Ah’Nee Birth Certificate Generates Layers When Scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre Just Like the President’s LFBC Does

Johanna-BCThe Birthers have maintained that Hawaii resident Johanna Ah’Nee’s long form birth certificate is the gold standard for genuine Hawaii birth certificates since WND published a highly redacted copy of her certificate in an article titled How does Obama’s document stack up against genuine BC?. Unfortunately for the Birthers the Ah’Nee long form has debunked several Birther claims and stands as solid evidence that the President’s LFBC that was released in April 2011 is the real thing.

Well the Ah’Nee certificate has come through once again. It has now been used to demonstrate that a Xerox WorkCentre produces the same scanning artifacts that the Birther “experts” used to base their claims that the Obama LFBC was a “computer generated forgery”.

Last week I had occasion to print a color copy of the Ah’Nee long form certificate and scan it to PDF on a Xerox WorkCentre model 7535. The Birthers will not be happy with the results.  Many of the same “anomalies” appeared in the PDF scan of the Ah’Nee birth certificate including

  • Multiple layers (six total)
  • One JPG layer that included the background green security pattern and the form lines
  • A monochrome layer with most of the text
  • 4 other layers with bits of “junk”
  • Text touching the form lines were included with the JPG layer
  • White halos around text
  • White holes in the background layer where text was lifted

Yes, all of the above features have been cited as proof of forgery by a trove of Birther “experts”. Yet, I have replicated every one of them using a low quality image of Johanna Ah”Nee’s birth certificate.

Will these self proclaimed experts dare repeat the same tests I have done? So far the silence is deafening. They know they have been revealed as charlatans. They ignore solid proof and cling to their biased analyses that have been debunked by evidence. They pretend “it is of no concern”.

I was not surprised by the results. I have scanned enough documents on Xerox WorkCentre’s to understand how the MRC compression algorithm works. It isn’t rocket science. I credit NBC and others for leading the way to find the facts. The mystery has been solved.

Here are the two main layers from the scan of the AH’Nee certificate.

Ahnee Background layer

JPG Background Layer (Note the white holes.)

Ahnee Text layer

Text Layer

Update 2/18:

I mentioned that halos are present in the image of the Ah’Nee birth certificate when scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre. He is a portion of the PDF that clearly shows the halos around the word “AH”NEE” and the other words that were lifted into the text layer during the compression process.


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70 Responses to Ah’Nee Birth Certificate Generates Layers When Scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre Just Like the President’s LFBC Does

  1. Hermitian says:

    What a doofus !!! The Ah’nee PDF image was already layered and it wasn’t even created on a Xerox.

    To be exact, it had three layers.

    So you printed it out to get one layer and then Xerox scanned the print to get six layers plus “junk”.

    By any chance were any of the junk objects identical to objects in the WH LFCOLB ?

    Even you Obots would have to admit that the Obama certified copies should have been produced by the same process as the Ah’nee certified copies. So how come a scanned (layered) copy of the Ah’nee certified copy is of higher quality than the purportedly Xerox scanned (layered) copy of the Obama certified copy?

    That was John’s observation which you didn’t address at all.

    And you are the one still bragging about the quality of the Xerox scans.

    • What a doofus !!! The Ah’nee PDF image was already layered and it wasn’t even created on a Xerox.

      To be exact, it had three layers.

      That has no relevance at all other than to show that other copier/scanners create PDF’s with layers. I thought Birthers claimed that never happened?

      So you printed it out to get one layer and then Xerox scanned the print to get six layers plus “junk”.

      By any chance were any of the junk objects identical to objects in the WH LFCOLB ?

      No, there were a total of six layers. I showed the two layers that had any real content. Another layer had a fragment of a character and 3 layers had very little content.

      Even you Obots would have to admit that the Obama certified copies should have been produced by the same process as the Ah’nee certified copies. So how come a scanned (layered) copy of the Ah’nee certified copy is of higher quality than the purportedly Xerox scanned (layered) copy of the Obama certified copy?

      The Ah’Nee certificate is not of higher quality. If you are saying more layers equates to lower quality that is just silly. You keep revealing that you have no clue.

      That was John’s observation which you didn’t address at all.

      John makes no sense. He believes in the magic birth certificate. No one takes him seriously.

      And you are the one still bragging about the quality of the Xerox scans

      I am not saying Xerox is any better or worse than HP, Ricoh, Toshiba, or any other major office equipment vendor. Xerox does produce a very compact PDF file for a given dpi setting. I recently scanned a set of 28 – 11″x17″ drawings on a Xerox Workcentre to a multi-page PDF file. At 300 dpi the Xerox file was around 3 MB. The same set of drawings scanned at the same setting on my Brother scanner produced a 25 MB file. When you frequently work with these size scanned document sets and have to email and store them that makes for a huge difference. The quality of the two images was indistinguishable.

      • gorefan says:

        “I recently scanned a set of 28 – 11″x17″ drawings on a Xerox Workcentre to a multi-page PDF file.”

        Were those part of your work for the University of Connecticut or for DARPA?

      • Hermitian says:

        I am not saying Xerox is any better or worse than HP, Ricoh, Toshiba, or any other major office equipment vendor. Xerox does produce a very compact PDF file for a given dpi setting.

        Well I’m saying that the Xerox is worse — and even at a larger file size. The file size of the Obama LFCOLB PDF is 376 KB. The file size of the Ah’nee 2-sided LFCOLB is only 121 KB. The image quality of the Ah’nee copy is superior to the Obama LFCOLB image. The pixel resolutions are the same for each.

    • Dale says:

      from the research I have seen, and I have delved quite deeply into this, including attending the press conferences by both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Posse Captain, Mike Zullo, Jahannah Ah’nee produced the first (original) copy of her birth certificate to Jerome Corsi. Then, when things started getting heated, she met with a few other people and produced fake copies of her own birth certificate to them. So, yes, there are fake Ah’nee birth certificates too. However, you continue to mention the investigation by Arpaio and Zullo, but fail to mention that this investigation into “Obama’s” bc involved the verification of two of the world’s foremost forensic document researchers, totally separate and unaware of the other’s work. Regardless of what the Ah’nee certificate shows, there is so much other evidence, including the fact that Ah’nee was only one of the contributing certificates.

      When your personal research outweighs the work done by the group of PhD’s in Italy’s Forlab, forensic pathology training for all of Europe, i’ll hear you out again. Meanwhile, it seems that there is a lot of explaining to be done regarding not just Obama’s birth certificate, but his social security number (from Connecticut, where he never lived), his selective service card (fake stamp), his college records, his passport, his own words, describing his experience being raised and educated in a muslim country (not that of a 4 year old’s experience) and so much more!!

      Think about it! What you have presented is only one of the many facets of the counterfeit scam we have endured under this president. Does he even know who he is?

      • Johanna Ah’Nee had a real copy of her birth certificate and then produced fake copies? What a moron you are. You folks have lied so much you have to come up with convoluted explanations like that to cover previous lies. That is exactly what is happening to Mike Zullo right now.

        We don’t know what the lab in Italy concluded because Zullo will not release it.

        We have explained ad naseum that Connecticut does not issue social security numbers. Your rant about the other records is meaningless Birther bullshit.

      • lol Zullo is now a captain? So commander and LT. are no longer his rank? He’s actually neither. Wait what? It involved some of the world’s most foremost forensic document researchers? Do you even buy your own BS? How did they magically suddenly become such world renowned experts? Instead of the bottom of the barrel that Zullo admitted to scraping. Are you saying that the 212 other forensic document examiners that Zullo called before Reed Hayes weren’t actual experts and not world renowned and he only went with the “best” for last? Zullo has admitted that he was turned down by 212 experts before settling on Graphologist Reed Hayes. Hayes isn’t a forensic researcher he’s a graphologist which is a fringe field of study. He admitted he only looked at whatever Zullo gave him. His report has never been released. The italian company specializes in child porn cases. We don’t know specifically which “forensic researcher” did anything from that firm.

        As for the new claims, Zullo admitted they came directly from his paid shill Mark Gillar who is not an expert in anything. Do we know that any actual PHD from that “lab” even looked at it? Thus far no birther expert has ever examined the birth certificate and thus any claim they make should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Ran Talbott says:

    Well, this is very bad news: since her BC also produces layers, it must be forged too, so all the debunking that was done using it has been invalidated.
    Or maybe it proves she’s made of wood…
    (btw, if you’re having trouble getting access to a 7655, the UPS store in town has one. If it could help, I can check next time I’m in town to see whether they allow it to be used for scanning to email: it might not be networked)

  3. Well, I am slowly becoming impressed. The Obots decided to scan Ah’Nee’s Birth Certificate. Unfortunately though, the process is rather INCOMPLETE. Will you show the file scanned result? How come you didn’t scan using safety paper. Where is the white halo text? Where can lift the date and signature stamp? So it has layers. It has been determine that just because a PDF has layers doesn’t mean its a straight out forgery. The CCP has indicated that. The CCP has said that it’s number of layers and the substance of each layer on Obama’s birth certificate that concerns them (Background on seperate layer, Dunhma signature a composite layer, date and signature stamps independent layers, etc.) Good try RC, but you need to go farther, a lot farther.

    • John

      I didn’t use safety paper because the Ah’Nee certificate already had the safety background, albeit a poor image of it. The seal and date stamp were on the back and I saw no reason to scan those alone. I added an image of the halos at the end of the article. I made my points. They stand unrefuted.

      It is time you, Hermie, and the CCP get off your butts and start replicating my experiments on the Xerox equipment and quit whining on the sidelines.

    • Hermitian says:

      Jim Youngblood

      Where can lift the date and signature stamp?

      The Ah’nee LFCOLB is 2-sided. The registrar’s date and signature stamps are on the back side.

      You will never get the full story out of RC. He’s a cherry picker like NBC.

      • I know it was two sided and I know that the seal and signature stamp are on the second page. I saw no reason to scan that page. The scan of the front proves that a Xerox WorkCentre using MRC compression will separate another Hawaiian birth certificate the same way that the Obama LFBC was separated. It left white holes and generated halos.

        Meanwhile the CCP fake analyses lie in shambles.

      • Jim says:

        Hermitian says: “You will never get the full story out of RC. He’s a cherry picker like NBC.”

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There went another irony meter. What do you call Zullo who lies about evidence, hides evidence, and makes claims about congressmen on board that have been proven to be false…and wants people to send him money so he can lie to them!!! I think a scam artist is the definition you’re looking for. So what are you Hermie, an accessory to the scamming of retirees?

        • Yes, I caught the irony in Hermie’s statement. He has flat out accused NBC and me of lying yet he is the person who filed a demonstrably false daffydavit in a federal case. I have just about run out of patience with him.

      • Hermie

        If you would have read my comment posted this morning in reply to John instead of going into the accusatory mode you would have seen I explained to JY exactly why I didn’t scan the reverse side of the Ah’Nee image.

  4. Hermie

    You get a tip of the RC Radio cap for pointing out that the Ah’Nee PDF posted at Orly Taitz blog has layers! As a matter of fact it is parsed in the same way the Obama LFBC PDF is separated. The Ah’Nee certificate alone blows the CCP analysis of Papit and Zebest out of the water. I will write a full article on this when I get time.

    • JP says:

      Whenever you write the article you should take the time to address some of the specific information from this article: http://www.mcso.org/MultiMedia/PressRelease/MARAZEBESTREPORT.pdf

      Many of the people still being believing this conspiracy rely heavily on the information contained therein. It would be nice to see it dismantled piece by piece. Not sure if it will matter much because those still clinging to this have almost cultish belief, but if even one person is lead to the truth it was probably worth the time.

      • I just read Zebest’s report again and the tests I have run with paper documents scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre destroy the claims she made about the lack of noise and chromatic aberration. She clearly had no understanding of how the JBIG2 compression algorithm works. Unfortunately, I cannot copy text out of the report to refute so that will make it more time consuming. Some of her claims are just plainly stupid and have been refuted by others. One example is the “TXE” in the signature stamp. Doc C and others show that it is a result of over inking and lack of resolution. The same “TXE” was seen on another birth certificate image that was recently released.

        She claims the halos and white holes in the background layer are evidence of forgery. I have shown how they are created by the Xerox WorkCentre and visible on any document with black text on a color background.

        Finally she claimed that the existence of layers at all is evidence of forgery. Even Hermitian would agree that one is wrong. Zebest jumps to many conclusions from a point of ignorance. Because she does not understand how modern compression algorithms in large multifunction office machines work she assumes that anomalies she cannot explain are evidence of forgery. She jumped to her conclusions without doing adequate research on the large office multifunction machines that are in place in a large operation like the White House. This was typical for all of the Birther so-called experts. (Hermitian included). Their confirmation bias prevented them from doing real research.

        Zebest is stuck in the time when scanning was done by one piece of equipment and compression was done in software. Because she doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean something isn’t possible.

  5. Hermie is now in complete denial mode and will remain in moderation until he answers my question. How does he explain that the Canon machine that produced the PDF created the green background behind the black text layer?

  6. I gave Hermie a simple challenge. He has the same PDF of the Ah’Nee certificate that Orly Taitz posted. It was scanned on a Canon Image Runner Advanced 8105. It has 3 layers. The file size is 120 KB. It has two 8.5 x 5.5 pages. When the first page is opened in Illustrator it has three layers. One layers has the green security background and most of the form. A second layer has most of the text. The third layer has a some of the pencil marks that were a little lighter in color. When the text layer is turned off the green security background appears where the text was. Where did the green background that was behind the letters come from?

    Here is the same portion of the certificate with the layer on and the layer off:

    Hermie refuses to acknowledge that he has the same PDF. I know he does because he is the one who first mentioned it was produced on a Canon. So Hermie, just open it in Illustrator and tell us why it does that. Don’t try to change the subject because I won’t let you ramble on and change the subject.

    By the way it also has some letters that have no “chromatic aberration” (edge fuzziness) just like the Obama LFBC PDF. Mara Zebest said that was impossible with a scanner and a paper document.

    As I have said before, the Ah’Nee birth certificate is the gift that keeps on giving. 😉

    • Hektor says:

      That’s the other side to the birthers’ methodology (or rather lack thereof). If a self-appointed birther “expert” says the LFBC is forged because of X, Y and Z and someone such as yourself RC finds a document such as the Ah’Nee birth certificate that has features X, Y and Z, a birther will inevitably go “oh yeah, what about Q?” Such comments betray the simple fact that the birthers have already decided that the LFBC (or whatever) is forged and are looking for a rationalization (and I use that word charitably) that this is so. That the methodology has been shown to be (at the very least) flawed is completely ignored. There certainly is no reexamination of the “theory” that the pdf in question is forged.

      • Correct again, Hektor.

        I am not approving Hermitian’s latest comments. He will not address my questions. He has also accused people I consider friends of forgery with his pile of nonsense filed in federal court.

        • Hektor says:

          That doesn’t surprise me that Hermitian is ducking such inconvenient questions. I am not surprised that he has accused friends of yours of forgery. Us “obots” have to be guilty of something because we can refute the birther nonsense.

          One of the things that have always stood out to me ever since I first read the words “and besides, obummer was born in Kenya” (or something to that effect) is that the birthers have utterly failed for over five years to do is come up with any sort of concrete plan that involves achievable goals and avoids magical thinking. It’s always been “all we have to do is find one ‘honest’ judge and then somehow frogmarching.” AFAIK, they have never tried to look at it in a systematic way. Of course if they did, they would find the burden on them is very high.

          They are obsessed with artifacts in optimized PDFs, not realizing that even if that artifact could show (for lack of a better term) tampering or forgery of a paper document, Hawaii has confirmed that the key information in the PDF, that the President was born in Hawaii in 1961, is true. Proving that the state of Hawaii is either lying or somehow misinformed about an event that happened over fifty years ago is not something mere conjecture or baseless speculation can overturn.

          But it goes further than that. In their pursuit of ANY. DAY. NOW. and the magic reset button, birthers have failed to examine the question of how an ineligible candidate would be removed from the Presidency. They flail about, fantasizing that there exists mechanisms for the courts or congress (outside of impeachment or raising an objection during the counting of the electoral votes) or even a military coup in order to fulfill their dreams of undoing of two elections. They certainly don’t want the fact that in the extremely improbably event that the President was not a NBC and was found out after being sworn into office, then likely the President would resign rather than face an almost certain impeachment and the Vice President would assume office. Sarah Palin (or whatever other fantasy they hold) would not automatically become President. All the laws that President Obama signed would not be undone.

          That’s the thing though. They’ve never actually wanted to look at their supposed problem as a problem to be fixed (and thus how would you go about doing it).

          • I of course am talking about the attorneys for the Democratic party in Mississippi. I have had both of them on my show several times. I know them both to be honorable people and the last thing they would do is present a forgery to the court. The idea is preposterous. Hermitian’s affidavit is just stupid.

            One of the things I find most disgusting about Birthers is the way they throw around accusations of forgery and corruption at fine President and those who support him and against fine public servants like Alvin Onaka the late Loretta Fuddy.

            • Ran Talbott says:

              Is that necessarily any more disgusting than us referring to Corporal Zullo, et al, as “con men”?
              The majority of people are not equipped to do an informed evaluation of the evidence, so many have been suckered into believing that there really is some sort of fraud going on.
              Yes, there’s a lot of rationalizing of racism and partisan bias in the mix, but, if you believed you had evidence of a serious unpunished crime, you’d probably be throwing around accusations, too. I know I have (although I’ve been a lot more careful about making sure I’m right before doing so).
              But we shouldn’t repeat the birther mistake of over-broad generalizations.

              • No, in Zullo’s case we know he presented doctored evidence in his quest to slime President Obama and the officials in Hawaii. Zullo is demonstrably running a con. I know personally that he lied about my phone call with him.

                Hermitian has accused Scott Tepper and Sam Begley of presenting a forged document (well actually a second forgery of an already forged document) in a brief they filed in federal court. There is no way a rational person could actually believe that unless they were so consumed by hatred that they would believe the absurd.

              • I suppose I just cannot put myself in Hermie’s shoes and think anyone could believe something as stupid as the stuff he claimed in his daffydavit.

              • Ran

                You may think I am being a bit tough on Hermitian but let’s put this into perspective. He took it on his own initiative to stick his nose into a case in Mississippi that really has nothing to do with where President Obama was born or the validity of his birth certificate. The case is about whether the “Democrat” party and the Mississippi SoS have an obligation make candidates prove they are natural born citizens.

                Orly tried to turn this into a RICO case but she is not even close and never will get that done.

                Orly included a poorly reproduced copy of the LFBC in one of her pleadings and he usual crap load of claims from the trove of Birther unqualified amateurs claiming it was forged. The attorneys representing the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Council, Mssrs. Begley and Tepper, took the opportunity to reply with a better copy of the LFBC that they made simply by scanning a printed copy of the LFBC and also included a verification letter from the Hawaii DoH. Taitz had opened the door for Begley and Tepper by including the forgery claims. This gave the Defendants a valid reason to request the verification under Hawaii statutes.

                Now along comes Henry Blake, professor in engineering mechanics from Tennessee who fashions himself an expert in computers because he once used one. He makes the preposterous claim that instead of just printing and scanning a copy of a perfectly good image of the LFBC posted at the White House web site they (or someone under their direction) manufactured a completely new PDF document to file in the Mississippi case. Of course he had no explanation why someone would do that other than they goofed up on the first one so this is a second try.

                Henry came over to NBC’s blog when NBC began running a series of articles on the Xerox WorkCentre as being the source of the LFBC PDF. Eventually, Hermie got challenged on his affidavit and had to defend it. NBC and a commenter named W. Kevin Vicklund began looking at the PDF filed in the Mississippi case and figured not only was it from a scanner/copier they even figured out it was a Fujitsu machine. NBC wrote a good summary of the findings MS – Orly v Democrat – Part 8 Recap.

                Hermie of course never admits he is wrong. There is a comical exchange in an article at NBC’s blog where WKV points out that Hermie misspelled Fujitsu as “Fugitsu”. Rather than just admit he didn’t know how to spell Fujitsu he lied and claimed he was using the Japanese spelling. (The word is derived from Mt. Fuji.)

                Henry now conveniently forgets that his affidavit was completely eviscerated by NBC and Vicklund. He is a troll who uses the strawman argument and changes the subject constantly. He dodges direct simple questions and when backed into a corner accuses his opponent in debate of lying and dishonesty. He was banned from OCT for this type of behavior.

                This is why I have little patience with Hermitian.

              • Hektor says:

                RC, forgive me for not connecting Hematian to the Henry Blake daffydavit. I can see why you have little patience with him or for the birthers’ need to tar so many people with the brush of treason/conspiracy just because they want to continue their fantasies.

            • Ran Talbott says:

              I apologize for putting you to the trouble of that long rebuttal, but I thank you for bringing out some very interesting history IU hadn’t read before.
              I mistook your comment about “Birthers” for an overly-broad generalization, not a comment about a particular subgroup, and that pushed my hot button about people who screw up opportunities for productive discussions by starting with a “You’re just a [negative stereotype]” salvo when the other person is actually well-intentioned, but misinformed.
              Even the small subset of your interactions with Hermie that I’ve seen have shown your extraordinary patience with someone not debating in good faith. I’m sorry that what was intended to be be a gentle reminder about the kind of lapse we all have from time to time in the heat of battle came across as a specific criticism that certainly would have been unwarranted.

  7. JP says:

    Sorry, I had only found this specific article when I posted that comment. I have now discovered the rest. Very good work.

  8. There is an obvious answer to my question that Hermitian is dodging about how the green background “magically” appeared behind the text in the Ah”Nee PDF. When the programmers wrote the code for the JBIG2 compression in the code for Canon and Xerox they had to make a decision what to replace the areas in the JPG layer under the letters when the characters were lifted into a separate monochrome layer. The two obvious choices are to replace it with the color of the surrounding areas or replace it with a white or grey background which has the appearance of holes where the text was lifted. It appears that Canon chose the former and Xerox chose the later. There is nothing remarkable or nefarious about either.

    • gsgs says:

      it’s not so easy

    • gsgs

      Please elaborate. If by “not so easy” you mean that figuring out the exact algorithm at work in these machines then I agree. You would need the source code (or talk to the programmer) or run hundreds of tests with different documents constructed to see what happens with text on different shades of colors in the background.

      However, all that is unimportant detail unless you are just curious. The point is that we know how MRC compression separates a document into an 8 bit background layer and multiple monochrome one bit masks. We know JBIG2 tries to find close matching characters and makes exact copies of them to save space. We have seen how this is at work in the Obama LFBC and even the Ah’Nee BC scanned on a Canon. Whatever mystery there was about the LFBC PDF has been solved.

      • gsgs says:

        you keep saying that … but I know there is gonna be a segment of people
        for which not matter what we put out this issue is not put to rest

        • Ran Talbott says:

          Yes, there is. And a Youtube search for “moon landing hoax” returns “About 243,000 results”.
          An old Ashleigh Brilliant postcard said, “I have given up the search for truth, and am now looking for a really good fantasy”, and there are millions of Americans who live by that motto.
          If Jesus Christ came down, riding on a cloud, and said “Barack Hussein Obama is one of my beloved children. Hear him”, there’d still be at least half a million people claiming that the Illuminati paid George Lucas to fake it, and doing frame-by-frame analysis of the news video to “prove” it.

  9. Father Time at Birther Report asks:

    The Xerox Workcenter 7655 machine I have hear so much about but some questions have never been answer.

    1-How do we know the WH even has one?
    2-If they do have one how does anyone know it was use in the coping Obama’s BC?
    3-One place call it a 7655 link to RC and another was 7535 @ Dr. Conspiracy do Obots just make up numbers?
    4-Do all Xerox scanners do this? If so Xerox may be sued .

    Since BR will never let a comment through from me I will answer here.

    1. We know the White House has Xerox WorkCentre because at least two documents posted at the White House web site show XeroxWorkCentre models in the metadata. The Obama and Biden tax returns published a few days before the LFBC was released in 2011 show the creator is a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. Another document posted on the site a few weeks later was scanned on a WorkCentre 7765. Government web sites list Xerox as a supplier of office equipment to the Executive Office of the President in the same time frame.
    2. A number of factors clearly show the original scan was done on a Xerox WorkCentre and then resaved in Preview on a Mac. The compression artifacts and layering are identical to similar scans on WorkCentres and the JPG has a comment tag of “YCbCr” that is found on all other color scans that we have found to produced on Xerox WorkCentres.
    3. No these are real models that we have used to scan real documents.
    4. NBC has done testing on a Xerox 7655 and I have done testing or two different models, a 7535 and 7435. The generate very similar PDF’s with the same artifacts. It makes sense that Xerox would use the same compression algorithm in the entire line. Why reinvent the wheel? The “YCbCr” comment tag is another clue that the same algorithm is used in the entire line. When a problem was discovered with the JBIG2 algorithm periodically wrongly reading a number in rare cases Xerox listed the full line of WorkCentre products as having the same bug. Why would anyone sue Xerox because a bunch of lunatics do not understand image compression?
  10. NBC says:

    The mystery has been solved, although as gsgs points out, there will be people who will disregard reason and logic in favor of fear, hatred or plain ignorance. That’s too bad but hardly a relevant issue.
    The scan of Ahnee’s birth certificate by RC shows once again that JY and Hermitian as well as the Cold case Posse ‘crowd’ have nothing to rebut.

    Today is March, and I predict that there will be nothing of real relevance happening this month.

  11. Jim says:

    NBC says: “Today is March, and I predict that there will be nothing of real relevance happening this month.”

    March Madness! The basketball kind, birther madness is year-round! 😀

  12. BlackPenned says:

    With today’s presentation, it is clear that either the Ah’Nee certificate or the Obama certificate is fake; they cannot both be legitimate. BUT ARPAIO’S POSSE HAS DONE NOTHING TO VERIFY THE AH’NEE CERTIFICATE!!! They just take her word that she has had it locked up since 1995? And Corsi happens to get a hold of it within 10 days of Obama’s certificate pdf being posted after asking for a certificate? And it just happens to be the exact one out of who knows how many that was used to make Obama’s birth certificate? It’s far more likely that Ah’Nee’s was quickly made from Obama’s after Obama’s was posted. Yes, investigators have the physical Ah’Nee copy and not a physical copy of Obama’s, but in this video they even explain how easy it is to forge a physical Hawaiian certificate because the paper for one is readily available on ebay!

    • There is no evidence that either the Obama or Ah’Nee certificate was forged. It’s just nonsense to claim otherwise.

    • Jason says:

      This is what I was thinking when I watched this video today. How do we know this lady’s BC hasn’t had Obama’s hand stamps and the like transferred onto it to make it look like the reverse was true when compared the other way? Just like a simple street con.

      • Not that it matters but the provenance of the Obama LFBC is impeccable when compared with the Ah’Nee birth certificate. In Obama’s case the Hawaii DoH issued a letter describing how, when, and to whom it was issued. They have also issued three letters verifying the correctness of the information on the certificate. In the case of the Ah’Nee certificate all we have are anecdotal evidence from Obama haters like Miki Booth, Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

        As I stated before both certificates appear to be genuine but if I had to bet my life on one of them being genuine and unaltered it would be Obama’s without question.

    • Dave says:

      It’s not clear at all that either is fake. Arpaio is only doing this now because he (finally) is getting kicked out of office after losing the recent election (I’m from Arizona, so happier than most Americans about this).

      There were so many mistakes in the supposed “analysis” presented in the press conference a couple of days ago. I happened across it today and spent a bit of time examining their claims. Their work is *at best* extremely sloppy, and at worst intentionally deceptive and designed to be incendiary and to appeal to the lowest common denominator, the type of person that can’t be bothered to do the least bit of checking of their claims.

      I say that because if people did, they would immediately see issues with the MCSO “analysis”. For instance, one of their claims is that the X, box, and part of the line above in 6d in the Ah’Nee BC were copied into two separate places in the Obama BC, 6d and 7e (they said 6e when 7e was meant, as it’s one of the highlighted areas which is one of the supposed “points of forgery” and it is similar to 6d, more evidence of sloppy work and sloppy thinking). But even in the poor quality YouTube video of the press conference, you can see that 6d and 7e in the Obama BC are not identical, and looking at the white house copy it’s 100% clear that they are not identical. If they were transplanted from a single source they would, of course, be perfectly identical.

      Another claim made was that five areas were pulled simultaneously as a group from the Ah’Nee BC into the Obama BC, but one of them is clearly not the same (compare Oahu in 7b on each, with special attention paid to the “O”). It’s like people don’t understand typewriters and fixed spacing and line advances or something. It’s not remotely strange to find similarities such as those found when examining typewritten documents from the same typewriter. There’s a reasonable likelihood that if they actually took the reasonable step of zooming in on some of the areas in question that they could prove both that the same typewriter was used and that the keystroke in question was not identical (given the small amount of chaos inherent in mechanical contraptions like typewriters, the key might strike the ribbon and imprint the paper slightly differently, but certain features of the keys may be evident as well in distinguishing them from other similar typewriters… and ink saturation in the ribbon was likely at play here as well). The fact that they never mentioned taking this most obvious step which is really the first thing to be done in “forensic document examination”, but rather spent all of their time elucidating how poorly they understand technology, is quite telling.

      You’re right that it’s strange that Corsi supposedly got hold of the Ah’Nee BC 10 days after Obama’s was released, but even supposing it’s true, their claims are laughable regardless. Given how shoddy their other claims have been shown to be, I’d be quite comfortable betting anyone out there a significant amount of money that their “angle” hypothesis is also a sham – I’ll bet that if you calculate the angles between the two sets of date stamps they can be shown to be slightly different. So, why are they similar in the first place? Well, that’s easy. Test this out (or just think about it) – go buy a date stamp, then print a piece of paper with rows of boxes (doublespaced so you don’t accidentally overlap them) on the left and right sides of the paper. Now, take your date stamp, ink it, stamp the left side, and rotate your arm a bit to stamp the right side (or hit the right side first – doesn’t matter). Imagine that this is part of your job, and you do this 10 or 20 times every day, and it’s one of those mundane things that you just want to get over this as quickly as possible. You’ll probably find that there’s something like a 5 degree difference, on average, in the angle of the two stamps. Perhaps it varies between people based on whether they primarily use their shoulder (lower rotation), elbow, or wrist (higher rotation) to accomplish the rotation to the other box. Perhaps there’s even a genetic component involved in the amount of rotation that comes from each possible source (yes, that’s taking this to ridiculous lengths, which is the point).

      • Dave says:

        Where I mentioned Oahu in 7b, I meant 6b.

      • Jason says:

        Dave you are 100% correct. I had assumed they had taken Obama’s info and reversed engineered it into the Ah Nee document then made it out to look like the opposite was true but they didn’t even do that! I took the ah nee bc and saved it onto one iPad Air 2 into iBooks as a PDF then took Obama’s bc directly from the White House website and saved it onto iBooks as a PDF on a second iPad Air 2.

        This allowed me to zoom in as close as I wanted and place the ipads side by side. In 6b the “O” in Oahu is vastly different as you said. Obama’s is sitting higher than in the Ah Nee document.

        As for the hand date stamps along the bottom. Both the date stamps in section 20 and section 22 are at different angles. Section 20 is pretty close but section 22 is a lot steeper angle on Obama’s BC as well as the “A” in august being stamped directly over the “D” and “a” in “date” above it.

        • I see this as a desperate last attempt by Zullo and Gillar to come up with something before Arapio is out of office. It is actually quite comical. Their previous so called evidence on layers and race codes got destroyed by the Xerox findings and the release of the real race codes by Doc C and others.

          So after five years this pathetic video by Gillar is all they have.

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  16. D Smith says:

    Obama’s White House birth certificate imported he registrar’s signature and date stamps from linked external objects. This is confirmed by turning on “Links” in the “Window” menu in Adobe Illustrator. Not only was the registrar date stamp imported from an external link, it was scaled 24% and then rotated -90 degrees to be placed in the document. The imported registrar’s stamp also contained a happy face drawn into Alvin’s signature and had a misspelled “TXE” in Onaka’s official stamp. How is any scanner going to duplicate importing a linked external file with a fraudulent registrar’s stamp with a happy face and a misspelled “TXE”?


    • Maybe you can explain then why exactly the same thing happened when I printed a copy of the LFBC and scanned it to an emailed PDF file attachment on a Xerox WorkCentre?

      Oh. the “TXE” isn’t a misspelling. It is an optical illusion caused by light inking on the stamp. It has been explained dozens of times. Look at the higher resolution AP J. Scott Applewhite photo to see what is going on.

  17. Jennifer says:

    [RC: Jennifer’s racist comment was deleted. Please read the rules for commenting. ]

  18. Pepe says:

    This is fake news. No criticism of Obama is allowed in the MSM until 10 years after he is gone from office, it’s a unwritten rule. First black President rules.

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  21. Oliver B. Server says:

    Just show us the original microfiche. If his BC was captured in sequence with the same microfiche as Ah’nee and the rest of the Hawaiian’s born in that month/ year, then we can all call it a day and sing Kum Ba Yah.
    Ask yourself a few simple questions
    1. Why wait 4 years, until his re-election to produce what was required of John McCain during the first Obama election?
    2. Why not submit the original microfiche?
    You see, all BCs were scanned into microfiche in the US during the late 60s and early 70s. Even though those were later digitized into jpgs or pdfs in the 90s and 2000s, the fact is that every county in the US used microfiche tech, with photographic images of the original documents, captured onto micro film reels (microfiche), one document after another, sequentially by document number.

    Those original microfiche reels are kept in an archive vault somewhere in safe and temperature controlled buildings. It would take a simple signature of the governor of Hawaii to authorize an archival team to go in with investigators and simply pull that reel for an hour, run the machine to review it and capture the original document in it’s context. It will have originally been captured in numbered sequence. You cannot convince me that it wasn’t. Unless this is a forgery. Prove it’s not a forgery by going to the original source. Simple as that. I’m going to say that we will find that either there is another name on that number in that document reel or that reel is missing and has been destroyed.

    Simply put: if Obama could produce the original, he would have. He didn’t, therefore he can’t. End of story.

    • McCain wasn’t required to produce anything. He allowed a small group of reporters to view a copy of his birth certificate but did not provide copies. Candidate Obama published a copy of his birth certific ate in 2008. No candidate in history had ever done that. He was never required to produce anything. All your ramblings about microfilm are nonsense.

    • Jason says:

      I wanna know where birthers think Obama snr and Dunham got the money to leave Hawaii and go wherever to have this baby? Aside from it making zero sense for them to leave Hawaii neither had the resources to leave. Dunham was 18, unemployed and living at home with parents who were pissed about the whole situation. Obama had arrived in America on a sponsored airplane from Africa. He walked around Honolulu instead of taking the bus so he could drink beer whenever he could. By the time the baby was born the relationship was pretty much over… one little tidbit about the marriage that hasn’t been brought up from what I’ve read but anyone living in Hawaii would realize from seeing the marriage license. They were married in wailuku. Wailuku isn’t on Oahu, it’s on Maui. It seems highly likely they jumped a ferry to Maui and eloped without her parents knowing about it. Something young people did in Hawaii a lot back in the day.

      • Jason

        The Birthers have never come up with any plausible explanation as to why Ann Dunham would want to trek half way around the globe to a country with primitive medical services to give birth. Besides the unworkable logistics, the great health risk, and the expense of such a trip she would have been putting her child’s US citizenship in jeopardy.

        The real explanation is because they want it to be true. These racist cretins just couldn’t swallow that a black man was elected and they wanted him to be de-legitimized in every way they could.

    • Kevin Vicklund says:

      I’m going to call BS on the “show us the microfilm and it will all go away.” There have been quite a few things on microfilm that were dismissed as forgeries by birthers. Newspaper announcements, indexes of birth, and so on. The microfilm, if Hawai’i ever maintained them, is merely a copy of the original. It wouldn’t be all that hard to forge a microfilm even now, provided you have the source material. Since HDoH would have to be in on any attempt to forge the original (they have, after all, verified that they gave the BC and have verified that the online version is a match), they would have the necessary tools to make a credible forgery. And HDoH has something even better than microfilm. The have the original, bound records. Not copies, the original paper signed in ink by the parents, doctors, and registrars who reviewed the vital records as they were completed and filed. HDoH has come out and said that the hardcopy birth certificates they made for the President were copied directly from the original, bound records. And since they had the originals, there was no need to retain microfilm copies after the records were digitized in 2001 (part of the rationale was to eliminate the costly storage requirements of the state’s records).

      Of course, it’s against the law for someone to walk in and inspect the originals. They are fragile, and contain private data. Not even the governor can inspect it without meeting certain very specific criteria. The law would have to be changed in order for your request to be allowed, or a judge would have to order inspection.

      And you are lying when you claim Obama waited four years. The truth is, he released his BC less than 4 days after the issue first hit a notable online media outlet (the National Review). It’s not his fault you refused to recognize a valid birth certificate. It was clear that going to the effort to convince the HDoH to give him an old-style birth certificate was not going to be worth it at the time. By waiting to release it, he was able to use it brilliantly to eliminate Donald Trump from the 2012 presidential race.

  22. Jason says:

    People have to realize also the Hawaii dept of health feels no loyalty to Obama. He isn’t considered “local” if though he was born here. Maui county recently legalized medical pot and put up some licenses to sell weed. Whoever got these licenses was gonna make serious money and many people applied including some Hollywood heavyweights who have lived on Maui for a long time. The licenses went to locals connected to county officials.

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