Case Closed on the Cold Case Posse


AZ Central

MCSO Sheriff Paul Penzone held a press conference yesterday to discuss his 100 day plan for the department. He said the emphasis would be on crime prevention, training, crimes against children, reducing opioid abuse, and preventing fraud and scams against the elderly. His plans however will not include the Cold Case Posse or  Mike Zullo.

Penzone said the Cold Case Posse is being  disbanded and formal notices are going out to the members that “they no longer have the right to represent this organization or an extension of it”. Ouch!

Penzone made it clear that the days of staging publicity stunts like his predecessor loved to do were over. He also said he put together an advisory task force headed by former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods to look at whether it is viable to keep Tent City in operation or should be shut down.

The disbanding of the Cold Case Posse officially ends the 64 month long investigation in which the Posse  tried unsuccessfully to prove that President Obama’s long form birth certificate released in April 2011 was a forgery.

NBC12 Report on Prenzone’s Press Conference

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I just sent this email to Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email

Ms Rondeau

Since you will not permit me to comment on your blog I will send you this correction.

Your article titled “Media Continues Blackout of Birth Certificate Forgery Conclusions” contains this inaccurate statement:

However, the White House never released a “piece of paper.” The only item proffered was a PDF image on its website, while papers distributed to reporters afterward were revealed to be simply reproductions of a jpeg image photographed by the Associated Press.

A four page handout was distributed to reporters was at the press “gaggle” conducted by Press Secretary Jay Carney on the morning of April 27, 2011. The gaggle was held before the President spoke. The handout contained these items:

  1. A copy of the Obama birth certificate issued by Hawaii in 2007 to the Obama campaign.
  2. A copy of the letter from Ms Judith Corely to the Hawaii Department of Health requesting on behalf of President Obama a policy waver and for them to issue the long form version of the birth certificate.
  3. A copy of the reply letter from Director Loretta Fuddy granting the waiver.
  4. A copy of one of the two certified birth certificates that Ms Corely carried back from Hawaii.

Upon receiving his copy of the handout AP White House photographer J. Scott Applewhite quickly used his professional grade digital camera to take a photo of the copy of the LFBC and uploaded the image to the AP Washington bureau. I exchanged emails with Mr. Applewhite and he confirmed this sequence of events. His exact words to me were that “I just acted as a human copy machine”. Some reporters also saw one of the two certified copies with the embossed seal that Mr. Carney had brought to the gaggle. Savannah Guthrie from NBC took a photo of it with her cell phone camera. The seal is quite visible.

So your statement that the “White House never released a piece of paper” is completely wrong. I am not sure what you expected the White House to do. Did you expect them to obtain hundreds of certified copies from Hawaii and give one to every reporter?

You also omitted several key facts from the same article. First Mike Zullo’s evidence from the first two press conferences has been debunked. Even he now admits that I and others who contended that the layers and other anomalies that were the primary evidence of forgery presented at the first press conference were instead the result of a normal process of scanning a paper document on a Xerox WorkCentre office copier/scanner.

We also know that the race codes that were the centerpiece of the July 17, 2012 press conference were incorrect and that they displayed a slide that contained codes from a 1968 vital statistics manual. They were different in 1961. This error speaks to the quality of the investigation.

Now after five years of a failed investigation an entirely new theory was presented at the final “press conference” held on December 15, 2016. I placed press conference in quotes because reporters were not allowed to ask a single question. In your article you quoted Mr. Zullo:

“There is no way those reporters left that room thinking this was nonsense. I could tell by their faces. At the first two press conferences, there were rolling eyes, but that didn’t happen here.

“As I said in the press conference, this had nothing to do with politics for me, and we have presented it in a way that we believe is irrefutable and hardly a ‘debunked’ investigation.

“With all of those reporters in that room, the story has yet to be told. They know how damaging it is, and they do not want to report the findings to the public.”

It’s nice that Mr. Zullo could read their minds and know what the reporters were thinking without allowing them to ask a single question.

If you would like to see why the latest theory is also complete nonsense I would refer you to an article I posted last week on my blog.

Overlay of Obama and Ah’Nee Birth Certificates Shows the Latest Cold Case Posse Forgery Theory Is Nonsense

Kevin Davidson has also authored several articles that debunk the theory that items were “lifted” from the Ah’Nee certificate and is releasing more this week on the date stamp angles.

Mike Zullo seems upset the press is not giving him widespread favorable coverage. I would suggest that not allowing reporters to question any of his evidence and calling the media corrupt isn’t a good way to get them on your side. He also needs to know that the media is also aware of several basic facts that suggest this investigation isn’t anything worthy of paying much attention:

  1. This was never an official investigation conducted by the MCSO
  2. No suspect has ever been named.
  3. A person who was on the inside of the investigation from the beginning and left has said it was a sham.
  4. Mr. Zullo is not POST certified in Arizona.
  5. The Cold Case Posse has no track record of solving any crime.
  6. Not releasing the reports from Reed Hayes and FORLabs coupled with the two disastrous press conferences causes one to ask “What’s he hiding?”
  7. The Maricopa County Attorney hasn’t even been involved since 2012 and when asked then said he had no jurisdiction and the evidence presented at the press conferences was mostly supposition.
  8. Hawaii is the ultimate authority on the authenticity of their vital records documents and they have spoken.

It is with good reason that incoming Sheriff Penzone shut down this investigation.
You have my permission to use the information in this email or my article with attribution of course.

Best regards,


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Will the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Petition Sheriff Penzone to Look into Trump’s Possible Treason?

we-the-peopleIn August of 2011 an Arizona citizen named Brian Reilly spearheaded an effort to have the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Patriots to sign a petition to request that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio open an investigation into the authenticity of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. Remember President Obama had already provided a perfectly valid birth certificate from Hawaii in 2008 and because that wasn’t good enough to satisfy the Birthers like Donald Trump the President had requested and published a certified copy of his long form certificate on April 27, 2011. Copies were also made available to the press corps and some i the room saw on of the original sealed and certified copies.

However, because some amateurs who had never analyzed anything in their lives like Noah’s Ark searcher Doug Vogt, Obama hater Mara Zebest, a 12 year old boy named Albert Renshaw, Karl Denninger  and others made YouTube videos claiming the Obama long form birth certificate was a forgery Mr. Reilly decided it would be a good idea if Sheriff Arpaio used his vast law enforcement resources to do an investigation. (Young Mr. Renshaw having reached puberty now admits he was wrong. The others seem yo have all gone silent.) Never mind that no actual crime had been committed in Apraio’s jurisdiction even if the certificate were  forgery.  Mr. Reilly’s petition was presented on August 17, 2011 at a meeting of the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Patriots where Jerome Corsi was pushing his failure of a book “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate?”. His petition was signed by 242 of the approximately 350 patriots in attendance. (It is not known if those who didn’t sign were actually patriots or not but it is left to the gentle reader to figure it out).

Mr.  Reilly and a handful of members of the Surprise Tea Party presented the petition to Sheriff Arpaio the very next day along with a letter requesting a criminal investigation be undertaken by the MCSO. Arpaio moved quickly and assigned the “investigation” to an organization that most of us had ever heard of, his all volunteer volunteer Cold Case Posse. You know the rest of the story. Now it is not known why a “Cold” Case Pose would be assigned to handle such a current case with national prominence. You’d have to ask old Joe that question.

Mr. Reilly has written that he felt that the idea of having Sheriff Arpaio investigation President Obama’s birth certificate was divinely inspired and that the Lord made it happen so quickly. Reilly wrote this at a right wing blog called the NCRenegade:

Comment from Brian Reilly

This project came about because of an idea that the Lord provided to me. We put this project together in less than two weeks, arranged flights from New Jersey for Dr. Corsi, booked a room, made the appointment with Sheriff Arpaio to discuss “law enforcement issues,” conducted our “action” meeting obtaining 242 petition signatures which was 69% of those in attendance, presented our petition to Sheriff Arpaio and his upper echelon of brass, made our case within an hour, came back to deliver a formal letter with evidence and now, Sheriff Arpaio has assigned 5 distinguished invetigators [sic] to the case. The lead investigator informed me that the Sheriff wanted an investigation done with the “utmost diligence.” So now, for the first time in U.S.history, a county sheriff is investigating a sitting president. The Lord’s hand is in this project.

The point of the story? This project came together flawlessly because it truly was the Lord’s will. I give Him all the glory.

Ephesians 5:11-12 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.”

Brian Reilly
Surprise AZ Tea Party

Old Joe was more than willing to help so he assigned it to his top used car salesman Mike Zullo  who was the lead of the heretofore unheard-of Cold Case Posse. It is clear from what Apraio had say in the movie The Joe Show that Arpaio recognized the political value in doing something to appear to help the Birthers. He eventually used Birtherism to raise millions of dollars towards his 2012 election campaign. It was also to his liking to do anything to delegitimize a President he clearly did not like and whose Justice Department was hauling Arpaio into federal court for civil rights violations against Hispanics.

Now we are one week before real estate tycoon and all around pervert Donald Trump is about to lead the greatest nation in the world. Reports have been swirling for months that Trump has close ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump has steadfastly defended both Putin and Russia while denigrating his own country (which apparently isn’t great) and every branch of its government including our military.

Only this week an intelligence report surfaced prepared by a highly respected retired British MI-6 intelligence agent that said that Trump that the Russians have in their possession compromising videos of Trump in perverted sex acts that  including watching prostitute performing “golden showers” in the very bed in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow where President Obama and the First Lady had slept. I mean eeew!

The same report also alleges that Trump campaign operatives met with Russian agents to conspire to interfere with the American presidential election and submarine the campaign of his opponent Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college. If this report  is true Trump and his people would be guilty of treason.

FBI Director Comey in a closed door testimony before a Congressional committee would not even acknowledge that they were investigating these allegations.

This appears to be a perfect time for the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots to again petition the same agency that investigated President Obama’s birth certificate. We know Sheriff Arpaio was a Trump shill so he would not have acted. Fortunately, a new Sheriff just took office who is not beholden to Trump. His name is Paul Penzone. What better way to start his time in office that to act in this time of dire need?

So will these “Patriots” act? Will the Lord once again intervene? Surely this is a more noble cause than a proving a black man’s birth certificate?

I don’t think Mr. Reilly is any longer a member of the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots. He came to his senses and called Zullo’s investigation a witch hunt and a sham. However, since this seems to be a time for action maybe he could prepare another petition? Surely the present circumstances warrant the action of these great patriots!

Pastor Carl Gallups could pray for the Lord to intervene once again and this time not drop the ball like he did last time. On second thought maybe another pastor might have a better connections in that area. We will have a new Sheriff to lead the way. Zullo won’t be there to muck it up either.

I encourage these patriots to act. Time is running out for our great country.

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Mike Zullo Admits the Obots Were Correct All Along

Zullo looking weirdHe said that in “Zullo-speakTM” of course. The admission came during an interview on the Hagmann Report radio program on December 16th. Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups appeared the day after the December 15 final press conference of the Cold Case Posse.

At around the 1hr 34 minute time mark on the show Zullo began to address why he took the investigation in a completely different direction after 5 years:

Zullo as usual leaves out most of the details about what they did, and exactly who did it. His methodology is not documented at all.

It appears that this is what happened:

  1. FORLAB forensic laboratory in Italy was hired by Zullo.
  2. FORLAB looked at the metadata of the Obama 2010 tax returns posted in April 2011 at the White House web site. From the metadata they found the returns were scanned on a Xerox 7655. (We knew that three years ago. The metadata is quite easy to read in Adobe Reader.)
  3. FORLAB examined the JPG quantization matrices in the tax return document PDF and the LFBC PDF file and found they were similar so they concluded that the LFBC was also scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. Again blogger NBC discovered this three years ago and wrote about it. The quantization matrix is structured in 8×8 blocks on PDF’s scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655 and other models.
  4. Zullo said they searched for the 2011 “software” from Xerox for a year. (It is actually machine firmware.)
  5. They finally got the firmware from a technician and installed it.
  6. Zullo said they ran many tests on the birth certificate with combinations of settings. This is obviously wrong since Zullo doesn’t have the original document. We can assume they scanned a printed copy of the birth certificate.
  7. Zullo said they were able to get results that were really close but not an exact match with nine layers.
  8. He said they got halos but they were different.
  9. Based on these results Zullo apparently had to abandon the claims from the first two press conferences.

In summary,

  • FORLAB was able to show that the LFBC PDF was definitely scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. “Obots” demonstrated this in 2013.
  • By making a test document from the image posted on the Internet FORLAB was able to reproduce most of the anomalies in the LFBC PDF and produce a file that was “really close”. In 2013 I made as good a test document as could be made and got results that were extremely close even down to nine layers. Zullo as usual misses the point. The number of layers is random depending on many factors. Without the actual document scanned in the identical way you will never get a perfectly identical file. Even the same document scanned twice on the same machine will not produce identical PDF files.
  • Zullo admitted that as a result the “evidence” from the first two press conferences was not “court ready”. Well I would go further and say it was nonsense and completely debunked.

I believe this clip gives us an insight as to why Zullo went dark for a couple of years and got distracted by the Seattle Operation. He admits going through some dark times and almost giving up. That is why in desperation and with the clock running out on Arpaio’s term they had to come out with the absurd theory that the Obama certificate was copied from the Ah’Nee certificate.

Hey Mike, we solved this mystery in 2013. I am glad you finally caught up. You can thank me any time.

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Overlay of Obama and Ah’Nee Birth Certificates Shows the Latest Cold Case Posse Forgery Theory Is Nonsense


Courtesy Arizona Central

On December 15, 2016 only two weeks before he left office Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio hosted a third and final press conference to present the final results of the 64 month long investigation conducted by his volunteer Cold Case Posse lead by Mike Zullo. At the press conference (if you could call it that since no questions were allowed) Arpaio repeated his claim that President Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery. Arpaio also repeated his dubious claim that the purpose of the investigation had always been to “clear President Obama”. Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo conducted the rest of the presentation. During the  presentation Zullo introduced a brand new theory that the Obama long form birth certificate had been forged by using various parts of another Hawaii birth certificate belonging to Ms. Johanna Ah’Nee (now Johanna Randolph). A video produced by Birther Mark Gillar was offered as evidence to support this theory.

Zullo at the news conference and in a subsequent interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report radio program appeared to abandon prior claims made at the first two news conferences from 2012 that the layers in the PDF file were proof of forgery. As a matter of fact he conceded that their own tests showed that a Xerox WorkCentre could have produced the layers. He mentioned that an Italian forensic laboratory had concluded that the Obama BC PDF was generated on the type of Xerox that was used to scan the Obama tax returns in 2011.

This video was played a the December 15 news conference. It was produced and narrated by Birther Mark Gillar who has done all the previous videos for the Cold Case Posse in the birth certificate investigation.

The video claims to demonstrate nine points of forgery, namely that nine elements in the Obama BC were lifted from the Ah’Nee BC and used to make the Obama BC. First let’s look at the big picture. Zullo never says who created the so called forgery but it would have to have been someone who had access to the Ah’Nee certificate either from the archives in Hawaii or from Ms. Randolph herself. The authorized officials in Hawaii would of course have access to the archives containing all birth certificates. So if someone in the Hawaii Department of Health was the creator then out of all the thousands of 1961 birth certificates to use we the one they picked happened to be the same certificate that Ms Randolph happened to give to Miki Booth who then gave to Jerome Corsi that ultimately ended up in the hands of the Cold Case Posse in 2012. What are the chances of that happening? Why would the forger choose a certificate from a baby girl born over two weeks later? There were births in the same hospital the same day. Why not use one of those?

The only other possibility is that Ms Randolph herself was involved. We know she got her certificate in 1995 from the date seal on the back of the certificate. Although some Birthers like Douglas Vogt have made this claim Zullo doesn’t. If Johanna Randolph were involved in a conspiracy to help Obama why would she give her certificate to Birther Miki Booth where it eventually would wind up into the hands of someone trying to catch Obama in a crime?

Who was involved? How did they do it? These are the questions that real law enforcement investigators would have answered before stating a crime had been committed. This is why the CCP won’t take their findings to the Maricopa Country Attorney or any other law enforcement organization.

Did I say the theory is stupid? But wait there is more…

Let’s look at an overlay of the two certificates. It was one prepared by Doug Vogt earlier this year and shared with me by someone else.It was also previously published at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.  I was told that an overlay almost identical to this was prepared for the Cold Case Posse in 2012. (Click the image to view a full size version.)

Johanna Obama Overlay

I don’t know how anyone could reasonably conclude that one certificate was used to make the other. What we can conclude is that the typist used a similar or the same typewriter with tabs stops set to center the entries in the fields. This would make sense since the same person in the same office probably prepared birth certificates at Kapi’olani Hospital in 1961.

Note in box 6b, which is one of the five elements that Gillar claimed were copied over together from the Ah’Nee certificate. You can see in this overlay they aren’t the same. Kevin Davidson at Obama Conspiracy Theories also pointed out that even in the fuzzy video you could see this wasn’t the case:

image image

You can clearly see the “Oahu” in the Obama certificate on the left has a vertically displaced upper case “O”. Anyone who has ever typed on a typewriter knows how that happens.

Kevin used the better images available to show the differences even more dramatically:


So right away we can see that the CCP theory falls short on the first claim.

Kevin Davidson also published an analysis by an anonymous commenter who looked at the so called nine points of forgery. (Click on the picture for a full sized image).


This author also examined the claim that the date stamps were copied over because they were the placed at same angles on each certificate. First Gillar leaves out one small fact in the video. The dates aren’t the same! Let me repeat that. They are claiming someone copied over the dates and had to carefully change the day of the month but didn’t bother to change the angle. There is also the issue that there is no evidence that the PDF was ever touched by Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Again click on the image for the full sized version.

Date Stamp

While the angles are close they are not the same. Also, trying to determine precise angles on fuzzy, pixelated images is just guesswork. We have run into this kind of flawed analysis before with Paul Irey.

Edit: It occurred to me this morning just how absurd Gillar’s claims are. In the video the claimed that elements from the Ah’Nee certificate were “digitally copied over”. The question is “Digitally copied over to exactly what?” If the Obama birth certificate is a forgery then where did the form with all the boxes come from? Was another certificate used and then tiny pieces from the Ah’Nee certificate were copied on to that? Why would someone do that? If the Ah’Nee certificate was the base document why are there so many differences? If this mysterious forger had a copy of a blank form they could have just used an old Underwood  typewriter and filled out most of the items.

So one has to ask. Why would the Cold Case Posse come out with such an easily debunked new theory after 64 months of the investigation? I think the answer is obvious. This investigation had been run using the name and prestige of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio lost his bid for reelection in November. The newly elected Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone is on record as saying the birth certificate investigation will end when he takes office. Mike Zullo admitted on Mike Volin’s WOBC radio show the other night that the investigation had ended as far as the sheriff’s office was concerned.

Therefore the Cold Case Posse was desperate to put out something and claim victory. Their earlier evidence had been ripped to shreds. The layers were explained by the Xerox WorkCentre experiments. Zullo had been caught using the wrong race codes in an earlier Gillar video. The Selective Service application card was a sideshow from the start and went no where. After all, the Selective Service registration card was obtained from the Bush administration in October 2008 even before Barack Obama took office.

Also, Zullo had gotten sidetracked for almost two years by conman Dennis Montgomery chasing imaginary conspiracies involving federal Judge Murray Snow and  members of the Department of Justice.  Zullo had to invoke the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times when he testified before Judge Snow in the Melendres v Arpaio racial profiling case. The big March 2014 reveal of Universe Shattering Evidence had to be postponed indefinitely. With only two weeks to go in Arpaio’s term and President Obama leaving office in a month the Ah’Nee certificate was all that was left.

The latest nonsense from the Cold Case Posse is what you would expect when someone is desperate and is trying to promote a falsehood.

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The end of Birtherism?

I haven’t written anything since the election so I thought I would put together some random thoughts on the coming end of President Obama’s second term, the Trump administration, and what this all means as far as the Birther movement.

First, I don’t think any conspiracy movement ever completely ends. We still have 911 truthers, various Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists, and moon landing hoaxers pushing their crazy theories. There is good reason to think that a few hard core Birthers will still be around in 20 or 30 years. Mike Zullo will be 80 and still promising to release universe shattering evidence any day now. There will still be Birthers who will believe that once the “facts” are out there everything President Obama did way back in the early 2000’s will be undone. But for practical purposes the Birther movement died with the reelection of President Obama in 2012.

What can one really say about the election of the idiot Donald Trump? I am deeply ashamed of the minority of my fellow Americans who somehow took leave of their senses and elected this pathetic, immature, petulant and dangerous person to office. Anyone who believes this was a normal election is delusional. James Comey elected Trump. Without the jackass FBI Director Comey sticking his nose in where it never belonged not once but twice Trump would have been trounced. One of my great disappointments with President Obama is that he didn’t do what he should have done and fired Comey. What Comey did was unethical, unprecedented, and cause for termination.

I think Trump’s election reveals there is a sickness in this country. I think it was primarily a backlash by middle class white people who see the country changing in ways they don’t like. They don’t like seeing power go to minorities as the demographics of the country change. Trump, assisted by his fellow Republicans tapped in to this fear and racism. They made them feel that it was OK to be sexist and racist again.

Edit: I ran across this video today. I think every Trump supporter needs to watch it.

Joe Arpaio decided to take one last long drink from the well of Birtherism before leaving office. On December 15th he and Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo held a final “press conference”to present the latest nonsense theory that someone forged Barack Obama’s long form certificate. The event was not an official MCSO event. It wasn’t listed on the MCSO web site or Facebook page. While the press was invited they were not allowed to ask any questions apparently because the press had asked hard questions like why did you spend taxpayer money on this when you said you weren’t? Some supporters like Miki Booth attended just to give the event the proper festive touch. It was not reported whether the turkey accompanied Miki on the trip.


Innocent bird with a turkey

Finally, I want to explain why I pulled an article written by Brian Reilly that was his response to a hit piece published by Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email. First, it had already been published at Obama Conspiracy Theories so publishing it here would be redundant. Second, I found some issues with Mr. Reilly’s response.

A couple of things bothered me about Mr. Reilly’s response. First, he failed to address the allegation that he was fired as a volunteer posse member when he lived in Washington State. From what Kevin Davidson had posted in a comment it was merely  that the new police chief or sheriff decided to cut the number of posse members after assuming office. If that was the case then why did Mr. Reilly not address this allegation in his response?

Mr. Reilly in my opinion doesn’t adequately address when and why he had an epiphany on his Birtherism. Sharon Rondeau posted a copy of an email that Brian Reilly sent to unknown persons on May 23, 2012 the day after Arizona Secretary of State Bennett released the verification letter received from the State of Hawaii. In the email Mr. Reilly expressed that he was upset and disappointed with Bennett. He suggested Bennett needed remove President Obama from the Arizona presidential election ballot instead. That idea was just plain stupid. Can you imagine SoS Bennett removing the President’s name from the ballot based on the findings of a bunch of volunteer idiots? I don’t use that term flippantly. The CCP was demonstrably a bunch of idiots.

Mr. Reilly doesn’t address this email at all in his response. Instead he attacked Mike Zullo for trying to keep the investigation going beyond the 2012 election. What happened between May 23, 2012 and late June when Brian Reilly left the CCP? I don’t think we really know.

I think there were many inaccuracies in Sharon Rondeau’s article and her non interview interview with Mike Zullo. However, I wish Mr. Reilly would have been more forthcoming in a few areas.

I appreciate that Mr. Reilly now repudiates the work of the Cold Case Posse. I think he should apologize to President Obama and his supporters for his prior Birtherism and what it spawned however.

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An Editorial Response by Brian Reilly to Sharon Rondeau ’s Post & Email Article

This article has been removed.

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