers and idolators and lovers and makers of lies. All of those are written in the Book of Life! How do we know? Because everyone whose name wasn’t found written in the Book of Life had already been cast into the Lake of Fire exactly two chapters ago! (Revelation 20:15) They’re already out of the picture!

    And there you have it: accepting Jesus Christ as Personal Savior may get your name into the Book of Life, but that only keeps you out of the Lake of Fire for all eternity. You sill have to do His commandments and avoid sin including lying for any cause in order to have right of entry into the Holy City and access to the Tree of Life.

    You have some serious repenting to do.

      • And one of my most vexing topics: how so many Christians, especially Fundamentalists, go about every day blatantly violating or ignoring what Jesus said and what He clearly meant.

        • It’s not vexing when you look at the Bible in it’s entirety. The God of the Bible is at times petty, jealous, bloodthirsty, cruel, vengeful and downright evil. Yes, that is more the God of the Old Testament but there are numerous examples in the New Testament too. Even Jesus was not above condoning that men commit atrocities against God’s enemies.

          We hope that people who anoint themselves as spokespersons of God or Jesus would act in a humane and compassionate manner but they can still “stand on the Bible” to support less than compassionate and honest behavior.

          I think this in part explains why people who call themselves Christians are no more moral or humane than those who call themselves something else.

  3. gorefan says:

    So Gallups sets up a challenge to catch Obots who never post at his FB page and then blocks them from posting at his FB page. An ends catching one or two Obots and some sock-puppets. Brilliant. The guy is a complete moron.

    If you go down the list of his post, there are almost no comments on any of them. The guy is talking to himself. If not for the birth certificate/Zullo updates he would be even more irrelevant.

    BTW, it looks like he deleted his “fishing expedition” explanation to Renee Krbec. He must have figured out how stupid it sounded.

    • Fortunately “some jerk” captured this exchange on Facebook before it was deleted:

      [some jerk] wrote:
      Are there any Obots in particular that should respond? Maybe targeted challenges will be more effective.

      Freedom Friday wrote:
      Perhaps. Know any? 😉

      [ * * * ]

      Again – we have no interest in “targeted” challenges. That is exactly what they would want. They desperately want to be relevant. They care WAY more about us – than we care about them. We apparently ARE relevant. They are not. BTW Bob … well, never mind…. 😉

      [ * * * ]

      [Three emojis]

      [some jerk] wrote:
      So “Obots” not responding to these challenges show that they care, is that correct?

      Freedom Friday wrote:
      You DO know that from your very first post we were “on to you” – right? How long you wanna play this charade? I went “fishing” and you took the bait. Proves my point from the beginning. Not once could you answer the question. Correct? [Eight emojis]

  4. The “Obot challenge” has scrolled well down the PPSIMMONS Facebook page. It has been replaced by cutting edge articles like this one from Answers in Genesis:
    Brontosaurus: The Only Dino to Go Extinct Twice

    In the first paragraph we learn:

    If you’ve seen any of the Land Before Time or Jurassic Park films,1 you’re familiar with the general appearance of the Brontosaurus. It’s the long-necked, elephant-bodied, lizard-tailed, leaf-eating dino that grazed in green valleys, living peaceably with other animals and, we would add, humans.


  5. Thanks go to a couple of people who posted a link to the this article on Gallups’ PPSIMMONS Facebook page. He hasn’t replied of course.

  6. WAKE UP ASSHOLE says:

    hahaah The BLOVIATOR is at it as usual a REAL DUMB FUCK…. really.
    Let’s WONDER why this JERK OFF blog owner LOVES his BOY FRIEND OBUMMASS?
    YEP this asshole blog owner … plays PEG BOY with the OBUMASS

  7. David L says:

    Sharon Rondue also issued a challenge to “Obots”, allowed several response and then the truth got to much for her and she stopped letting comments get out of moderation.

    Here is my response to James Carter who responded to one of my earlier comments to him. Rondue did not allow it to be posted.

    James Carter,

    Abercrombie said he would do what he legally was allowed to do. He could not legally releasing the birth certificate without Obama’s permission and Abercrombie said he would not ask him for permission.

    “Asked if one option is to ask Obama to waive his privacy rights so that a copy of his actual birth certificate can be released publicly, Abercrombie cut off a reporter’s question.

    “No, no, no – it’s not up to the president,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the president. It has to do with the people of Hawaii who love him, people who love his mom and dad. It has to do with respect the office of the president is entitled to. And it has to do with respect that every single person’s mother and father are entitled to.”

    “Pressed on whether he might unilaterally release a copy of Obama’s actual birth certificate, Abercrombie made clear that he is waiting for his cabinet officials to give him a report on what he can legally do before proceeding.”

    “Obviously, I’m going to do what is legally possible,” the governor said.”

    He was told he can’t unilaterally release someone’s birth certificate.

    “State Attorney General David Louie told the governor he cannot disclose an individual’s birth documentation without a person’s consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.”

    “There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,” said Dela Cruz. “Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president.”

    Remember your original statement – “The Governor of the State of Hawaii and self-claimed boyhood friend of Obama, Neil Abercrombie, repeatedly and expressly said he tried but couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate.” you have yet to provide any statements where he “repeatedly or expressly” stated he could not find it.

    Here is one of FactCheck’s images of the COLB.

    The seal is as legible as seen on other certificates. The center caduceusis is clearly visible. The visible portions of these words DEPAR of DEPARTMENT And the LTH in HEALTH as well as the word STATE.

    How legible is this seal.

    Or this one.

    The image on the White House website you posted is an image of the paper handout given to reporters on April 27th, 2011. “Common sense” tells us that we do not know where the copies of the COLBs were when they decided to add it to the reporters’ packages. Were they stored in Chicago or Washington D.C.? We also don’t know when they decided to add the COLB to the package. Was it at the last minute? We don’t know who downloaded it from Snopes. Was it an intern?

    Here is what Gibbs said in July, 2009.

    “A year-and-a-half ago I asked that the birth certificate be put on the Internet because lord knows, you got a birth certificate and you put it on the Internet, what else could be the story?”

    He asked that the birth certificate be put up on the Internet in early 2008. That can only mean they already had the birth certificate in their possession.

    I’ve scanned dozens of documents that had folds in them and sometimes the folds show up in the scan and sometimes they don’t. One factor is how many times the paper was folded.

    Zullo discussed the Xerox 7655 and layers the day after the December 15th presentation. It was on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show.–nine-points-of-forgery–the-hagmann-report-121616

    BTW, in the video he played at the December presentation, there is a very big mistake made by the forensic experts.

    • Welcome to the blog and thanks for a very well documented comment debunking the Birther claim that “Abercrombie could not find the birth certificate”.

    • That’s typical Rondue behavior. You might get a comment or two through moderation but once she figures out you can debunk her lies or her usual cast of birther’s lies no more of you comments get through moderation. Her posted comment rules mean nothing.

      BTW, in the video he played at the December presentation, there is a very big mistake made by the forensic experts.

      Now you have my curiosity aroused.Maybe a hint? I hate to go back and suffer through that video again.

      • David L says:

        It was documented at Doc C’s site but is ignored by Birthers like Rondou. I like to point it out to Birthers who claim some computer expertise like James Carter.

        In Gillar’s video made for the presentation, he says that the “X” in box 7e of the Obama longform BC was brought over directly from box 7e on the Ah’Nee certificate. It is one of the nine points. But later in the video he says that the X” in box 7e of the Obama longform BC was copied and pasted from the “X” in box 6d of the Ah’Nee certificate.

        It can’t be both.

        • Yes, I recall that was pointed out by Doc or someone commenting at his blog. We don’t know whether the mistake was made by Gillar, Zullo, or the forensic examiners because Zullo will not release their reports. That is a pretty bad mistake though by whoever made it.

          • David L says:

            Both of those are listed as part of the nine points of forgery so maybe there were only eight points (I realize there are actually zero points).

    • COMALite J says:

      I know that the abbreviation “COLB” is often used by both sides to refer to the “Certification of Live Birth” which is the legal terminology used by Hawaii and many other states for what is more commonly called a “short form” as if it weren’t actually a birth certificate (it is). The term “birth certificate” is used only to refer to the “long form” released on April 27, 2011.

      Yet, according to the State of Hawaii’s official dot-gov website page on the subject of Hawaii Homelands and birth documentation proving qualification for same (under “Primary Documents” — scroll down a bit), the proper legal term for a “long form” (as in many other states) is “Certificate of Live Birth.” That also would be abbreviated as “COLB”!

      But, more importantly, the term “birth certificate” is an umbrella term that applies to both Certificates of Live Birth aka “long forms” and the Certifications of Live Birth aka “short forms”! In the same sense that the term “vehicle” doesn’t just mean “automobile,” but includes that and several others such as trucks, SUVs, vans, buses, motorcycles, motor homes, airplanes, boats, and even bicycles.

      A “Certification of Live Birth aka “short form” is thus not merely “legally as good as a birth certificate” — it is a birth certificate! Both of those are birth certificates! (They’re also both COLBs!) That’d be like saying that a motorcycle is only “as good as” a vehicle — it is a vehicle.

      Using “COLB” to refer solely to the Certification of Live Birth aka “short form” while using “birth certificate” to refer solely to the Certificate of Live Birth aka “long form” thus plays into the birthers’ hands, supporting their claim that Obama didn’t release his “birth certificate” until April 27, 2011. He actually released it in June of 2008! What he released in 2008 isn’t merely “as good as a birth certificate” — it is a birth certificate! He was of course the very first President to ever do so — in fact, it wasn’t until 2008 that any President or candidate for President had even been asked to do so! The first was John McCain in 2008 (because there was legitimate if not truly justified concern that his birth in the Panama Canal Zone disqualified him from being a Natural Born Citizen [it didn’t]), and Obama shortly thereafter.

      If we must abbreviate, I propose that from now on we use “CnOLB” to refer to the Certification of Live Birth aka “short form” and “CtOLB” to refer to the Certificate of Live Birth aka “long form.”

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