Republicans to Arpaio: Please stay retired you old fart!

Sheriff Arpaio with CCCP investigator Mike Zullo

‘America’s toughest sheriff’ narrowly defeated in bid for old job

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Former lawman Joe Arpaio, the nationally known Arizona sheriff who found common cause with President Donald Trump on a hard-line stance against illegal immigration, narrowly lost his bid to regain his old job, vote tallies showed on Friday.

Arpaio, 88, who billed himself as “America’s toughest sheriff,” trailed his former chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, by 6,280 votes out of 443,056 ballots cast in Tuesday’s four-way Republican primary, according to the county elections department.

In the November general election, Sheridan will face incumbent Democrat Paul Penzone, who ousted Arpaio from office in a 2016 landslide victory.

Arpaio, damaged by a series of court judgments that cost local taxpayers more than $178 million to date, went on to lose a race two years later to fill the seat of the late Republican U.S. Senator John McCain.

A federal judge in 2017 found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt of court, ruling that the sheriff had willfully violated a 2011 injunction barring his officers from stopping and detaining Latino motorists solely on suspicion that they were in the country illegally.

The latest results showed Sheridan with 156,396 votes, compared with 150,116 for Arpaio, leaving the former long-time sheriff of Maricopa County no chance of closing the gap with just 2,385 ballots still to be counted.

A tip of the cap to reader John Woodman for letting me know that Joe Arpaio had narrowly lost his primary bid to reclaim his old job in November. Former deputy Jerry Sheridan in the Republican primary. Sheridan will take on incumbent Sheriff Paul Penzone in the November general election. Penzone handily defeated Arpaio in 2016.

It’s hard to believe almost half of the Republicans in Maricopa County who voted chose to vote for this racist pig. But on the other hand …

I suppose this means the Cold Case Posse will not be activated any time soon? I am sure all that damning evidence on President Barack Obama that Mike Zullo holds will be released any day now?

Update: I found this comment Arpaio made to the local Fox TV station in Phoenix yesterday:

“I think some people were tired of me, and they wanted somebody else,” Arpaio said. “And that’s the way it went.”

Hey Joe, I think the voters told you they were tired of you in 2016 when Paul Penzone beat you and in 2018 when you lost badly in the Republican primary race for Senate.

File photo from Reuters

Update 12/21/2020:

I have not seen much written about the general election results for sheriff of Maricopa County but Sheriff Penzone defeated Jerry Sheridan by 56% to 44% in the general election held on November 3rd. Penzone will therefore serve a second term as sheriff of Maricopa County.

Hopefully, we have heard the last from Joe Arpaio and we can close this tawdry, racist , deadly chapter in American political history.

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3 Responses to Republicans to Arpaio: Please stay retired you old fart!

  1. COMALite J says:

    Someone needs to make a video entitled “Arpaio’s 9 Points of Failure.”

  2. Arpaio outspent Sheridan over 10 to 1 but still failed. Arpaio can still raise the bucks. I assume whatever is left in his coffers will help fund his continued retirement.

  3. I updated the article to reflect that Sheriff Penzone won a fairly easy reelection victory over Jerry Sheridan on November 3rd in the general election.

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