Mike Zullo Admits the Obots Were Correct All Along

Zullo looking weirdHe said that in “Zullo-speakTM” of course. The admission came during an interview on the Hagmann Report radio program on December 16th. Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups appeared the day after the December 15 final press conference of the Cold Case Posse.

At around the 1hr 34 minute time mark on the show Zullo began to address why he took the investigation in a completely different direction after 5 years:

Zullo as usual leaves out most of the details about what they did, and exactly who did it. His methodology is not documented at all.

It appears that this is what happened:

  1. FORLAB forensic laboratory in Italy was hired by Zullo.
  2. FORLAB looked at the metadata of the Obama 2010 tax returns posted in April 2011 at the White House web site. From the metadata they found the returns were scanned on a Xerox 7655. (We knew that three years ago. The metadata is quite easy to read in Adobe Reader.)
  3. FORLAB examined the JPG quantization matrices in the tax return document PDF and the LFBC PDF file and found they were similar so they concluded that the LFBC was also scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. Again blogger NBC discovered this three years ago and wrote about it. The quantization matrix is structured in 8×8 blocks on PDF’s scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655 and other models.
  4. Zullo said they searched for the 2011 “software” from Xerox for a year. (It is actually machine firmware.)
  5. They finally got the firmware from a technician and installed it.
  6. Zullo said they ran many tests on the birth certificate with combinations of settings. This is obviously wrong since Zullo doesn’t have the original document. We can assume they scanned a printed copy of the birth certificate.
  7. Zullo said they were able to get results that were really close but not an exact match with nine layers.
  8. He said they got halos but they were different.
  9. Based on these results Zullo apparently had to abandon the claims from the first two press conferences.

In summary,

  • FORLAB was able to show that the LFBC PDF was definitely scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. “Obots” demonstrated this in 2013.
  • By making a test document from the image posted on the Internet FORLAB was able to reproduce most of the anomalies in the LFBC PDF and produce a file that was “really close”. In 2013 I made as good a test document as could be made and got results that were extremely close even down to nine layers. Zullo as usual misses the point. The number of layers is random depending on many factors. Without the actual document scanned in the identical way you will never get a perfectly identical file. Even the same document scanned twice on the same machine will not produce identical PDF files.
  • Zullo admitted that as a result the “evidence” from the first two press conferences was not “court ready”. Well I would go further and say it was nonsense and completely debunked.

I believe this clip gives us an insight as to why Zullo went dark for a couple of years and got distracted by the Seattle Operation. He admits going through some dark times and almost giving up. That is why in desperation and with the clock running out on Arpaio’s term they had to come out with the absurd theory that the Obama certificate was copied from the Ah’Nee certificate.

Hey Mike, we solved this mystery in 2013. I am glad you finally caught up. You can thank me any time.

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28 Responses to Mike Zullo Admits the Obots Were Correct All Along

  1. stevor says:

    nice to see you admit that you’re an “obot” (brainless mechanical puppet)

    • COMALite J says:

      Nice to see you have no rebuttal other than cheap grade-schoolyard insults. Shall we accept your implied concession of complete and utter defeat on behalf of all of Birtherism, or would you like to try again and actually refute any of the actual evidence with actual evidence? For now, we must assume that you cannot, or else you would’ve.

      It’s a long accepted rule of debate that resorting to insults instead of refutation constitutes a concession that you cannot refute, therefore a concession of defeat. But, what’ya say, RCR? Shall we give stevor one more chance?

      Got evidence, stevor?

      • stevor says:

        o’bama’s online COLB MAY NOT be a fraud but he is a TOTAL FRAUD otherwise. He’s still hiding his college transcripts. Are they such vital national security for that? No, it’s because he’s a FRAUD.
        He’s not even a US citizen. His step father, Lolo Soetoro, took him to Indonesia and made him an Indonesian citizen. He NEVER repatriated!
        (he’s also a disgusting mentally ill gay “guy” and has a “wife” who is a “tranny” (transsexual, which barry even calls “Michael”) as that movie star told before THEY KNOCKED HER OFF!

        • COMALite J says:

          Got any evidence for any of that? I see you just conceded the COLB, which means you concede that he was born in Hawaii, which makes him a Natural Born U.S. Citizen.

          Even if what you said about Lolo Sœtoro and Indonesia were true (it isn’t — more on that some other time, as I’m posting this shortly before going to bed), it’s irrelevant, because the laws of citizenship for Indonesia or any other nation have absolutely zero bearing on the laws of citizenship for the USA. Our laws, and our laws alone, determine who is and who is not a U.S. citizen (Natural Born or naturalized), and our laws state that once someone is a Natural Born Citizen (citizen at birth), said citizenship can only be renounced by that person and then only once s/he attains adulthood. A parent cannot renounce their child’s U.S. citizenship on said child’s behalf.

          • stevor says:

            Why doesn’t barry’s supposed birth hospital have a sign proclaiming his birth there? (because it’s a LIE)
            he WASN’T a natural born citizen if barry sr. was his father since barry sr. was a British citizen and his “mother” was too young. But in reality, Frank Marshall Davis was his “father” (if you think jr. resembles sr., you’re blind) and “mother” isn’t his mother but “grandma” was (grandma and frank had a thing going and since grandma was married, jr. was pawned off (sold to) sr.
            You didn’t address the “gay” and “tranny” aspects. barry traded “tricks” with old men back in high school for the drugs that he was renowned for taking. As to “tranny”, he was accustomed to IT because his “nanny”, Evie, was another Tranny.

            Even if you (and of course you will) say the above is wrong, what made a “freshman senator” from Illinois qualified to be President after 1.5 years? (he proved his being able to be controlled by the pedophiles that surrounded him)

            • COMALite J says:

              Please link to the photo of the sign at the Yale-New Haven Hospital proudly proclaiming itself as the birthplace of George W. Bush. Or the birth hospital of any other modern President. Failure to do that in your next Reply constitutes a concession of complete and utter defeat on this point.

              Under the version of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) §301(f) [aka United States Code (USC) Title 8 §1401(f)] in effect at the time, what you said might be interpreted as being true if Obama weren’t born in the United States or in one of its territories or overseas possessions. But he was. His place and time of birth have been proven far more certainly than any other President’s to date, including the one taking office a week from today (who wouldn’t even have run for President had it not been for birtherism).

              As for Frank Marshall Davis, you do realize that that would shoot down any hope of Birtherism were it true, since FMD was a U.S. citizen and had resided in the U.S. the necessary number of years and thus could confer Natural Born Citizenship onto Obama regardless of where he was born, even if his mother was too young to do so, right?

              I didn’t address the “tranny” thing directly in that Reply. I did address it indirectly (which is all it deserved since you didn’t provide a lick of evidence for it, and also since, even if it were true, it has absolutely no bearing on his Constitutional qualifications to be President) in the second Reply I posted late last night when I asked you why you believe such wild stuff without evidence if it’s against Obama, but require the most overwhelming of evidence to even grudgingly admit that something you believed before may not be true if it’s in Obama’s favor. Why the double standard?

              RC Radio, may I request that you block stevor from ever posting here again if, in his very next Reply to me or anyone else, he fails to answer those questions that I asked in my second Reply and summarized just now?

              Stevor, to reiterate, the question is: why do you hate Obama so much that you have such an obvious and extreme double standard regarding evidence concerning him about what you will and won’t believe about him? You’ve very thoroughly established that you do in fact have such an extreme double standard concerning him. Answer why you have such a bias against him in your next Reply.

              And finally, the Constitution doesn’t require past political experience in order to be President (or else Trump would be disqualified). Freshman Senator from Illinois is ∞% more political experience than Trump has. It’s also more than several GOP candidates in the past several elections including, oh, say, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ron Paul (Congressman is considered way lesser than Senator when it comes to the sort of political experience that a President could draw on), etc.

              • He has consistently violated my posting rules by posting personal attacks, posting off topic and defamatory material. I already have given him more than one reprieve. The rules are linked on the main page of the blog:
                comment policy
                Yes, Stevor you are on notice.

              • stevor says:

                o’bama (like both bushes and both clintons) is a Rothschild/zionist puppet, RC: Not true] currently controlled by Soros, who has been shown to pay for rioters whenever possible such as in Ferguson. [RC: Not true]He stated the goal to “fundamentally change” (destroy) the USA and he/soros have been working on it ever since.[RC: Not trure] The Rothschild/zionist goal is for the sovereignty of the US to be destroyed so the UN can rule the earth in a One World Government/New World Order.[RC: Not trure]
                ALL of them sold their souls to Satan for power (similarly to how the hollyweird “stars” sold their souls for “fame). [RC: Not trure]
                Yes, if FMD is barry’s father, [RC: Not trure] it shoots down the bit about him not qualifying due to foreign father but it shows that barry is a stinking LIAR and that COLB you have is a FRAUD.

                [RC Ok, stevor’s stuff is all a crock. I approved it just to show what an anti-Semitic, racist asshole stevor is. He is now in moderation.]

            • Why doesn’t any hospital have them? I haven’t seen a single hospital to date that has a plaque or sign for a famous person being born there. The only one who seems to have something like that was Bill Clinton. And that’s only because his hospital was torn down and the area was made a historical landmark by congress. I’ve been to Yale New Haven there is no plaque for George W. Bush.

              None of the other crap you said came close to reality.

        • COMALite J says:

          Oh, and I already addressed the “he’s still hiding his college transcripts” thing in another thread here in direct Reply to you personally. He is not “hiding” his transcripts. He just hasn’t chosen to reveal his, and neither has any of his 43 predecessors (Bush’s were revealed against his will by an unethical journalist).

          Please show me a comment by you personally on any forum that (A) does not permit you to edit your comments after the fact, and (B) date/time-stamps the comments (like this one does), in which you personally, under either this same nickname you use here or one that you can prove that you control (you can type “Hey, COMALite J! It’s me, stevor from the RC Radio blog!” under that nickname to prove it’s really you), demanded that Bush (either one) release his college transcripts with just as much vehemence as you do for Obama. Said comment must be dated back when Bush was President.

          Either do this or admit that you cannot, that you never demanded such from Bush (who also, by the way, never showed his birth certificate and was never even asked to do so — neither were any of the 43 Presidents, nor any candidate for President, prior to 2008 [John McCain was the first to be asked to show one, because there was legitimate concern what with him being born in the Panama Canal Zone — turns out that he does qualify even so because his parents are U.S. citizens]). Why, then, would you insist such from Obama and not from Bush? Or Reagan?

          What’s different about Obama in your eyes that he has to provide documents that no other President has ever even been asked to show? Why do you so willingly believe the most ludicrous things about him with only rumors on right-wing blogs at best as your “evidence,” and only very grudgingly after overwhelming evidence is presented to you do you even concede that the COLB (for instance) “MAY NOT be a fraud” when you would never do so for Bush or Reagan?

          Is it that he defeated McCain and thus Sarah Palin, whom Dominionist Christocrats had considered to be the Lᴏʀᴅ’s Anointed, that it was the Manifest Will of Almighty God that McCain win and then God would “take McCain home” (he was, after all, twice afflicted with melanoma, deadliest of the skin cancers, and was pretty old even back then [though his mother is still alive so he has pretty good longevity genes]) and Palin would then become President and “take America back” for (their ultra-extremist version of) Jesus? Is that it? Sour grapes?

          This is likely why some of those people claimed afterwards that Obama must be the Antichrist (because who else could thwart the Manifest Will of Almighty God?), though they don’t even understand their own End Times Prophecies: the nation that the Antichrist (actually the Great Beast: John never refers to “the Antichrist” or “the Anti-Christ” in Revelation, despite being the only BIble writer to use the term at all [only in two of his three Epistles and then only in a generic sense, and never with the definite article]) rules is the evil nation of Babylon the Great, so if Obama or any other U.S. President actually were the Great Beast, what would that make the USA!? Certainly not some great God-blessed Exceptional Exemplar Christian Nation like the Dominionist Christocrats think. Pretty much the 180° diametric opposite of that.

          Or, do you hate Obama so much because you’re a Boomer like me and, also like me, Obama was the first President in our lifetimes to be younger than us and thus became another milestone in our lives that made it painfully clear that we are in fact getting older, that our remaining time is getting shorter?

          Or is it something perhaps more obvious than either of those? Something about, oh, say, his skin color, maybe?

        • Northland10 says:

          You seem rather obsessed about gay, tranny, and other sexual things.

          • stevor says:

            some people, as I do, think that they’re mentally ill “lifestyles”, which show a likelihood for other mentally ill thoughts (I wonder how many on this site are LGBTQ)

            [RC: I approved this one to show what a pathetic, sick, degenerate person stevor is.]

        • Hmm hiding transcripts how dastardly. So I guess every president is a fraud since they didn’t release their transcripts publicly before entering office. The Indonesian Embassy has stated that he was never adopted nor that he was a citizen there. The US State Department has also denied he was adopted or was a citizen of indonesia. There was no need for him to repatriate since he never stopped being a US Citizen. Indonesia Law 62 in place at the time didn’t allow him to be adopted nor gain citizenship.

          As for your claim about Michelle again you rely on nonsense. The “video” idiot birthers use to claim he called his wife “Michael” was a changing of the guard ceremony for the joint chiefs. An event Michelle didn’t even attend. The Michael he referred to in the video was Michael Donley the former Air Force Chief of Staff who was one of the other speakers at the ceremony.

  2. Slartibartfast says:

    Nice job documenting the nonsense RC!

  3. MN-Skeptic says:

    And yet this “brainless mechanical puppet” is smarter than Zullo and Gallups combined. But then any Obot is.

  4. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Somehow it makes a lot more sense when you say it.

  5. COMALite J says:

    On Zullo’s points #7 and #8: is he actually trying to claim that unless he can get an exact pixel-for-pixel identical to the White House .gov LFBC result out of the Xerox, that it’s still not proven!?

    For Pete’s sake! The only way to get the exact same result is if the 1s and 0s are identical, all several million of them. The only way that happens with any algorithm (including Xerox WorkCentre 2011 firmware with MRC and JBIG2) is if the input is also identical, meaning that the 1s and 0s that came off of the scanner sensor bar’s CCDs as it scanned down the page also had to have been identical to what they were when the White House staffer inserted the LFBC wrong-end first into the WorkCentre 7655 early on the morning of April 27, 2011.

    What would it take to get exactly the same 1s and 0s? You need to have the same scanner (not the same model but the same individual scanner, right down to the serial number, since there are manufacturing tolerances which, all else being absolutely identical, would cause very slight differences in the scanned raster), and the same document (not a copy, since the paper fibers and exact patterns of ink-on-paper have to be exactly the same). Neither scanner nor document can have aged (ink fades over time, and CCD sensors and other electronics and especially the light bar degrade over time).

    Since in this case it was fed through a document feeder (wrong-end first), the feeder has to grab the paper exactly the same way it did before and lay it down on the glass platen exactly the same position and orientation as it wound up on April 27, 2011, within a tolerance of a tiny fraction of an optical resolution pixel [the Xerox WorkCentre line has an optical scanning resolution of ⅟&#x#x2082;₀₄₈″, and it’d have to be within a tiny fraction of that]) and of course the settings have to be identical. And even if you could somehow get all that, CCD sensors, like any other electronics, exhibit random stochastic noise, and those random stochastic noise fluctuations in the sensors would have to work out identically for each and every sensor in the sensor bar as it scans down the page for each step of the stepper motor (which also has to be absolutely precise instead of having tiny tolerances)

    You know what absolutely wouldn’t qualify? Downloading the White House .PDF and printing it on a color inkjet or color laser printer. That won’t even get you close. Why not? Leaving aside the whole matter that the White House .PDF has already gone through the Xerox MRC ./ JIBG2 algorithms and so cannot be used to demonstrate what happens with the original raw scan of the ink-on-paper document, there’s also the small matter that real security patterned paper has its basket-weave pattern printed with real actual green ink. and your laser printer or color inkjet just plain can’t do that (well, a few can). Most print in CMYK (some “photo” printers do CcMmYKk) and make green out of cyan + yellow ink printed in a halftone dot pattern. That may look close enough to your eyes, but not to the scanner.

    Even downloading the high-resolution non-optimized image from the Associated Press (a .PDF version of which was published at ABC News hours before the White House .PDF went online!) and printing that onto real basket-weave security-patterned paper, then scanning that, wouldn’t suffice.

    Basically, Zullo et al are trying to alter the rules of evidence (which, if they were really anywhere near as competent even at law enforcement as they claim, they’d know what those are and that the law enforcement investigators cannot unilaterally change them at a whim) from “beyond reasonable doubt” to “beyond any hypothetical imaginable doubt even invoking DC / Marvel Comics Universe + Harry Potter + Loony Toons physics.” I mean, seriously, saying that we have to demonstrate a one-button scenario? No, we don’t. We only have to demonstrate a reasonable scenario that accounts for the observations, and we’ve done that. You don’t get to set the rules of evidence as you see fit, Mr. Zullo.

    • COMALite J says:

      Ooops, unicode fail. The resolution is ⅟₂₀₄₈″

    • Even downloading the high-resolution non-optimized image from the Associated Press (a .PDF version of which was published at ABC News hours before the White House .PDF went online!) and printing that onto real basket-weave security-patterned paper, then scanning that, wouldn’t suffice.

      Yes, that is what I did to get the results that I published. I never expected to get an exact match. The purposes of the tests were to show that the MRC/JBIG2 compression algorithms would produce a PDF file with similar anomalies including separation into layers, repeated letters numbers and shapes in one color, JPG background at the same resolution, etc. The tests did exactly that. By the way no two scans ever produced exactly the same results even with the same document scanned the same way. There were always very minor differences.

      Therefore, it came down to whether you believe a preposterous forgery story or do you believe an office machine already known to be used in the White House caused these things Birthers swore were iron clad proofs of forgery for years.

      Even Zullo figured out he couldn’t fight these results. If Zullo had a shred of integrity he would release the results of both Hayes and FORLAB’s work. He won’t though because it has never been about finding the truth for him. He has run a 64 month smear campaign using other people’s money.

  6. And that’s the funny thing. Zullo shouldn’t have been depressed. If he was really working to clear Obama as Arpaio said the moment any of his previous claims fell apart he should have been relieved. He should have stopped right there and realized there truly was nothing to the claims.

    • He said something else funny. He claimed that at the first two press conferences they weren’t really trying to indict anyone. They were only trying to get public attention or get Congress or the FBI to investigate. Beside the fact that Zullo is rewriting history that sounds an awfully lot like they were running a PR campaign to me.

  7. A lot of the Birther claims can be boiled down to “I don’t understand this. Ergo forgery!”.

  8. Stevor is now on moderation for consistently violating the blog comment policy.

    • stevor says:

      sure, gotta protect the sheeple from the Big Bad Wolf (me).
      You’d make a great Commie (if you aren’t already one) the way you are afraid of the 1st amendment

      • No you don’t scare anyone stevor. It’s quite simple. By commenting here you are agreeing to abide by my comment policy. You choose to ignore it instead. You repeatedly post off topic, right wing garbage like “Obama is a Muslim”, “Obama is a communist” and make ad hominem attacks. Others have attempted to engage you in on topic adult discussions and you ignore them. The First Amendment does not guarantee you the right to come to my blog and post anything you like. I am the final judge on what is allowed and what is not. If you do not like it you are free to start your own blog and post whatever you wish.

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