The end of Birtherism?

I haven’t written anything since the election so I thought I would put together some random thoughts on the coming end of President Obama’s second term, the Trump administration, and what this all means as far as the Birther movement.

First, I don’t think any conspiracy movement ever completely ends. We still have 911 truthers, various Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists, and moon landing hoaxers pushing their crazy theories. There is good reason to think that a few hard core Birthers will still be around in 20 or 30 years. Mike Zullo will be 80 and still promising to release universe shattering evidence any day now. There will still be Birthers who will believe that once the “facts” are out there everything President Obama did way back in the early 2000’s will be undone. But for practical purposes the Birther movement died with the reelection of President Obama in 2012.

What can one really say about the election of the idiot Donald Trump? I am deeply ashamed of the minority of my fellow Americans who somehow took leave of their senses and elected this pathetic, immature, petulant and dangerous person to office. Anyone who believes this was a normal election is delusional. James Comey elected Trump. Without the jackass FBI Director Comey sticking his nose in where it never belonged not once but twice Trump would have been trounced. One of my great disappointments with President Obama is that he didn’t do what he should have done and fired Comey. What Comey did was unethical, unprecedented, and cause for termination.

I think Trump’s election reveals there is a sickness in this country. I think it was primarily a backlash by middle class white people who see the country changing in ways they don’t like. They don’t like seeing power go to minorities as the demographics of the country change. Trump, assisted by his fellow Republicans tapped in to this fear and racism. They made them feel that it was OK to be sexist and racist again.

Edit: I ran across this video today. I think every Trump supporter needs to watch it.

Joe Arpaio decided to take one last long drink from the well of Birtherism before leaving office. On December 15th he and Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo held a final “press conference”to present the latest nonsense theory that someone forged Barack Obama’s long form certificate. The event was not an official MCSO event. It wasn’t listed on the MCSO web site or Facebook page. While the press was invited they were not allowed to ask any questions apparently because the press had asked hard questions like why did you spend taxpayer money on this when you said you weren’t? Some supporters like Miki Booth attended just to give the event the proper festive touch. It was not reported whether the turkey accompanied Miki on the trip.


Innocent bird with a turkey

Finally, I want to explain why I pulled an article written by Brian Reilly that was his response to a hit piece published by Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email. First, it had already been published at Obama Conspiracy Theories so publishing it here would be redundant. Second, I found some issues with Mr. Reilly’s response.

A couple of things bothered me about Mr. Reilly’s response. First, he failed to address the allegation that he was fired as a volunteer posse member when he lived in Washington State. From what Kevin Davidson had posted in a comment it was merely  that the new police chief or sheriff decided to cut the number of posse members after assuming office. If that was the case then why did Mr. Reilly not address this allegation in his response?

Mr. Reilly in my opinion doesn’t adequately address when and why he had an epiphany on his Birtherism. Sharon Rondeau posted a copy of an email that Brian Reilly sent to unknown persons on May 23, 2012 the day after Arizona Secretary of State Bennett released the verification letter received from the State of Hawaii. In the email Mr. Reilly expressed that he was upset and disappointed with Bennett. He suggested Bennett needed remove President Obama from the Arizona presidential election ballot instead. That idea was just plain stupid. Can you imagine SoS Bennett removing the President’s name from the ballot based on the findings of a bunch of volunteer idiots? I don’t use that term flippantly. The CCP was demonstrably a bunch of idiots.

Mr. Reilly doesn’t address this email at all in his response. Instead he attacked Mike Zullo for trying to keep the investigation going beyond the 2012 election. What happened between May 23, 2012 and late June when Brian Reilly left the CCP? I don’t think we really know.

I think there were many inaccuracies in Sharon Rondeau’s article and her non interview interview with Mike Zullo. However, I wish Mr. Reilly would have been more forthcoming in a few areas.

I appreciate that Mr. Reilly now repudiates the work of the Cold Case Posse. I think he should apologize to President Obama and his supporters for his prior Birtherism and what it spawned however.

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33 Responses to The end of Birtherism?

  1. stevor says:

    you are incredible (but not in a good way). You say Arpaio’s last report on the fake COLB is wrong? Please explain how the dates are exactly the same, despite being hand stamped, as that other birther certificate.
    Then as to people choose Trump of shillary? Here’s her record, which I suppose you think is fine and dandy:
    1 – fired from the watergate committee for incompetence
    over 50 “enemies” of the clintons “died mysteriously” such as Vince Foster and 3 more in the last month
    2 – clintons pretty much stole people’s homes in whitewater
    3 – they fired a good person to put in a buddy in “travelgate”
    4 – she blamed Benghazi on a video despite everybody knowing otherwise
    5 – she’s a perennial liar such as when she claimed she “landed under (gun) fire” at the Bosnia airport when there was no such problem
    6 – she didn’t bother with security with the 30,000+ emails and then LIED about it (also she lost 13 devices used with it)
    7 – she complains about Trump with women when Bill has been accused of raping several women
    8 – she says she’s against Fraccing of oil but tells the oil companies that she’s proud how she helped get it started
    9 – she is for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, though both parties are against it
    10 – she got 30 million from Russia for our uranium
    11 – she recently transferred $1.8 BILLION to a Saudi bank (how did she get that much money?)
    12 – the clintons collected millions of dollars for “Haiti relief” at that last storm and kept 90% of the money

  2. stevor says:

    not exactly fired but according to YOUR ARTICLE:
    In 1999, nine years before the Calabrese interview, Zeifman told the Scripps-Howard news agency: “If I had the power to fire her, I would have fired her.” In a 2008 interview on “The Neal Boortz Show,” Zeifman was asked directly whether he fired her. His answer: “Well, let me put it this way. I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not recommend her for any further positions.”

    To the others, I know you won’t dare go against your leader “Reality Check”, so do YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Look up the video of Arpaio’s 9 points for yourself!

  3. Hey Stevorino… you wanna know why the Repugnicans were so hell-bent on hanging the Benghazi tragedy on Clinton? BECAUSE IT WAS ACTUALLY THEIR FAULT.

    “WASHINGTON ― Three Republican senators — including two former presidential candidates who’ve long criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi — introduced a bill on Tuesday that would halve funds for embassy security, construction and maintenance until the next president moves the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the disputed city of Jerusalem.

    Yet diplomatic security funding increased, growing more than 1000 percent between 1998 and 2012, John Norris, the director of the Sustainable Security Initiative at the liberal Center for American Progress, told PolitiFact in 2014. The State Department now employs four security people per diplomat, Norris told the fact-checking group.

    Despite that increase in funding, however, the State Department was required to issue security contracts to the lowest bidder that could do the job. That policy forced it to rely on Blue Mountain Group, a relatively unknown British firm, and Muhannad Alamir, Blue Mountain’s Libyan partner, to hire the unarmed guards who failed to do their jobs the night of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the facility in Benghazi.

    Partially in response to the Benghazi tragedy, Congress has temporarily authorized the State Department to award local guard contracts based on “best value” rather than lowest price. Some lawmakers, including Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), support making that change permanent. But cutting the embassy budget in half might make that harder.”

    That’s right. They had forced the State Dept. to use the lowest bidder for the job, which is why there was no armed guards that night in Benghazi. And they’re going to do it again. Why? Because to the GOP, any taxpayer money not shoved into the pockets of their wealthy corporate buddies is a mistake they intend to correct.

    • rantalbott says:

      No, it wasn’t their fault. The DoS had staffed and equipped the facility to cope with the kinds of attacks that had happened before: groups of 5 to, perhaps, 20. The assault by 150-200 was unprecedented in modern times, the sort of thing that used to happen in colonial rebellions.

      Despite the GOP lies, some of the requests for security improvements had been approved. But, even if every one of them had been, the results would have been about the same, except that the attackers’ casualty count might have been a little higher (a request for a single heavy machine gun had been denied).

      All this finger-pointing is like castigating your county council after a 500-year flood for only building a 12-foot levee when the previous 100-year record was only 9 feet. Nobody can anticipate every bad thing that might happen.

  4. I listened to a bit of Mike Zullo last night. You have to really sift through layers of crapola to find truth in anything Zullo says. At 14:00 at bit of truth came out. Volin asked him about people saying that after the December 15 press conference it was over. Zullo said that as far as the sheriff’s office the investigation was over. It ended under Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He then went on with a bunch of vague BS about how they are are not stopping. He never really explained who “they” is or what is going to happen.

    Zullo is hoping Congress will do something. Except for a hand full of new faces these are the same people who have been inundated with Birther nonsense for eight years and did nothing.

    So the facts are that after 64 months they have nothing. There are no indictments, no person of interest, and not even a theory about what crime has been committed or who committed it. No investigation is going on by any agency of any government body. Zullo is miffed that people who once supported him had dared to point out how long it has gone on with no results. His response was to block their emails and sulk.

  5. stevor says:

    you are a true joke. You wanted evidence. I give you a dozen articles to provide it. As to your counter evidence, you give YOUR OPINION. Sorry, dear, your opinion is WORTH NOTHING.

    It’s been amusing but enough is enough. You’re a hopeless delusional LOSER living in o’bamaland

    • Northland10 says:

      Your links are to nothing but right wing nut job propaganda that has no truth. Nothing they say is believable. They exist to fleece a following of idiots who just want to be told who to hate.

      My response debunks all of your claims as I am responding to your citations the same way you respond to ours.

      I win

  6. The story about how Trump is treating our hard working men and women and their families in the foreign service encapsulates what a disgusting, petty, piece of scum he is.

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