Linda Jordan’s attorney Richard Sanders doesn’t buy into the Birther nonsense

Richard B. SandersFormer state supreme court Justice Richard B. Sanders who is representing a Washington resident Linda Jordan for the limited purpose of challenging the amount of fees that were accessed against her for filing a frivolous appeal in Jordan v Reed was my guest on RC Radio on March 12. Justice Sanders spent 15 years on the court until he was defeated in his bid for re-election in 2010. His bid to regain his place on the bench in 2012 was also unsuccessful. Sanders, who is now in private practice, thinks that the award of just under $13,000 in fees made by the Washington appellate court was unreasonably high.

We had a most interesting discussion about the case. Sanders admitted that the case filed by Jordan was frivolous and was really doomed from the start. Sanders said “I don’t think she could get from here to there in the context of this case …”

Sanders repeatedly tried to distance himself from any claims that President Obama was not born in Hawaii or was ineligible. He was not about to be labeled a “Birther”. The following exchanges clearly demonstrate that:

Me:  “[President Obama] produced two birth certificates that were valid. The short form birth certificate that the Birthers made such a hick-hack over is a perfectly legitimate birth certificate. If a sealed birth certificate were presented before your court with no evidence to the contrary and with a letter and verification from the [Hawaii] saying it’s valid, wouldn’t you tend to accept it as valid?

Sanders: “Sure”

Me: “ …. by his birth in Hawaii, you know, and the fact that he’s 35 years old, and he’s been a resident, he was a resident of the country for 14 years before running for President, then he is eligible, correct, if those points are all correct?”

Sanders: “Yes, yeah, sure.”

Sanders also seemed surprised to learn that in preparation for her original case his client had illegally accessed the DHS/SSA E-Verify Self Check system by pretending to be Barack Obama to run a check on a social security number she believed to have belonged to Obama. When I asked him if he was aware of that he said “No, no I wasn’t.”

Sanders also does not buy into the kooky Birther theory that a natural born citizen must have two citizen parents. When I asked him if he bought into that theory he replied “No I don’t ..”

Thanks again to Justice Sanders for an interesting interview. You can read many of his opinions while on the court at his web site,

Again Justice Sanders made clear his involvement in this case is limited. He has been hired by Ms Jordan because she screwed up when she filed this frivolous case and now is on the hook for some serious bucks. While I think Justice Sanders intentions are good I cannot in all honesty wish him any success in this particular case. There should be a penalty for such gross abuse of the people’s courts in an attempt to smear our President.

The audio of the interview is available on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, or you can listen here:

Thanks to the hard work by AnitaMaria at the Fogbow a complete transcript of the interview is now available.

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10 Responses to Linda Jordan’s attorney Richard Sanders doesn’t buy into the Birther nonsense

  1. John says:

    I sent the following to one of Judge Sander’s email addresses. It might be old, so I don’t if he got it:

    I am impressed on the way you handled yourself on the show. As you might guess, RC is quite vicious when comes to those who support “birthers” in one way or another. I was impressed on how answered his questions and from others.

    I am very pleased and proud that you have come to Linda Jordan’s legal aid. She is a real patriot who has the right to access the courts without fear of legal persecution. I do hope you are able to get her legal sanction reduced or dismissed.

    In listening to you on RC’s radio show, it seems that you are not really a “birther” and you only have a little knowledge or interest in the Obama eligibility controversy. Your only real interest and job at this point is helping Linda Jordan getting her large legal fee reduced and dismissed.

    Like RC, I too have a great interest in Obama’s eligibility. I AM A BIRTHER! I just want to take a few minutes to comment on the some issues regarding Obama’s eligibility to be the POTUS.

    Given that Obama has been elected twice, I agree with you when say that birthers have a “long road” to travel in getting anywhere with Obama’s eligibility problem. Not withstanding this contention, Here is my comment on the 2 fundamental issues regarding Obama’s eligibility.

    Is Obama a Natural Born Citizen?

    As I understand you, if Obama was born in the US than he is a Natural Born Citizen irregardless of the citizenship status of his parents. I am afraid I must agree with you. The argument that Obama must have 2 US citizen parents to be a Natural Born Citizen is been raised REPEATEDLY in court. No less that half dozen different courts have universally accepted that Obama IS a Natural Born Citizen irregardless of the citizenship status of his parents. Birthers have no where to go with this argument.

    Was Obama born is Kenya?

    This is where I am a “birther” in this issue. I believe there is a STRONG LIKELY HOOD Obama was born in Kenya. I want to share some facts in light of your 2 major comments regarding this issue. First, you state you have yet to see any evidence that shows the circumstance of a Kenyan birth. Second, you wonder how the birth announcements in Hawaii newspapers can be explained if he was born in Kenya. Below are proven facts regarding Obama’s possible birth in Kenya.


    1. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona investigated the birth announcements of Barack Obama in the Hawaii newspapers and found them not to be credible. The newspaper announcements listed individuals NOT BORN IN HAWAII.
    2. A Kenyan Birth Certificate reporting Obama’s birth has been obtained by an individual who did travel to Kenya and acquired it. The individual was prepared to testify UNDER OATH to its authenticity. (The case was dismissed and the individual never got the chance.)
    3. Obama told his publicist for a book that he was writing that he was born in Kenya in 1991. This fact persisted for 16 years until Obama started running for President in 2007.
    4. The Kenyan Government has publicly proclaimed that Obama was born in Kenya.
    5. Obama’s paternal step-grandmother has stated that she was present at Obama’s birth IN KENYA.
    6. A Kenyan Ambassador told a radio show that Obama was born in Kenya
    7. Numerous African newspapers have proclaimed Obama to be Kenyan-born.
    8. The Kenyan government has mentioned the building of a museum to “honor the birthplace of President Barack Obama”.
    9. A retired marine has reported that he met Obama 30 years ago and that Obama told him that he was born in Kenya.
    10. Archives in British documents show that Obama’s father did have a son that was born in Kenya.

    The circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Kenya is overwhelming. But, I think you will agree a lot is speculatory and hearsay. Birthers have hoped to obtain DISCOVERY in a court case over past 5 years to remedy this problem but have never able to get it.

    Again, thanks for defending Linda Jordan and keep up the good fight.

    • John

      I am only vicious in support of the truth. You know, I started to write a point by point debunking of your list of nonsense. I certainly could. I decided you just aren’t worth it. You know where to get the facts to debunk all your crap. I know you do because you have read sites like Obama Conspiracy Theories, Fogbow and listened to RC Radio. You have made a fool of yourself commenting at each of those places.

      Justice Sanders is an attorney and a judge. He knows the rules of evidence and how to weigh the value of evidence. He will therefore quickly conclude you are a deluded, lying Birther.

      I like the way you conveniently left out the fact that Lucas Smith was a convicted forger and his POSKFBC has several fatal mistakes.

    • Thomas Brown says:

      Acts 23.5 ”You shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people.”

    • Joe Mama says:

      “10. Archives in British documents show that Obama’s father did have a son that was born in Kenya.”

      You do know that Obama has a half-brother living in Kenya, don’t you? It’s stuff like this which illustrate how birthers are just grasping at straws. It’s typical conspiracy theorist mode of operation. If you don’t have actual, factual evidence you can show, then just throw out dozens of false claims and half-truths in order to overwhelm anyone trying to debunk your nonsense.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Oh look! John copy-pastas his own garbage.
    Same tripe, different webpage.

  3. morepearls says:

    Correction: LInda Jordan accessed the e-Verify system not as Barack Obama, but as herself. She deemed herself his employer — as a citizen of the US, he was, in fact, seeking to be employed by her — and therefore she had every right to use the system to check if his documents made him eligible for employment as the President in the US. Under that new federal system, she found that he failed eligibility.

    This is NEW evidence and therefore validates her case as non-frivolous. Judge Sanders should have known the underlying facts of her case — and I believe he did but may have chosen to “blow” this reporter off — since the reporter asking the questions here has much of the factual information confused.

    • morepearls

      You could not be more wrong. Linda Jordan said in her filings that she tried to access the employer system but could not successfully navigate the system because she did not have Obama’s I-9 form. (Of course she didn’t becasue she is not his employer and he is not applying to work for her.) Then she found this spiffy new “SELF CHECK” eVerify system. In case you are too stupid to understand “SELF” means you are checking your OWN SS number. Read the terms of use that Jordan agreed to when she clicked acceptance to enter the system. Because you are probably either too stupid or too lazy to find them (or both) I will list them for you:

      Your use of Self Check is for the purpose of learning about your work authorization status and the accuracy of your related government records only. By using the Self Check service, you agree that you will not submit biographical or employment authorization document data that relates to anyone other than yourself.You also agree that you will not run a Self Check query at the request of another party or attempt to use the results of your Self Check query to prove to another party that you are authorized to work or eligible for admission to any organization or receipt of any benefit. [snip]
      Users shall not attempt to access other users’ files or system files without prior authorization. Absence of access controls is not an authorization to access or a waiver of applicable laws or Department policies.

      (Emphasis added)

      I think Judge Sanders was taken by surprise when I filled him in on how his client had blatantly violated those terms of use. He said he was not aware of what she had done.

      Linda Jordan is not Barack Obama’s employer. She had to pretend to be Barack Obama to access the system. She is trying to cover her ass by making the claim she is Barack Obama’s “employer”.

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