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A belated Happy New Year to all of my readers and listeners. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and don’t get bogged down in the drudgery and darkness of winter.

Since it is a new year and in the spirit of open discussion I have removed everyone who was previously on my comment moderation list. All first time commenters automatically have their comments go into moderation as before (I can’t change that) and the RC Radio Blog comment policy still applies. Let’s try to be civil.

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RC Radio Interviews Foggy from the Fogbow Forum

foghorn-leghornI did an hour long interview with Foggy the owner of the Fogbow forum. Foggy is a long time Obot and nemesis of Birthers everywhere.

Catch the episode at the RC Radio page on BlogTalk Radio:

RC Radio Interview with Foggy

Or listen right here:

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Was the CCP Birth Certificate Investigation Pay to Play?

Zullo Behind bars

Zullo behind bars?

Morgan Loew, an investigative reporter for Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, presented a devastating piece last night on Mike Zullo and the sham Cold Case Posse investigation into President Obama’s long form birth certificate. The segment included an interview with Brian Reilly, the person who first presented the idea for the investigation  to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Brian’s wife Denise Reilly.

The Reillys repeated many of the allegations against Zullo that Brian had previously related when he has called RC Radio. The most interesting and troublesome new allegation in the report was that a Birther litigant from New Jersey, William Wolf, had written a personal check for $10,000 to Mike Zullo. According to Morgan Loew the late Mr. Wolf had supplied a “dossier of evidence” to Zullo and the CCP to help the investigation. Zullo had previous denied had had

Wolf at the time of the donation also was suing the Hawaii DoH to obtain a copy of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. The case was Wolf v Fuddy. All the case documents are available at Jack Ryan’s SCRIBD page here and here. Mr. Wolf lost the case and also was denied on appeal. The courts ruled he was not entitled to receive a certified copy of the President or any one else’s birth records under the Hawaii open records laws. Wolf is notable in that he was one of the few Birther litigants to actually hire a real law firm for his case.

These two video’s of Morgan Loew’s segment are available on the KPHO web site:

Birther posse chief: I accepted $10,000 from source and Former posse members expose birther investigation

The revelations that Mike Zullo personally profited at least $11,500 from the CCP investigation are startling to say the least and may cross the line of illegality. (Mike Zullo previously admitted that he received checks that amounted to approximately $1500 from the sale of an eBook version of the Cold Case Posse interim report on Amazon).  Zullo also told Brian Reilly that before he left the Posse that over $80,000 had been raised. We don’t know what happened to any of that money. We don’t know how much has been donated since then and donations are still being actively solicited even now. (See below)

These revelations  beg the question: was the Cold Case Posse investigation pay to play? Was the way to get your evidence or your point of view  included to grease the palms of Mr. Zullo?

Zullo responded to Morgan Loew’s request for a comment only after he was confronted with evidence of the $10,000 check. Zullo acknowledged that he had received the money but claimed that it was a personal gift from Mr. Wolf. Does Mr. Zullo want us to believe Wolf would just happen to give $10,000 to a used car dealer in Cave Creek, AZ?

Was the direction the investigation went determined by money and politics? Or was it about getting to the truth as both Arpaio and Zullo have claimed? Most importantly, how could Zullo impartially and objectively examine any evidence provided by Wolf  after being given a $10,000 “gift”?

This might explain why the CCP has consistently refused to look at evidence that contradicted the conclusion they seemed destined to reach. It would explain why the Posse refused to talk to author of Was Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud?, John Woodman. The CCP also refused to acknowledge that evidence I and others presented that a simple work flow using a Xerox WorkCentre explains all the PDF file anomalies. I think I know why. The CCP never was and still is not conducting a real investigation. It is a political action designed to keep the Birther movement alive, fill Joe Arpaio’s campaign coffers, and benefit pretend law enforcement officer Mike Zullo.

Who else involved in the investigation was paid? How much? We know Zullo told Reilly “We need to find a way to get you paid”. This was one of the reasons that Reilly gave for leaving the Cold Case Posse. He was rightly concerned about the appearance of volunteers being paid to conduct a supposedly serious and impartial investigation.

Who else profited from the “investigation”? It is certain that Zullo’s co-author Jerome Corsi did. What about Mark Gillar who produced the video with the faked race codes and other videos used in both CCP news conferences? What about the discredited “researchers” like Mara Zebest, Garrett Papit, and Tim Selatey, Jr.? Did they profit?

They answer is we simply do not know. Why? Because despite the fact the Cold Case Posse is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization they have yet to file a single Form 990 with the IRS since incorporating. Zullo claims that the CCP is exempt because it is affiliated with the MCSO, a government agency.  However, the MCSO has stated that they have no oversight at all of CCP financial dealings. Dr. Conspiracy has written several articles about how the CCP wants to have it both ways to avoid disclosure of revenues and expenditures. He even filed a complaint with the IRS about the CCP’s lack of accountability  – Cold Case Posse referred to IRS for failure to file Form 990

Reporter Loew went to Mr. Zullo’s home with a camera crew and attempted to ask Zullo about why the Posse was the only such MCSO Posse not to file the required form 990.

This interesting exchange occurred:

Loew: You’re running a non profit and you won’t disclose how much money …Why won’t you tell us how much money this nonprofit has made?

Zullo: I just don’t have to.

Loew: But what’s wrong with full disclosure?

Zullo: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with full disclosure. It’s just that I don’t have to.

I suppose full disclosure and accountability are just not your style are they Mr. Zullo? Nope, those are for the little people.

We hope Mr. Loew follows up on his efforts to “follow the money” at the CCP. I will reach out to Mr. Zullo to appear with Brian Reilly on a future episode of RC Radio to address the allegations in Mr. Loew’s report.

[Edited 11/1/2914]

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Carl Gallups Really Believes Mike Zullo is a "Law Enforcement Officer?"

(RC: This is a guest post written by Brian Reilly. Mr. Reilly was a member of the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party and was the person who convinced Sheriff Joe Arpaio to do an investigation into President Obama’s long form birth certificate in 2011. Mr. Reilly then was asked to join the Cold Case Posse and worked on the investigation along side Posse lead Mike Zullo.

Mr. Reilly has called Reality Check Radio several times to voice his opinion that the investigation led by Mike Zullo was and continues to be nothing more than a sham. Mr. Reilly expressed that opinion most recently on my show this past Wednesday evening. )


There seems to be some confusion on the part of some, whether Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse, non-profit corporation is a ” sworn law enforcement officer” in Arizona.  Let’s see if we can find the truth.


To Director Lyle Mann, Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training (AZPOST) regarding Posse member Michael P. Zullo.
1.) Was Michael P. Zullo,  AZ POST certified as  a law enforcement officer, anytime in the year 2012?
2.) Is Michael P. Zullo currently, AZ POST certified as a law enforcement officer?

(Arizona Amended Code, R13-4-103: Certification of Peace Officers Mandatory.

(Arizona Revised Statutes, 1-215-27:  “Peace Officers means sheriffs of counties, constables, marshals, policemen of cities and towns, commissioned personnel of the department of public safety, personnel who are employed by the state department of corrections and the department of juvenile corrections and who have received a certificate from the Arizona peace officers standards and training board,…..”     (volunteer Posse members are not included in the statute.)


From: Lyle Mann <lylem@azpost.gov>To: Brian Reilly reillyfam@REDACTED
Subject: RE: Is this person an AZ POST certified law enforcement officer?
“No to both questions.”

Sharon Rondeau quotes Carl Gallups, in her recent article in the Post & E-mail about the 9/23/14 Peter Boyles Show,  as saying,  “Zullo spends the first two or three pages [of his Alabama Supreme Court affidavit]  identifying his law enforcement powers and authorities.” Gallups asked Sheriff Arpaio: “Is he [Zullo] really a bona fide law enforcement officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office?”  Arpaio is reported to have said “Yes.”  In the Alabama Supreme Court, Michael Zullo affidavit,  in the third sentence,  of the first paragraph, on the first page, Zullo clearly states: “I am a former sworn law enforcement office (sic)/criminal investigator…..”  This affidavit is posted on Carl Gallups site at:  www.carlgallups.com/zullo-affidavit.doc

It is very clear that even Michael Zullo acknowledges that he is a “former sworn law enforcement office (sic).   Zullo’s statement is consistent with AZ POST Director Lyle Mann’s reply to my questions as to whether Michael P. Zullo is currently, or,  in 2012, an AZ POST certified law enforcement officer.  Director Mann’s answer is,  “No to both questions.”

Hopefully, Carl Gallups will give this article some thought and reconsider his position.


Brian Reilly

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Fogbow Forum Converting to IP Board Software

The Fogbow Forum is outgrowing the forum software that it has been using since January 2009 when it was the Politijab Forum. Foggy is moving the Forum to IP Board software which should be better able to handle the large database (over 568,000 posts). The forum should be back up today. For updates follow @_foggy on Twitter.

I will update the article when the forum is back up. The address will remain http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/

Update: The Fogbow is back up and running on the new software. There appears to be some tweaking needed to get everything working but I am sure Foggy and the gang will get it working. After all the old forum didn’t get where it was in a day.

Foggy and Dr. Ken will be answering your questions on IP Board tonight on a special edition of RC Radio at 8 PM EDT.

Foggy and Dr. Ken Answer Questions about IP Board

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Will Susan Daniels back up her claims?

susan-danielsI emailed Susan Daniels and offered her a chance to debate Frank Arduini (Historian Dude) on Reality Check Radio. The subject of the debate would be her claims that she has evidence that President Obama used a “stolen social security number” and that his selective service registration card, a copy of which was obtained via a FOIA request during the George W. Bush administration, is a forgery.

I sent the following email to Ms. Daniels yesterday:

Ms. Daniels

I previously offered you an interview on my radio program, Reality Check Radio. I would like to renew that offer with a chance to debate Frank Arduini (Historian Dude) as well. The debate would be structured with timed opening statements by each and timed periods for interrogatories. Time limits for each will be enforced as strictly as possible.  I suggest that it run for an hour to 1-1/4 hours with time for caller questions afterwards. The show would be two hours.

If you are interested I will arrange for a date and agreed upon conditions between Mr. Arduini and you.

I look forward to your response. I will also be posting this challenge on my blog.



I thought of the debate after reading Susan Daniels’ article on her losing court case filed in Ohio in 2012. She titled the article Politics: A Two-Headed Rattlesnake

She was not happy that the judge ignored her “evidence”:

I used to believe we had a two-party political system. I was delusional. I got a good smack of reality on September 4, 2012, as I stood in front of a Republican judge in a rural county of Ohio. The treatment would have been no different with a Democrat on the bench. I was there because I had filed a lawsuit against the Republican Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, in an effort to keep Barack Obama off the ballot in November 2012. http://www.scribd.com/doc/122020325/

There is a good reason why I filed it.

I believe that Barack Obama is a fraud and a liar. I am neither. I discovered the truth about Obama five years ago as I was investigating his questionable background for a client. I am a licensed private investigator in Ohio and have been for more than twenty years. Of the approximately eight hundred investigative companies here, a couple dozen are owned by women. I belong to that small group.

I also belong to the subsets that include widows, septuagenarians, mothers of seven, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, holders of master’s degrees, paralegals, notary publics, those of Irish ancestry and my favorite of all: certified write-in candidates for President of the United States. But I digress.

As a licensed investigator I have access to information that others don’t. As I began my investigation into the background of Barack Obama, I expected to find nothing. After all, he was already installed as president, even though never vetted by anyone.

Mr. Arduini schooled Susan in the comments on the article. This was the exchange:

susandanielspi HistorianDude

I have a copy of Chiang Kai-Shek’s birth certificate showing he was born in HI. I think we all know he was born in China.

HistorianDude susandanielspi

No you don’t.

You have a copy of Sun Yat-sen’s birth certificate. They are rather spectacularly two different people, and I dare say that confusing two different people just because they were both Chinese does not reflect well on your competence as a Private Investigator.

Sun Yat-sen’s certificate is the one I referred to as being issued 110 years ago. It was issued in 1904… at a time when birth certificates were not even required in the US. It was issued seven years before Hawaii passed what would turn out to be the most stringent requirements in the US for obtaining a birth certificate, and 55 years before Hawaii even became a State.

Because of one other key and obvious detail the certificate also fails to meet the State Department standards for proof of citizenship. It was not issued within one year of his birth (missing that hurdle by 28 years).

Donna Mohler’s claim was that “Back in 1959, 1960, 1961 ANYONE could get a B.C from Hawaii!” If you actually intend to defend her, a BC issued in 1904 misses by more than a half century.

I don’t expect to hear back from Ms. Daniels. Like all Birther investigators she knows she cannot defend her conclusions when challenged with facts. She instead wants to keep up the smear campaign against a President she dislikes and do it in controlled environments like Family Security Matters and with friendly Birther radio hosts like Peter Boyles. The last person she would wish to engage in debate is Frank Arduini.

The offer stands regardless. Will she go where no Birther dares to tread? Does she have the temerity to defend her claims? We shall see.

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Birthers are boring

Birthers are RetardedIn case you hadn’t noticed I haven’t had much to talk or write about lately. The Birthers just aren’t providing much material of late. Whatever happened to our weekly dose of “any day now” and “it’s coming in March” gushing from Carl Gallups on Fact Free Friday? We have been reduced to following the bumbling attempts of Mike Zullo as he tries to properly file papers for the Cold Case Posse with the Arizona Corporations Commission. Zullo at least temporarily seemed to have convinced the ACC to remove the delinquent status for the CCP but as several commenters at OCT pointed out the CCP is still not incompliance with the law because they are still listing the physical address of their new statutory agent as the Wells Fargo Building at 100 W. Washington St. in Phoenix where the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office rented a suite but hasn’t since last year. I have it on good authority that this deficiency in the latest filing has been communicated to the ACC.

It has been a month since Stephen Lemons (who was our guest on RC Radio) broke the news the Cold Case Posse and real deputies from the MCSO were working with scammer Dennis Montgomery of Seattle, Washington in an effort to dig up dirt on President Obama, Eric Holder and federal district court Judge Murray Snow. Snow is the judge who has been pissing in Sheriff Joe’s sandbox by appointing an observer to make sure the MCSO doesn’t further engage in their favorite pastime of racial profiling. Arapio didn’t deny any of Lemon’s claims when asked about Montgomery and neither did an angry Mike Zullo when Lemon’s called him. (Note to Steve: I could have told you Zullo is not a pleasant fellow to talk with on the phone.) The MCSO presumably at Arpaio’s direction has classified Montgomery as a confidential informant, which conveniently allows them to hide payments made to Montgomery out of RICO funds.

We also learned how Zullo and Arpaio hooked up with Montgomery. The connection appears to have been made through Jerome Corsi when Corsi was still working with Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse in 2012. WND publisher Joe Farrah and Corsi had run a number of articles accusing AG t Eric Holder of corruption in the handling of a Justice Department investigation following the bankruptcy the Yellowstone Club resort in Montana owned by Tim Blixseth. Dennis Montgomery was also a partner. The WND articles accused Holder of intervening on behalf of Credit Suiise who was the holder of the mortgage Credit Suisse whom Blixseth and his attorney Mike Flynn thought should have been prosecuted. A former member of the CCP told RC Radio that he remembered attending a meeting in the summer of 2012 at the MCSO Headquarters with  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tim Blixseth, his attorney, and Mike Zullo. The meeting had been arranged by Jerome Corsi who did not attend. It is pretty easy to connect the dots that Blixseth would introduce the “super sleuth” and “software expert” Dennis Montgomery to Arpaio and Zullo. They formed a symbiotic relationship to go after their common enemies Eric Holder and President Obama.

Some have speculated that Doug Vogt might have been the one who introduced Montgomery to Zullo but the only evidence to support such a claim is the fact that Vogt lives in the same community as Montgomery and Vogt has had contact with Zullo about his crazy theory that Johanna Randolph and Miki Booth are complicity in the imaginary forgery of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. I find these arguments unpersuasive. The Blixseth – Montgomery connection makes a lot more sense. One can imagine Mike Zullo drooling when Blixseth told him that he knew this guy who claimed to have deciphered secret messages being sent over Al Jazeera’s cable channel to Al Qaeda operatives.

Regardless of how Montgomery was  introduced to Zullo and Arapio things have gone very quiet since Lemon’s article ran on June 4th. Zullo hasn’t called into Gallups show and Gallups has stopped promising the universe would be shattered any day, month year from now. Gallups only mention of the article came when someone named Bob asked him about it on his show the following Friday:

Gallups instead of denying the veracity of the article launched into an attack on the Phoenix New Times as a “free rag sold in bus stations” and accused them of “promoting homosexuality”. When I played this clip fro Stephen Lemons when he was a guest on RC Radio on June he thought it was hilarious. Lemon’s story is well written and thoroughly sourced. These are concepts with which Carl Gallups is not familiar.

In other news that isn’t we have barely heard from Mike Volin since his broadcasts in May from the epic fail known as Operation American Spring that ended with a Sunday prayer meeting attended by dozens. OAS is in shambles and we learned this week that its founder Harry Riley was calling it quits. Remember when Riley claimed that 30 million would march on Washington and Obama would be forced to resign? How did that work out?

Meanwhile we recently passed the one year anniversary of blogger NBC’s publication of his findings that he could recreate the anomalies questioned by the Birther examiners of the LFBC PDF by scanning a printed copy of the PDF on a Xerox WorkCentre office machine. One year later the theory stands and has not been refuted. None of the Cold Case Posse experts have published one word about the theory. Their silence speaks volumes.

Finally, there is poor deluded Walter Fitzpatrick. Walt was convicted on charges of aggravated perjury and extortion in McMinn County Tennessee last month. The charges were the result of his attempts to force his way in front of the McMinn County grand jury to bring charges against his personal enemy former Grand Jury Foreman Jeff Cunningham. Fitzpatrick was determined to have lied in a petition for a restraining order against Cunningham early this year. Of course Sharon Rondeau has written a series of follow-up whining deluded articles at her Post & Eamil blog behind a paywall and probably read by no more than a handful of  die-hard Birthers. Fitzpatrick and Rondeau have been told many times that Walt is wrong in his assertion that grand jury forepersons in Tennessee cannot be appointed to serve multiple terms. It appears Walt is willing to go to prison again rather than understand the law. His sentencing hearing is scheduled on August 19th before Judge Kerry Blackwood.

[7/20/2014 Edited to correct the location and attendees of the 2012 meeting between Arpaio, Zullo, and Tim Blixseth.]

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