New video explains the Xerox evidence

I made a YouTube video that demonstrates how a Xerox WorkCentre was the most likely source for the LFBC PDF. I plan to produce a series of these as I get time.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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10 Responses to New video explains the Xerox evidence

  1. Hektor says:

    I really enjoyed the video RC. It was very informative. Fourteen minutes is a bit long though. If your intended audience is someone who isn’t as versed in birtherism as someone who reads Doc C’s or the Fogbow regularly, it might be a bit much for them to watch and learn more. A suggestion would be to try only examining one or two Cold Case Posse claims per video and contrasting it with the Xerox work flow results. But I guess it depends on who you are wanting to watch.

    Thanks for doing this though, I really liked it.

  2. gorefan says:

    You could add something about the layers scaling and rotation – show the pre-Preview file as 0 degrees rotation and the Post-Preview has 90 degrees.

  3. Ran Talbott says:

    Please, PLEASE, never say that there is a “birth certificate” on the website: that only encourages the birthers to think that their attempts at divination from the entrails of the PDF have some value in reality.
    Unfortunately, while you did quite a good job of explaining the process for people who really want to understand the issue, it’ll be lost on the birthers, whose confirmation bias will turn it into “blah-blah-blah ALMOST identical blah-blah-blah very much like” and say “See? They couldn’t really prove the CCP ‘experts’ are wrong”.
    So, you may not change any minds, but you’ll certainly enlighten many.
    Thanks, again, for all the good work you’ve done.

    • You are correct Ran the entire exercise on the PDF is a curiosity. I am still amused that someone pretending to be a real law enforcement officer can stand up in front of the press and make such demonstrably stupid allegations based on the output of a copy machine.

      The other thing about Birthers is they make completely contradictory claims, much of the time contradicting themselves, and go right on. For example, Doug Vogt claimed in his silly filing that Hawaii number birth certificates when they are filed. Zullo wrote in his affidavit they were numbered monthly. There are at least half a dozen stories about President Obama’s birth and parentage. The only unifying factor is that they all hate Obama.

      PS, have you seen Mark Gillar’s latest “Big news is coming! People are going to jail!” video? It is hilarious.

      • Hektor says:

        Come on RC, you know as well as I do that Space Marshal Zullo has flipped you. You’ve spilled the beans and now every single one of us who has ever laughed at a birther’s “understanding” of things is going to jail for treason and misprision of felony and all sorts of crimes that are for realz and Maricopa County for sure has jurisdiction. Oh sure, we’d hope for some sort of warning, but the birthers are too clever by half for us with their constant refrain of “Universe-shattering Big News” and “Soon people are going to jail” which confuses us when nothing happens.

      • Publius says:

        You’re right. That is hilarious! Looks like Gillar found some new software to play with.

        • Ran Talbott says:

          Not to mention that he got the DeLorean working and brought back a movie ad writer from the 1950s. I found myself expecting B&W clips of nightgowned women screaming at guys in rubber alien masks, or 1930s sedans screaming down city streets spraying Tommy gun fire at crowds of innocent bystanders.

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