How did we get here? – Part 2

I started to write a short post to wish everyone a happy 2019 and take a shot at the few remaining Birthers but as I was writing and thinking about where we are at the end of the second decade of the 21st century it got me thinking. Just how did we get here?

How in 8 short years did we go from electing a wonderful, articulate, honest, intelligent young black man who was a wonderful father to electing an immoral, lying, clueless, racist scum bag? Almost no one saw this coming but in hindsight I think we should have seen the signs it could happen beginning with the way the election in 2008 played out.

I can remember the night of November 4, 2008 as if it were yesterday. I was out of town for some business meetings in northwest Ohio having dinner with a group of coworkers. I had heard some early returns as we were driving to dinner. Of course the traditional early red states went for McCain like Kentucky. Oh well, I tried but my vote was futile as I knew it would be. By 8:00 PM the big states started coming in for Obama and McCain’s path to victory started getting less and less likely.

When Ohio came in fairly early I knew it was over. The networks waited until the polls closed on the west coast at 11 PM ET to make it official. Barack Obama was going to be the 44th President.

I recall John McCain’s statesmanlike concession speech where Palin almost had to be physically restrained because she was determined to give her own spin on the defeat and immediately grab the mantle as the leader of the Republican party. I remember Obama’s wonderful acceptance speech and his calls to come together as a country. We should have known that the Republicans like Mitch McConnell had other ideas.

Those were euphoric times. Change was in the air. Gone were the incompetent puppet George W. Bush and the puppet-master Dick Cheney. The Democrats had solid majorities in both chambers in Congress. Yes, we had big problems. The economy was in terrible shape and was probably far worse than we knew. We still had troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite Obama’s solid victory we can now see that the seeds for 2016 were sown in 2008 and before. First was Obama’s choice of Joe Biden to be Vice President. By picking Biden Obama removed one of the Democratic champions in the Senate. He then caused another loss in the Senate when he picked Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. While both seats were going to be replaced by appointees chosen by Democratic governors (not to mention that Obama’s seat was also being vacated) I think the choices weakened the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Obama’s choice of Biden and Hillary almost ensured that the vice president was not going to be the clear successor if Obama were to win a second term in 2012. Biden was going to be almost 74 years old by November 2016. By picking Clinton as Secretary of State he enhanced her resume as a future candidate too.

Well that was a good thing wasn’t it? Not necessarily. One clear lesson from the 2008 Democratic nomination battle was that Clinton was not a great candidate. It was her nomination in 2008 to lose and she lost to a relatively unknown junior Senator from Illinois. I supported Hillary Clinton early on in the 2008 cycle. However, after watching Barack Obama speak a few times I saw he had the “it” factor and Clinton did not. He connected to people in a way that Clinton did not.

Would Clinton still have been the nominee in 2016 had Obama made other choices? Possibly. However, had Obama chosen a young up and coming Democrat to be his running mate in either 2008 or 2012 they would have been the clear front runner in 2016.

I had hoped that Obama would choose a younger running mate in 2012. Someone who would be seen as the front runner in 2016. I think it was a mistake that he didn’t. It would have been a difficult decision to drop Biden though in part because he had done such a good job as VP. Obama had developed a close friendship with Biden and I think Obama leaned on him often in making difficult decisions.

It is possible that Biden intended to run in 2016 when Obama picked him again in 2012. However, fate stepped in when Biden’s eldest son, Beau Biden, who was the Attorney General in Delaware died from brain cancer in 2015. I think if Joe Biden had any thoughts of challenging Clinton for the nomination his son’s death probably pushed him to decide not to run.

Clinton again proved to be a weak candidate in 2016. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders ran in the Democratic primaries and caucuses and made it impossible for Clinton to wrap up the nomination until the end of the primary season in June. Although Sanders supported Clinton in the general election many of Sanders supporters thought somehow Sanders had been cheated and that the Democratic leadership had unfairly supported Clinton.

It is still hard to imagine she lost. Of course it was not entirely her fault. She entered the campaign with high approval numbers and high likeability ratings. However, the Republicans, who regained Congress in 2012 had had four years to hold nonstop hearings on the Benghazi incident in Libya. This lead to the discovery that then Secretary of State Clinton had used an external email server to conduct some government business.

Of course we now know the Russians were working overtime to support Trump. They set up a company in Florida with over 300 people working full time to attack Clinton and support Trump on social media using thousands or millions of fake accounts. In a coordinated attack Wikileaks released stolen internal DNC emails on the eve of the Democratic convention. Democratic Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign the same week.

Another factor working against Clinton was the outrage of a large fraction of white voters. Obama failed to get close to majority of white voters in either 2008 or 2012. In 2008 he got 43% and that dropped to 39% in 2012. Obama won with overwhelming support of minorities (blacks for the first time turned out at rates higher than whites to vote for Obama). He also won a majority of younger white voters. Whites were scared that the demographics of the country were changing and disturbed that a black could be elected.

Hillary’s demise was due to her failing to improve upon upon Obama’s fraction of white voters. She only got 38% of whites in 2016 while also not doing as well as Obama among blacks and especially Hispanic voters. Would a young Democratic or more progressive candidate without the Clinton baggage have done better with young white voters? I think the answer is yes.

This breakdown might provide a clue as to how Democrats can win in 2020 and beyond. More on that next time.

Part 1

To be continued …

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19 Responses to How did we get here? – Part 2

  1. Geir Smith says:

    Hi, I’ve got bombshell news that Obama’s real name is Barry Parks. He was born in Topeka, Kansas. (Obama’s mother was born in Kansas.) Why aren’t the birthers investigating the Kansas family? Do you think they’re in fact working for Obama? His father Jim T. Parks was lynched by Democrat KKKs in Kansas. His cousin Linda Joy Adams is my source. Please get back to me about this, it’s bombshell breaking world news.

    • President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961. Linda Joy Adams is a lying nut case.

      • Geir Smith says:

        Hello RC,

        Linda Joy Adams can’t be dismissed as a loon, she’s old and very sick. Her story must be heard out. If one is a serious investigative writer one has to listen to what other people say.

        I think you may know me, you’ve written a few articles about me in time.
        I used to be a regular at Doc Conspiracy’s website until he banned me.

        What brings me, is that I’ve got gripes with the birthers… so your headline for talking about this post could be: “Roughhouse at the Birthers”.

        You can publish this post for all it matters to me.

        I’ve followed the birthers around like a sheep for ten years but now it’s enough. I opposed Obama because he registered as a Muslim in a school in Indonesia; and never because of his birth certificate. A couple of years after his election, I happened upon a senior lady posting to comments to birther articles who said she was Linda Joy Adams, Obama’s cousin.
        I thought that seemed strange because I imagined that being such a famous person, it didn’t seem normal for her to be posting alongside us ordinary people.

        Imagining she might be a loon, I went along with what she said and…. went with the flow. I took the things I thought were the least over the top and asked about how those things came about. She seemed normal and sane, but I couldn’t shake the feeling she was a loon. Therefore, I desisted in talking as often as possible. But each time I’d write back to her once very few weeks and we’d strike up our friendship little by little in that way, during a few years.

        I outlined the “safe” areas I was ready to talk about, such as her memories of Obama as a kid. But when she started giving me family-genealogy to other families in the Kansas area, such as Texas, Arkansas etc… and telling me their family was related to the Bushes, Clintons etc… I balked… because I was sure she was a loon when she started talking about those things.

        Then we honed in on Obama’s real father, that she said was lynched by the KKK in Kansas. For several months, she tried to find pictures of him in her HS yearbook. I kept asking what name she was looking for, but she said the family didn’t want Obama’s father’s name to be revealed for fear of the press.

        At the end of all that, I plead that she reveal the names of Obama’s father and of Obama. But she persisted and said it was not possible. So we left that at that for about two or three years.

        Meanwhile, I told her she should tell her story to the birthers and I gave her Orly Taitz’s e-mail and I also called up PPSimmons’ editor so as for him to contact the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse.

        But both were miserable failures. Because neither were able to communicate with a senior elder like Linda Adams who was going on her late 60s at that time and who had/has a very grave medical condition, as well.

        Don’t quote me, but I think Orly said Linda Adams was incoherent and/or “went off on diversions” on the phone. Orly may have forgotten that it’s very difficult for Americans to understand “the English” she speaks.

        All in all, Taitz just went to Kansas to file a lawsuit saying Obama was ineligible in Kansas. But she missed out on the whole bombshell she was sitting on, which was that she knew Obama’s real name. Yes, indeed, Linda told me she had told Orly Taitz and Mike Zullo Obama’s real name. (But still hadn’t TOLD ME!!!)

        So, the second person was thus Mike Zullo who called up Linda Adams from the Cold Case Posse.

        The following recap of the conversation between her and Zullo is what I heard from Linda Adams as she related it to me my mail. It’s very approximate and general as it appears in my memory so don’t quote me on it. But it’s accurate and complete enough.
        He wrote down everything she said and wanted to verify the facts himself with his archives and special files. He called back later again and said he had situated and talked to Stanley Dunham in Calif. (which is Obama’s grandfather’s name.) He said that Linda had lied to him saying Stanley Dunham was dead. Furthermore, he found Stanley Dunham worked for the CIA so Zullo said he had to stop the investigation.

        Linda then explained to me that Zullo got it all wrong.

        He doesn’t know or doesn’t want to grasp a crucial part of Stanley Dunham’s biography.

        He stole his cousin Stanley Dunham’s wallet to go to war in WWII because he was underage and was dodging some problems he had with the police as a kid.

        That’s how Obama’s grandfather Daniel Wayne Pope changed name to Stanley Dunham.

        Zullo talked to the real Stanley Dunham, not to Obama’s grandfather Daniel Wayne Pope. He didn’t realize that or maybe he just dons’t give a darn about the whole thing. It was botched anyways.

        The Stanley Dunham working for the CIA would rather be Obama’s grandfather I imagine, because he was known by the family to have worked for the CIA. I don’t know if the other Stanley Dunham worked for the CIA. In any case, Zullo was right on the facts when he said Obama’s grandfather worked for the CIA, his file didn’t lie to him/ He just had the wrong guy.

        Anyways, Zullo passed very close by uncovering one of the big discoveries of investigative journalism and detective work. He botched with mastery and bravado. he was within a hair’s breadth of pulling off an efficient investigation.

        I went to PPSimmons videos and complained in the comments about the clueless work he had done. The PPSimmons staff got so agitated by that, that Carl Gallups in person made a video calling me out and saying (if I remember right, don’t quote me on that) Linda Adams wasn’t a reliable witness. (I can’t remember exactly what he said but he made a whole video to discredit Linda as a witness.)

        So, RC; make two columns in your article: the birthers one one side and Linda and me on the other side, who criticize the birthers.

        They seem to be holding up the truth and trying to muffle the real truth from getting out. I wonder if the birthers work for Obama and want people to believe he’s born in Hawaii or Kenya just to hide that he’s born in Topeka, Kansas, to a father (Jim T. Parks) who was lynched by Democrat KKK types that were really Obama’s own relatives.

        So, Obama’s real name is Barry Parks. Rosa Parks is his uncle’s wife, i.e. his aunt. This is a bombshell.

        Thanks for making an article about the “roughhouse among the birthers.”

        • Linda Joy adams is just as crazy as the other “birther relative” of Obama, Nancy Ruth Owens. Nancy claims linda is lying linda claims Nancy is lying. The problem is they’re both lying. Linda is truly nuts. She claims there was a major biological attack where she worked despite her never being hospitalized and despite no one ever coming forward as being sick. She’s just as crazy as you are Geir.

          • Geir Smith says:

            OK, we’ll see who’s crazy when the Rosa Parks family (Obama’s aunt) gives us pictures of Jim T. Parks, Obama’s real father. When you’ve contacted the Parks family I’ll listen to you. Until then you’ve not done any investigation, you’re just spewing your made-up ideas.

            Have you even talked to Linda Adams herself or are you scouring around on Internet to find her posts? Find out what’s true in what Linda Adams says and then we’ll talk. For now, you’re just inventing things as you go along. I’ve been talking to Linda for eight years, so don’t compare your work to mine. Furthermore, Pogue Moran is a poster alias which I’ve encountered before.

            So how do you explain that Pogue Moran shows up within 24 hours of my posting this to RC’s website? Are you conspiring in the dark between yourselves? How did you hear about my post here, Pogue Moran? Are you part of a conspiracy? There’s now way you could have heard about my post to this little-known RC website, unless you were tipped off.

            Obviously, you’re part of a network of Obots. But I don’t mind that. Go for it, if you’re Obama fans.

            You people should be happy, I’m saying that Obama was not born abroad but in the USA. (in Kansas).

            The only thing you object to, is that I say that Obama’s real name is Barry Parks. But we can figure that out too.

            First, we can get a picture of Jim T. Parks from the Rosa Parks family. Secondly, we can get a DNA test from Obama and the Rosa Parks family. If it corresponds, we’ve got a match.

            Mike Volin of the WOBC show suggested I write here. So, you guys are on National TV. Smile, you’re on TV.

            Linda Adams is Obama’s cousin: that’s undisputable. Any genealogist can connect Linda to Obama’s family in five minutes. Indeed, it’s very easy for any genealogist because she cuts out his work for him. That’s because Linda gives extensive information and historical background to her family tree through her collection of photos from the past of her family lineage. She put it all on Flickr and you should all look at it.

            Lela Turner 1962 Sunflower

            She explains in the comments, that Obama was born at the Forbes Air Force Base in Topeka, Kansas. That her mother Florence Hardy drove Ann Dunham out there. She has photos of their kin in the famous families of the Hunts, the Dick Cheney family, the Laura Bush family, the Ross Perot family, etc….Obama, on the white side of his family comes from very prominent and powerful people, and on the black side from the famous Rosa Parks family.

            Please do your research. Period.

        • tbfreeman says:

          When you are too crazy for even Zullo, Gallups, and Taitz….

          • Geir Smith says:

            Zullo and Gallups say Linda is not a reliable witness but they also say that Obama’s grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham worked for the CIA.

            But that isn’t a right way to look at things: you can’t say someone works for the CIA but the messenger who brings you the information is crazy. That’s not how things works. In fact, Zullo admitted to Linda Adams that he had to stop his investigation because Dunham was a CIA agent. Why? Because that’s top secret.

            So Gallups and Zullo’s criticism of Linda is to hide the fact that they’re bound by the CIA’s secrecy. In fact, Gallups and Zullo should have come out and said they were stopping their investigation because of CIA secrecy prohibitions. But that would not be lawful and they’re not allowed to even say that.

            So conveniently, what they wanted to do was to stop Zullo’s investigation and then Gallups says the witnesses are all crazy. There’s something fishy behind that.

            I know why they do that. They realize that the Obama family is not an easy family to investigate on. It’s the Bush, Hunt, Cheney, Clinton (yes Obama’s also related to the Clintons), Ross Perot families. So, if they reveal that Obama’s grandfather was a CIA operative, then that means that the Bush, Hunt, Cheney, Clinton (yes Obama’s also related to the Clintons), Ross Perot families are also CIA operatives by family-association.

            I understand Zullo and Gallups. They don’t want trouble with the Bush, Hunt, Cheney, Clinton (yes Obama’s also related to the Clintons), Ross Perot families.

            If the Bush, Hunt, Cheney, Clinton (yes Obama’s also related to the Clintons), Ross Perot families get on their cases, Zullo and Gallups will be in trouble.

            So, don’t quote me on this but let’s (you and I) keep this secret.

            If this is too difficult to understand for some of you, tell me, and I’ll help you make your way out of this. I’ve been in contact with Linda Adams for the last eight years so I perfectly master what the topic is. But newcomers may not get it right away. If your head is swimming, just say so and I’ll explain the details.

            The extent of this topic may seem hard to fathom but I’m an elite intellectual who did Tibetan language and culture at Paris University for 5 years and I speak six languages, of which Tibetan as a translator, English, French and Norwegian (as mother tongues), and German and Spanish. Understanding the finite details of what Linda Adams is explaining to us about Obama may be hard to grasp for people with no university-training. I’ll help them out because it’s VERY EASY to understand.

            Now about Nancy Owens, to compare Nancy Ruth Owens to Linda Joy Adams does not show serious research. There’s no reason to think we don’t know who Obama is. No need to rely upon people like Owens who makes things up. We have tangible and real evidence relating to Obama from Kansas with Linda Adams.

            For people to understand: Nancy Owens says Obama was someone she knew in Florida, right next to where she lives.

            But Linda Adams says she witnessed Obama’s birth in Topeka, Kansas.

            If you’re not very scholarly on Obama’s life, you might think: “I don’t know which one may be true.”

            But a simple background check on Obama will show you that indeed, Obama’s mother Ann Dunham was effectively born in Kansas. Then she was brought up and went to school where? In Topeka, Kansas.

            People who claim Nancy Owens and Linda Adams are two peas in a pod are either lying or hiding something.

            Pogue Moran is hiding the fact that he’s conspiring to make people think Obama’s born in Hawaii. But that doesn’t hold water anymore No one can believe that. Pogue Moran probably works for Obama’s psyops org OFA, Organizing for Action which is a disinformation org. He’s not a credible poster. Plus he’s been tracking my posts for a long time. I’ve seen his alias way back about a year or two ago. Showing up on this small website shows his true colors and he’s revealing himself by showing his alias in such an imprudent way. He reveals that he’s following me around because he’s a partisan poster, working for a group such as Obama followers whose mission is to protect Obama.

            Obama’s born in Topeka, Kansas because Linda Adams was there and she has proof of it. And Ann Dunham was there and that’s proven too. Nobody doubts that Ann Dunham was brought up in Topeka, Kansas.

            What’s suspicious is that the birthers and all the investigators on the birth certificate never set foot in Ann Dunham’s old birthplace (Topeka,) Kansas. Why? There’s something suspicious in that.

        • You know what is missing from your comment? A single shred of evidence.

  2. Geir Smith says:

    People can feel free to contact Linda Joy Adams. Her telephone # is (580) 368-7686; her email is and blog link is Her blog email is also there. Her “Daily Recap” posts speak about Obama’s fake name and his real name: Barry Parks.

    She has lots of more information to give about Obama and her family. If people actually want to know the truth, contact her. She’s in contact with the Rosa Parks family and can provide the introduction to them for people who want to ask questions about Obama’s real father Jim T. Parks, Rosa Parks’s nephew. She has information about the relatives of theirs who lynched Obama’s real father Jim T. Parks.

    Linda is 73 and in very failing health. Hurry up to contact her before it’s too late. This is very urgent.

    • LOL I wouldn’t waste 5 minutes on this nut case. I supposed you missed that in 2008 she claimed the new President was the great-great grandson of Czar Nicholas and Alexandria [sic]?

      Yes she’s been crazy though all these years.

      • Geir Smith says:

        I know Linda says Obama’s the direct lineage of the Russian Royals. She says there’s a cousin of their’s who was Olga Romanov. That family-branch said they were a part of the royal family that fled the Revolution and settled in Colorado.

        I’m not a genealogist. I’ll not say that’s fake until I produce the lineage of that cousin.

        The best way is to ask Linda about that directly, in person. It’s either that she can produce the evidence or not. There are obviously remaining members of all these family branch and they should be interviewed. Until then, it’s best remain silent.

        I don’t understand that the birthers like Orly Taitz and Mike Zullo just botched the Obama family-genealogy. Maybe they’re working for Trump’s electoral campaign and never wanted to find out who Obama was. Why did they go silent, the moment Trump was elected?

        The whole Obama investigation slipped through the cracks, maybe because no one wanted to reveal the people that lynched Obama’s real father for the simple reason that those murderers were KKK Democrats and relatives of Obama’s.

        Both the GOP and DNC part of the family didn’t want to accuse their own family members because that wold have doomed the whole family.

        Obama was the unpleasant truth they wanted to get rid of. It’s not that complicated. Even Einstein could figure that and he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the drawer. (he invented the A-Bomb that will destroy the world ….and he warned us about it.)

        • Obama’s real father was Barack Hussein Obama. I have seen the birth certificate.

          • Geir Smith says:

            Linda Joy Adams says she was in Kansas when she witnessed Obama’s birth. Explain to me why the birthers who claim to be the sharpest sleuths in history haven’t even been to Kansas? Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Kansas and brought up there.

            So RC, quit defending the birthers for botching the investigation. They’re working for Obama.

            • I am not defending Birthers. How in the world could you infer that? Linda Joy Adams is a lying kook.

            • The obvious explanation is that even the inept Birther “investigators” like Mike Zullo know Linda Adams is lying.

              • Geir Smith says:

                “Reality Check says:”
                February 17, 2019 at 2:37 pm
                “The obvious explanation is that even the inept Birther “investigators” like Mike Zullo know Linda Adams is lying.”

                So RC, let me get this straight. You’re defending Mike Zullo. He attacked you for weeks with Carl Gallups. What made you change?
                I think they’re working for Obama. Can you defend that you’re also not working for Obama?

                My merits are twofold, admit it.

                First, I didn’t follow anyone like you sheeple have done, I did it by doing my own investigation of Linda Adams and worked with her for 6 years. You’re too lazy to do that, admit that much (if you even think you’re searching for the truth; I came to talk here because Mike Volin thinks highly of you. He feels you’re an honest person, I think.).

                Secondly, I’ve brought a whole new breath of fresh air to the stale and dirty air of the birther movement. Why? I reveal Obama’s real name Barry Parks; That he’s Rosa Parks nephew. That his father Jim T. Parks was lynched by racist Democrat KKK types that are in fact Obama’s relatives. The racist KKK Westboro Baptist Church picketed the White House three times a year during Obama’s whole rule. Linda Adams says they, the WBC, are relatives of their’s.

                Each part of that can be verified by interviewing Obama’s mother’s and father’s families in Kansas. But you don’t investigative research. You’re not real reporters.

                If you want to know who Obama really is investigate an org called OFA (“Organizing for Action”). It’s a criminal Obama org whose goal is to distract and heckle on Internet. Obama’s actually a crook; And he’s not an “intelligent, cultivated and bright young black man” like I heard you say once. He’s a Mobster and works for the CIA.

                Have you done an investigation of the Chicago gay community? Why? I hope you’re not paid for what you do because you’re asleep at the switch. I thought Volin meant you’d do something with the info, that I throw your way. I didn’t expect you to kill the messenger; that’s mobster-style fake news. I was expecting better from enlightened minds. You’re like the birthers!

              • I am hardly defending Zullo. I said he was inept. I only noted that Linda Adams is such a liar that even someone as inept and a liar as Zullo doesn’t take her seriously. You don’t see Zullo or Gallups embracing loons like Nancy Owens either.

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