“God’s Birther-The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups”-Part III

By Frank Arduini

How an obscure southern preacher became a hero to “Birthers,” a laughing stock to “Obots,” and the single worst Baptist prognosticator of the future since William Miller.

Plan “B”

Obama’s reelection was certified on January 4th, 2013 without objection from any member of the House or Senate, and without the promised surprising or devastating “eligibility event.” By January 12th, the pressure for Gallups to explain the failure of his announcement could no longer be ignored. But rather than simply eating the crow so delightfully laid out before him, Gallups first made excuses and then doubled down with an even more ambiguous “Plan B.”

A few weeks back we reported to you at PPSIMMONS that some surprises were in the works on the Obama citizenship scandal. We reported that we expected some breaking news on the matter within weeks. The particular event that we expected did not happen, but through a very strange and unfortunate set of circumstances. However, do not be dismayed. As it turns out, the Plan B for the matter may turn out to be a more powerful revelation event than the first planned one since it still involves some of the same major players and perhaps more major players this time. We still cannot reveal the details of the plan. However I can report with honesty and accuracy these… facts:

… A potentially monumental Plan B exposure of the Obama fraud is in the works by very reliable and competent people. The plan includes people who will easily garner national attention to the matter. Stay in prayer about the matter. We at PPSIMMONS will keep you posted of any breaking news in this case. Again, if nothing comes of this matter we will eventually expose all of the details of what was supposed to happen. This could be big, so stay tuned.

A month later, Gallups was still feeling the pressure regarding his botched deadline. Both inside and outside of Birthistan his credibility and honesty were being disparaged. On February 12, PPSIMMONS released another Gallups narrated video in which he attempted to backpedal from his initial announcement, reframing it as having been more tentative than it actually was.

Just a few weeks back I made a video announcement and radio announcement that a potentially big exposure was in the works in this case. I also said that there was a possibility that it would not come through as expected. Well, it did not come through as expected, but it still may. Listen to Lieutenant Zullo confirm every bit of this truth in the next one minute clip. I include this so that you will know that my integrity is intact and that we will always give you the very best information.

Gallups was of course not being truthful when claiming that he “also said that there was a possibility that it would not come through as expected.” While he certainly offered qualifications regarding some details (he had for example waffled over how “devastating” it could be and whether or not it would be covered by “national” and “international” media) he had never once suggested that it might not happen at all.

He was also being less than accurate when he asserted that the clip he was about to play would “confirm every bit of this truth.” Any careful listen shows that Zullo’s words and music were not in synch. Zullo spoke unenthusiastically and ambiguously of “other things” plural, and “taking a different tack.” Whatever it was that was supposed to happen before the Electoral College certification might not be “totally out of the realm of possibility,” but Zullo spoke of it entirely in the past tense. Rather than the “definitive plan” that Gallups had previously insisted was already in place, Zullo came off as man without any real plan whatsoever, casting hopefully in the dark for something, anything that might provide a direction worth pursuing.

Gallups’ first great reveal had sputtered out without explanation or effect. Just over a week later an even finer point was put the failure of the Posse when Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States for the second time. The birthers had not only failed to drive Obama out of the Whitehouse, but he had taken up residency again… the first President in a generation to win both elections with more than 51% of the popular vote.

What was Gallups to do?

Mike and Carl’s Excellent Adventure

It had been more than half a year since the Cold Case Posse had held its two press conferences. Their claims of “proven forgery” had proved to be less than a speed bump on Obama’s road to a second term. The centerpiece of the second press conference had been quickly exposed as a fraud engineered by Jerome Corsi, and once this was revealed Corsi was unceremoniously expelled from the Posse proper. He subsequently abandoned birthing altogether. Zullo had stopped talking publicly about the “evidence” in any detail, preferring instead to go (in his words) “under the radar.” He had apparently decided that silence was safer than the sort of wholesale humiliation that had followed the second conference.

Most inexplicable to birthers was the fact that the main stream media was still refusing to cooperate. Insensible that the reason for this was simply that the Posse’s “evidence” was entirely unimpressive, birthers grew more deeply entrenched in their opinion that the media was an active part of the conspiracy, or had somehow been threatened into silence. If deliverance was going to come, it would not be from the press.

In mid March, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Conference commenced in Washington DC. Zullo and Gallups did the calculus and concluded that it held the greatest opportunity on the visible horizon to find a sympathetic ear capable of actually doing something with the Posse’s “findings.” Tone deaf to the fact that among serious conservative politicians and pundits the birther movement had long been anathema, the dubious duo packed their bags and headed to the Capitol, anxious to share their message with somebody, anybody who would listen. Gallups would later admit that their trip was “a fishing expedition.” The “definitive plan” of just a few weeks prior appeared all but forgotten.

CPAC ended on March 18th, and by the following day Gallups was online with another PPSIMMONS video, this one hopefully titled “STUNNING! Forward Movement in the Obama FRAUD CASE!” In retrospect, the video proves how completely oblivious Gallups and Zullo were to how utterly they had been blown off.

While at CPAC we had several important and lengthy meetings with high ranking officials at various levels of government. We have promises and very good prospects of more meetings to come. We networked with some important people who have promised to help us contact other important government officials around the nation. Some of those contacts have already called me back with promises of forward movement. There are plans for additional trips and contacts with other officials around the country. Some of these additional meeting plans were laid as a definite result of the CPAC trip.

Over the next few days and weeks, other CPAC stories would dribble out revealing that their reception had not been quite as enthusiastic and productive as Gallups was letting on. Most prominent among them was their brush with Tea Party über-hero Allen West, an encounter so crushingly disappointing that Gallups went as far afield as The Western Center of Journalism to whine about it. Gallups seemed truly shocked to be dismissed that directly and carelessly by somebody whom he had admired from afar for so long. It never crossed his mind that West was merely the most honest of the “high ranking officials” he had met over the three days of CPAC. The others all ultimately delivered the same message, but with a little more subtlety and finesse.

Whether Gallups truly believed he had made progress at CPAC or he was simply vamping for time is difficult to tell. And by the time of the March 22nd Freedom Friday broadcast, Gallups was practically bipolar; swinging wildly between emotional states. On the one hand he remained furious with the Conservative pundits who continued to ignore or disparage the birthers, ranting that all them from Beck to O’Reilly were “fools” and “idiots.” On the other, he was ready to start making predictions of imminent satisfaction with the help of the VIPs he had met at CPAC:

We made some contact with Very Important People on Capitol Hill and at CPAC. And those important conversations led indirectly to other important conversations and important contacts at state and federal level around the nation. And those things continue to pile up. And in the last several days since I’ve been back we have received – we, Lieutenant Zullo and I – have received phone calls and emails from Very Important People at state and federal levels looking to have more meetings, looking to see this evidence, looking to submit it to more investigation, looking to move it along and get something done. Folks, it wouldn’t surprise me if these people will do what they say they’re going to do that in the next month or two… we might see something happen at a national level – international level actually.

It should come as no surprise given this account by Gallups that the birthersphere quickly understood “VIP” to actually mean “member of Congress.” And in fact, two names of Congressmen would soon bubble up in relationship to the Posse’s investigation (though neither would ultimately prove to have ever actually been “on board”). The following weeks and months were filled with excited accounts by Gallups of the vast numbers of other VIPs jumping “on board”. It became routine for Gallups to end such accounts with the excited announcement that at that very moment even more VIPs had just contacted Zullo for a briefing.

In almost every interview with or update from Zullo, “surprising new information” had just been uncovered within “a few days prior”; information that “put the nail in the coffin” of the “forged birth certificate.” In short order there were so many nails that there was no longer any room for coffin. Zullo had not actually described a single new piece of “evidence” (that had not been exposed as fraudulent on the Posse’s part) in more than a year.

On the April 5th Freedom Friday broadcast, Zullo devoted an hour and a half of his precious time to the show. The following Monday, PPSIMMONS published a “recap” of that program which, ignoring their inability to count, explained that the on-again-off-again definitive “plan of action” was no longer “set”, but back in the formulation stage:

2. Within the last couple of days before the interview, Zullo had several lengthy meetings with VIPS who have promised to soon bring this case forward in an “official” manner. The VIPS are of “standing” and have the authority to bring the case forward. They have promised full public exposure to the case, the evidence, and to the hopeful ends of a full and official “hearing” of the matter.

3. A definitive “plan of action” is now being formulated with several VIPS to make number 3 above happen as soon as possible.

In spite of other indications that the VIPs were beginning to renege on whatever promises Gallups understood them to have made, spirits were up. And Gallups was getting back on the horse of predicting when the big revelations and leap forward were finally going to take place.

7. Zullo says the public disclosure of the evidence and the push for definitive legal action may take from 3 – 6 months depending upon the “plan of action” that is being formulated by the VIPS who are already on board and the VIPS that they are trying to bring on board with them in this matter. Further VIP meetings are being scheduled at this time.

In fact, Gallups was soon so excited and confident that the Posse was finally onto something that he completely forgot that a few months prior he had proclaimed they were already on “Plan B.” In the real world, Plan B is usually followed by Plan C. But in the Ground Hog’s Day that is greater Birthistan, everything old is new again.

On April 12, 2013 the Cold Case Posse plan of action was born again. It was time for the “Big Plan A”

To be continued…

[RC: This is the third in a series of guest articles by Frank Arduini. Here is Part II.]


To Be ContinuedWikipedia: To Be Continued… is a 4 CD/4 cassette box set detailing Elton John’s music from his days with Bluesology to the then-present day.

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4 Responses to “God’s Birther-The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups”-Part III

  1. NBC says:

    Very interesting to see the history of failures.

  2. Jim says:

    More like a history of BS…very enjoyable! 😀

  3. Pingback: "God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"- Part IV | RC Radio Blog

  4. Ran Talbott says:

    Also very interesting to see the remarkable parallels between the hype they were pushing in December 2012 and what they’re pushing now.

    “New information from s3kr1t sources”
    “Gonna change the election outcome”
    “Gotta be patient, but it’s comin’ Real Soon Now”
    “There’ll be major media coverage”

    About the ony difference is that now they’re talking about checking their info _before_ they release it. Wonder why they added that…

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