Correcting Kathy Weppner

Long time listeners of the show will remember when Kathy Weppner, a conservative talk show host from Buffalo, NY, was my guest on the show in 2010. Ms Weppner is running as a Republican for the House of Representatives in the 26th District of New York against incumbent Democratic Representative Brian Higgins. At the time Weppner hosted a show on WBEN called “Straight Talk”. I contacted her about coming on my show after I heard her conduct several interviews with Orly Taitz and do nothing but toss Orly soft ball questions. Ms Weppner bolted from the show after being questioned rather intensely by caller Georgetwon JD about the fact that Weppner was just repeating claims Olry Taitz had made in her lawsuits about how one could obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate without having been born there.

Ms Weppner was also completely wrong in her assertions that the “short form” birth certificate that President Obama had released in 2008 was not a valid birth certificate and could not be used for obtaining a passport. It was obvious that Weppner had accepted claims by Birthers like Orly Taitz without doing the least bit of fact checking.

When Weppner announced in March that she would run she began trying to scrub her Birther past from the Internet. However, some of her Birther past and inflammatory statements about gays and immigrants began to surface. In an article by reporter Jerry Zremski in the Buffalo News on March 22 some of the statements from her interview on my show were mentioned:

The research shows that Weppner took a keen interest in the “birther” movement, which raised questions about whether Obama was born in the United States and, therefore, eligible to be president.

Weppner hosted Orly Taitz, one of the founders of the movement, on her radio show, and questioned the credibility of Obama’s birth certificate both on that show and on a 2010 Blog Talk Radio appearance in which Weppner said: “What Obama’s campaign has put out is not a birth certificate.”

Weppner was referring to a short-form birth certificate issued by the Hawaii Department of Health and released by Obama’s campaign in 2007. Obama later asked Hawaii for a copy of a longer version of his birth certificate and then posted it to the White House website in 2011 in hopes of quelling the controversy over his qualifications.

Asked about her involvement in the Birther movement and whether she still believes that Obama may not have been born in America, Weppner wrote: “That question has already been decided.”

Weppner was not happy with Zremski’s article and posted a rebuttal on her campaign web site. She also posted an email exchange she had with Zremski prior to the publication of the article. She claimed she was ambushed by me and that “I was asked to appear on the blog radio radio to explain how I was transformed from talk show caller to host”. She continues “My appearance ended after about 15 minutes when I hung up realizing that I had been deceived and the real purpose of the interview was to ambush me with controversy.

Either Ms Weppner has a poor memory or she remembered what she wanted to talk about not what I said was the purpose of the interview. I still have the email exchange that began with me contacting her via the contact from on her show page. This is what I wrote:

I heard your interesting interview with Dr. Taitz today. I do a Blog Talk Radio Show and you would make a very exciting guest for my show. The show runs on Tuesday night at 9 PM ET. If you are interested please reply via my email. I cover the eligibility question very extensively. Regards, RC

I presume that it was clear what I wanted to discuss on the interview. I never mentioned anything about her transition from talk show caller to host.

Just as Weppner was wrong about Hawaiian law and Hawaiian birth certificates she is wrong about her claim as to why she was invited on my show.

Here is the complete audio of the Reality Check Radio show with Kathy Weppner that aired on January 19, 2010:

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MCSO Public Information Officer Brian Lee May Have Helped Write “A Question of Eligibility ” eBook

Zullo ebook coerReality Check Radio has obtained a copy of the metadata from the Word version of the eBook authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo that was sold for profit on Amazon starting the same day as the first Cold Case Posse press conference on March 1, 2012. As can be seen in the screenshots of the metadata below the author is Brian Lee and the company is the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department. At that time Brian Lee was the Public Information Officer for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the MCSO.

Jerome Corsi is also listed as someone who edited the Word document. Mike Zullo, Corsi’s co-author is not listed in the metadata on this version.

Here is the metadata from Word and Windows:

Question of Eligibility Meta Data

Question of Eligibility Windows Meta

The possible participation of Lt. Lee in the writing of the book is more proof that Sheriff Arapio may not have been truthful when he claimed that no public funds were being used on the investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate.

Some questions that come to mind:

  • What was the extent of Lt. Lee’s participation?
  • Did he profit from the sale of the book?
  • What part of the book did Mike Zullo write if any?
  • Why was the MCSO contributing  to a book and allowing it to be written on county computers when it was for the benefit of private individuals? Why was a high ranking deputy involved?
  • Was this violation of MCSO guidelines that prohibit a work product from being sold for profit of individuals?

We know that Mike Zullo profited from the sale of “A Question of Eligibility”. He admitted this when confronted by reporters but rationalized that he had “given the money to his church”.

I will have more on Deputy Lee and the book in the next article.

Update: As a couple of folks have astutely pointed out Word metadata is not ironclad proof that Brian Lee was an author. We know that either Joe Arpaio or a spokesperson like Lt. Lee provided the forward to the eBook. His involvement may have been limited to that or loaning a computer to Mike Zullo. I believe my questions listed above are valid however. The fact remains that two Posse members, Mike Zullo and Jerome Corsi, sold and profited from selling the work product of the Cold Case Posse. This report could have been posted on the MSCO web site in five minutes if the goal was to “get the word out” as Arpaio has claimed.

Accordingly, I have changed the title to reflect the fact that the metadata alone is not conclusive that Deputy Lee was an author.


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It’s a twofer at the Supreme Court

supreme_court_buildingJust as we predicted the latest two Birther cases to make it to the Supreme Court have been denied. This morning the court published the list of cases considered at the conference held last Thursday and both Paige v Vermont and Vogt v The US Court Western District of Washington were on the denied list. Neither denial was at all surprising. All you had to do is look at the previous record established by Birthers (now 0 for over 225) and the cases themselves to figure out they were without merit.

The Paige v Vermont case was only notable because Brooke Paige was represented by none other than Birther Attorney Mario Apuzzo whom we have written about before. Apuzzo now adds to his perfect record of futility, which I previously documented in an article titled “Mario Apuzzo’s Amazing Birther Legal Adventures”.   Apuzzo’s record now stands at 0 for 11. If Mario stays true to form he will of course deny that this was a defeat because the court “didn’t hear the case on the merits”. However, the courts that have looked at Apuzzo’s flawed definition of natural born citizen have all said it was wrong. There is no evidence that any court including SCOTUS nor any serious constitutional scholar agrees with Apuzzo.

This case may have been Apuzzo’s last foray into the courts. While a few ballot challenge case appeals from 2012 challenges against Barack Obama are still percolating in the court system none look like ones Apuzzo would latch on like he did the Paige case in Vermont. Even though Apuzzo was not officially on the case at the lower court level Paige has written that he had assistance from Apuzzo with his unsuccessful challenge in state court.  Apuzzo seems to be running out of steam. He hasn’t written a new post in his blog in over 10 months and is only active in engaging the handful of commenters there. Of course Mr. Paige could always have Mario file the typical and pointless Birther Motion for Reconsideration that we have seen before.

I don’t need to write much about Vogt’s case since I wrote an extensive article on the case recently. See “The Strange Case of In re: Douglas Vogt” The only notable happening in the Supreme Court filing of this doomed case was that the court clerks would not allow Mr. Sibley to file Doug Vogt’s heretofore secret affidavit under seal so we got to see what innocent folks Doug Vogt accused of being complicit in forgery. Most of the names had already been guessed based on previous interviews and writings from Vogt. Miki Booth, the late Loretta Fuddy, Alvin Onaka, Kevin Davidson, and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph were named by Vogt based on his delusional speculations that the Obama LFBC was a forgery.

What Vogt and his new found attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley will do is unknown but whatever it is we know it will be entertaining.

For completeness here are the updated SCOTUS Docket listings for both cases:

No. 13-1076
H. Brooke Paige, Petitioner
Vermont, et al.
Docketed: March 10, 2014
Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Vermont
Case Nos.: (2012-439)
Decision Date: October 18, 2013
Rehearing Denied: December 6, 2013

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mar 6 2014 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due April 9, 2014)
Mar 26 2014 Waiver of right of respondents Vermont, et al. to respond filed.
Apr 29 2014 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 15, 2014.
May 19 2014 Petition DENIED.

No. 13-1158
Douglas Vogt, Petitioner
United States District Court for the Western District of Washington
Docketed: March 24, 2014
Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Case Nos.: (13-74137)
Decision Date: January 14, 2014

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mar 24 2014 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due April 23, 2014)
Mar 24 2014 Motion to expedite consideration of the petition for a writ of certiorari and for leave to file an affidavit under seal filed by petitioner.
Mar 26 2014 Motion DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 18, 2014.
Apr 7 2014 Request for recusal received from petitioner.
Apr 21 2014 Motion to expedite consideration of the petition for a writ of certiorari and for leave to file an affidavit under seal DENIED.
Apr 23 2014 Waiver of right of respondent United States District Court for the Western District of Washington to respond filed.
Apr 29 2014 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 15, 2014.
May 19 2014 Petition DENIED.

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Will Birther Sarge Debate Frank Arduini?

Last night a Birther named “Sarge” popped into the RC Radio chat room late in the show and began pushing several oft debunked Birther memes that were quickly batted down by Dr. Ken, JTMunkus and others including yours truly. Sarge wouldn’t concede but rather kept changing the subject. The conversation carried on well past the end of the show.

After a bit I challenged Sarge to come on RC Radio and debate Frank Arduini. He accepted (as best I could figure out). I proposed using the same rules that were agreed to before when Frank was scheduled to to debate Scott Erlandson. Scott, as you may recall chickened out. The subject of the debate would be President Obama’s eligibility (I know the question has been well settled but it still should be fun).

Seriously, I will guarantee that if Sarge agrees he will have equal time in a structured and orderly debate format. I proposed that the debate be held on June 3 or June 10. If Sarge is game Frank is ready to go. Sarge even suggested a second debate on “identity fraud”. (I know, I know). We can do that too. If Sarge is really interested he needs to contact me via the contact page on this blog. Let’s get it on.

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Frank Arduini and Charles Tuttle to Appear on RC Radio on Wednesday April 30 at 9 PM ET

Both authors of a recent series of guest articles about Carl Gallups here at the RC Radio Blog will appear on a special edition of RC Radio this week on Wednesday evening at 9 PM ET.

You can listen live or hear the podcast at this link:

Frank Arduini and Charles Tuttle on RC Radio 4/30/2014

If you have a question of comment the listener call in line is (347) 324-5546.

Please join us.

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The Strange Case of In re: Douglas Vogt

VogtThe strange case known as “In re: Douglas Vogt” appears to be going down in flames in record time. If you recall this was the case filed late last year by Douglas Vogt, the copier salesman, pseudoscience author, hunter of the lost Ark of the Covenant, and early self-proclaimed expert who doubted the authenticity of President’s long form birth certificate based on his flawed analysis of a PDF file instead of the actual document.

Vogt pulled a new trick out of the Birther play book on October 18th last year when he filed a petition in federal court in his home state of Washington to ask a judge to order the convening of a grand jury to look at his so called proof of forgery that he outlined in his “20 points of forgery” affidavit. Vogt also filed under seal an affidavit in which he said he “named the forger(s)”. Vogt’s entertaining nine page complaint listed his supposed 20 points of forgery and also implicated no fewer than 15 people in committing crimes against 11 federal statutes. The named parties included President Barack Obama, White House Counsel Robert Bauer, Director of Communications Dan Pfeiffer, Personal Counsel to the President Judith Corley, former Director of the Department of Health in Hawaii Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, then current Director of the Department of Health Loretta Fuddy, MSNBC reporter Savannah Guthrie, and eight John and Jane Does who were apparently named in Vogt’s secret sealed affidavit.

The case in the Western District of Washington was assigned to Judge James L. Robert. Vogt of course is trying to live out every Birther’s wet dream of initiating a federal prosecution of Barack Obama. Just read comments any day at the crazy Birther Report blog by the likes of Falcon and others who believe that any day or any week President Obama is going to be led away in chains from the White House door. Vogt takes the fantasy a step further and dreams of testifying before a grand jury on the matters of layers, kerning, and out of sequence certificate numbers.

Judge Robart took a mere 13 days to issue an Order to Show Cause on November 5th asking Vogt to explain why the case should not be dismissed for lack of subject matter. In the order Judge Robart explained that a private citizen cannot enforce criminal statutes through a civil action in an Article III court. If Vogt thought a crime had been committed his proper course of action was to bring it to the attention of the law enforcement authorities like the FBI and the US Attorney’s office. Of course Vogt had already done that. He said so in his complaint and on different blogs. They rightly ignored him as a kook. Vogt has said he believes this author, Kevin Davidson (Dr. Conspiracy), and Bill Bryan (owner of the Fogbow Forum) are guilty of “Misprision of Treason” and warned us we could be hanged. Apparently, supporting President Obama and pointing out that Birthers like Vogt are nuts is a federal capital crime. I assume he has also reported us to the FBI. I am awaiting an interview any day now.

Vogt filed his response to Judge Robart’s order on November 12th. The response merely repeated Vogt’s earlier misconceptions and contained no case citations to support his claim that the court had jurisdiction. One funny item in the response was that Vogt asked for his filing fee to be returned since the court insulted him by changing his “Notice of Commission” to a “Complaint”. Judge Robart was obviously not impressed with Vogt’s response and moved quickly. He dismissed the action two days later on November 14th.

At some point during the time the case was in district court we learned that Vogt had received legal assistance in preparing his motions. Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley, disbarred in some juridictions and not admitted to practice in Washington State and who had dabbled in Birtherism previously, revealed that he had been writing for Vogt. Sibley would continue on the case as Vogt carried an appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

Vogt filed an appeal of sorts on November 28th. It was in the form of a request of a Writ of Mandamus. Vogt wanted the Ninth Circuit to tell district court Judge Robart to get off his can and send Vogt’s masterpiece to a grand jury. Sibley posted a link to the appeal on his Amo Probos blog on November 30th and included this dire warning to the court in his article:

First, Doug petitions the Ninth Circuit that in so much as Judge Robart, along with the Clerk of his Court, clearly misrepresented the name and nature of Doug’s filing in the public docket, that the Ninth Circuit order Judge Robart to correct the docket to accurately reflect what was filed. Note that it is a felony to so “falsify” a court record.  18 U.S.C. §2071(b) – “Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally” states in pertinent part: “Whoever, having the custody of any such [Court] record . . . willfully and unlawfully . . . falsifies . . . the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”  Obviously, a pretty heavy consequence for Judge Robart if the Ninth Circuit orders him to fix the record of proceedings in his Court.  Hobson’s Choice #1 because if the Ninth Circuit refuses to order the docket corrected, they are arguable accessories-after-the-fact, another felony found at 18 USC § 3: “Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.”

The arrogance in this paragraph is astounding. Sibley and Vogt are accusing Judge Robart and his clerk of a falsifying a court record and putting the Ninth Circuit on notice that they better rule in Vogt’s favor or they are criminals too.

In early January Vogt lost patience with the Ninth Circuit (the busiest of all the appellate circuits) and on January 14th he filed a “Motion to Expedite Consideration of Petition for Writs of Mandamus“. In a rare “win” for a Birther the Ninth Circuit acted upon Vogt’s request quickly and on the very same day denied his petition. In a rather unusual step Judges Trott, Paez, and Bea wrote “No further filings will be entertained in this closed case. DENIED.”

Of course Vogt, afflicted with a chronic case of the poor reading comprehension, on January 24th filed a motion for reconsideration. The Ninth Circuit completely ignored Vogt’s motion for reconsideration in effect saying “What part of ‘case closed’ don’t you understand Mr. Vogt?”

So it was on to the Supreme Court for Messrs. Vogt and Sibley. However, before moving on to SCOTUS they first took a small digression while waiting on the Ninth Circuit to rule. In early January Vogt sent letters to 175 federal judges in carefully handpicked districts and included a copy of his affidavit. He was asking the judges to do essentially what he had requested Judge Robart in Washington to do and convene a grand jury. Apparently, Vogt decided that paying a $450 federal filing fee was less appealing than sending a bunch of letters that were to be ignored.

Sibley after being goaded by an anonymous commenter on his blog claimed that the letters had paid dividends and wrote:

 In fact three (3) federal judges have acknowledge receipt of Doug’s Affidavit. Two of them have forwarded the affidavit to their respective United States Attorneys. The third wrote back stating: “I was very impressed by the letter and attachments you sent to me. I do not dismiss the allegations you make as untrue.”  The letter continued with the commitment to submit Doug’s affidavit to the Grand Jury for their consideration. So like a modern-day Diogenes, perhaps we have found one honest federal district court judge.

Sibley linked to a highly redacted letter purportedly from a federal judge. With more than half of the letter redacted it was impossible to determine if Sibley’s version of the letter was accurate of if it was merely a polite brush off. What we can say is that despite Sibley’s claims Vogt has not been asked to appear before any grand jury and no investigation is underway as a result of Vogt’s contact with 175 members of the federal bench.

On March 24th Vogt filed both a Petition for Writ for Certiorari and a Motion for Expedited Consideration because in Vogt’s imagination Obama continuing to occupy office is an emergency. On April 7th Vogt and Sibley followed up with a motion to disqualify the two Obama appointee’s. This was a card birthers like Mario Apuzzo had played before. The recusal motions in both cases assume that even one of the remaining 7 justices want to hear the case. As it turned out in both Kerchner v Obama and in re Doug Vogt they didn’t. The Supreme Court follows “The Rule of Four”, i. e. four justices must vote to hear a case before it is placed on the schedule for argument. Apuzzo maintained that the number required would be reduced to three if Justices Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan recused themselves. The argument is moot since Kerchner failed to garner even one vote.

The Supreme Court is in the process of methodically killing Vogt’s appeal. First it dealt with the motion for expedited consideration by dismissing that on April 24th. Just last week this entry was added to the docket for the case:

Apr 23 2014  Waiver of right of respondent United States District Court for the Western District of Washington to respond filed.

Even though Vogt probably doesn’t know it that was the death knell for the case. The waiver by a government entity to respond means the case has been “dead listed” and will be denied without discussion. Early next week it will be scheduled for a conference where it will be denied. Writes attorney Paul Lentz at the Fogbow:

If things go as they should at SCOTUS, Vogt’s case should be distributed on 4/29/2014 for the conference of 5/15/2014. And while it is already deader than Franco, the official orders list confirming death will be issued on 5/19/2014.

Lest you think this is just someone’s off the wall opinion writing at a forum let’s recall that the Fogbow has correctly predicted the outcome of over 220 Birther cases and has been wrong exactly 0 times.

[Edit: On April 29th the Supreme Court scheduled Vogt’s case for conference just as predicted by Paul Lentz.]

Vogt will of course whine that the grand jury has been taken away from “We the People” and their ability to fight government corruption and that SCOTUS is now guilty of some sinister crime of his imagination. Doug Vogt, Walt Fitzpatrick and many on the lunatic fringe believe that any civilian can march into a grand jury and present evidence against anyone. This is not and has never been the case with our legal system. Only prosecutors and in some rare cases judges may bring evidence to a grand jury. The system that Vogt envisions would be completely chaotic. Anyone who imagines they have been wronged would march into a grand jury.

The courts have told these sovereign citizen types many times how our system works. They don’t listen.

What is Vogt’s next move? I have no idea. I can tell you from emails I have exchanged with him his hatred for Barack Obama runs deep. He thinks anyone who supports the President is a Marxist and a Communist. He is arrogant and has an unjustified opinion of his ability to opine on the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He will not listen to contrary evidence. He doesn’t understand why I don’t bow down before him even though in his one appearance in court he was not taken seriously.

I have offered him a chance to come on RC Radio to discuss his positions. I repeat that offer and also extend that to his counsel Mr. Sibley.

For a fine debunking of Vogt’s affidavit we recommend Frank Arduini’s 20 Shades of Vogt treatise.

If you dispute my claims that Vogt is a kook just listen to this recent interview with him discussing his theory on magnetic pole reversals.

Warning: This audio is over two hours of complete nuttiness with many references to his  magic number 12, 068. Did you know Vogt found the exact spot where the Israelis crossed the Red Sea parted by Moses and it was exactly 12,068 yards across as measured on his GPS? The next magnetic pole reversal will occur on October 16, 2046. Just thought you would want to know so you could make plans for a pole reversal party.

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Farah the Puppet Master

By Charles Tuttle

FarahFrank Arduini recently wrote a series of articles on Carl Gallups, which, either by intent or happenstance dovetailed well with my series on the evil Pastor. I candidly state that I thought his was more thoughtful and better written than mine was. But I think we were going out from different directions. Frank wanted to tell a story, while I wanted to expose Gallups for the fraud that he is. But one question remains even after eighteen separate articles—exactly how did Gallups become the ersatz spokesperson and chief cheerleader for the for the Cold Case Posse?

By all accounts, Gallups was only a pastor (in name only) of a Podunk little church in Florida and wannabe writer when he seemed to come out of nowhere to become, at least in his own mind, an expert in everything from archeology to Zionism, and especially birtherism. What is the connection?

As evil as I believe Gallups is, in truth, he is nothing more than an errand boy, a messenger, who has a financial interest in spreading the word of his master, and it is not Sheruff Joe or Supreme Kommander Michael Zullo. No, it is Joseph Farah, owner of World Net Daily.

My theory, and as of now it is only a theory, is that Farah lost a lot a money on Jerome Corsi’s failed book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” as a result of the President releasing his long form birth certificate to the public. Yes, Corsi and Farah like to run around claiming that it was a “best seller”, but it reality it never was. While the book briefly appeared on the New York Times best seller list, it carried with it a designation that bulk sales was driving force behind that designation. WND itself was purchasing its own books and were pretty much giving them away with a full tank of gas within weeks of the publishing date.

The April 27, 2011, press conference was only days before Corsi’s book was released in the beginning of May. By May 18, Farah and Corsi were mocked in a satirical article in Esquire Magazine, which became the subject of an ill-fated lawsuit against the magazine and its publishers. Farah and Corsi have repeatedly claimed that the President released his birth certificate in order to derail Corsi’s book. This has become a central theme as Corsi promoted the fiction that the pdf version of the LFBC was a “forgery”. In reality, the timing of the release of the LFBC was in order to embarrass Donald Trump. If you recall, Trump was loudly proclaiming that the President did not have a genuine birth certificate in the days preceding the press conference. While I do not doubt that the press release negatively affected book sales. I have seen no evidence that would remotely suggest that this was the intent. However, the theory that the press conference was used as a “false flag” out of fear of the release of the book presupposes that the .pdf was a forgery. But it is easy to conclude that Farah felt like a fool and that he did not like the feeling.

On August 17, 2011, Corsi appeared before the Arizona Surprise Tea party and was instrumental in getting a petition signed to be presented to Joe Arpaio. The good sheriff then passed the buck to the MCCCP, headed by the noted used car salesman, Mike Zullo. Is it possible that this was a coordinated effort motivated by a desire to seek retaliation against the President for releasing his LFBC and derailing his re-election campaign? The circumstantial evidence suggests that it was.

There is no doubt that Corsi is a political opportunist, if not an outright activist. His book about John Kerry had an impact on the 2004 presidential election. Corsi sought the same kind of impact with his book “The Obama Nation”, which was released on August 1, 2008. When Corsi failed to prevent the Barack Obama from being elected, he shifted gears and focused on attempting the President from being re-elected in 2012 with his discredited book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate”, which was not just a book, but an actual campaign of sorts, sponsored by WND, which included billboards and airplanes flying banners over empty and domed arenas. The fact that there was literally no evidence to support this book and campaign was apparently “of no concern” to the masterminds behind this plan, which had to be carefully controlled.

Remember, Corsi was not only instrumental in getting Arpaio’s office involved in birtherism, he was an active participant in the “investigation”. This included not only providing information from his book, but by providing documents and researching travel records from that time period of the President’s birth. Corsi even participated in the first press conference where Arpaio claimed that he probably cause to believe that the birth certificate posted on was a forgery. Of course, Corsi was also the one who introduced Zullo to the esteemed “experts”, such as Mara Zebest, that Zullo relied upon in his initial report. Of course, all of the information and documents that Corsi provided was false, including a handbook from 1968, which was falsely represented by Zullo as being from 1961. Corsi himself later admitted that the MCCCP was “creating evidence” during its alleged investigation.

The first MCCCP press conference took place on March 31, 2012. If you keep in mind that every birther lawsuit went down in flames, with no hope of any success, the only way that the 2012 Presidential election could be affected was by influencing the popular vote. This could only be done by providing “information” to the voters that might sway their opinion. This is likely why we repeatedly heard that the mainstream media had “shut down” any coverage of the alleged investigation. Of course, this was not true. Rather, the coverage the investigation received was one of justified mocking. But this created a problem for the MCCCP, it needed publicity from the media to spread its “message”. Enter Carl Gallups.

I do not know when or the circumstances under which Zullo and Gallups met. I do know that by the time that Rudy Davis had his birtherpalooza in late May, 2012, less than two months after the first MCCCP press conference, and only nine months after Corsi was in touch with the Arizona Surprise Tea Party, Gallups was claiming to be close friends with Zullo and communicating on a regular basis. During that show, Gallups was fawning over Zullo, Arpaio and the “investigation”. The video of that that event was my first exposure Gallups. It is a must see because he inadvertently presented the first conclusive evidence that the MCCCP “investigation” was a complete sham. And while I have no doubt that Gallups was birthering for a long time before that I have, I am not aware of any connection that Gallups has to Corsi, other than the fact that they both have had books published by World Net Daily and Joseph Farah.

Gallups’ first book, “The Magic Man in the Sky” was published by WND on May 15, 2012, less than two weeks before he started to espouse the virtues of the MCCCP in Texas. Obviously, the relationship between WND and Gallups must have existed prior to that date. How long it existed would be pure speculation on my part, but Gallups, who also has a local radio show that is broadcast over the internet, gave Farah a media outlet to shout his memes across the world. Perhaps more importantly, he had an outlet that he could completely control because he is Gallups’ publisher.

Interestingly, there was a fallout between Corsi and Zullo sometime after the second press conference. After the 2012 election, Corsi seem to distance himself from birfing and openly admitted that his intent was to affect the election. Gallups, of course, is still praising Zullo and Arpaio as he spouts his almost daily lies. To what end? Who knows? But Farah’s influence goes further than this in the birther movement.

WND is not only Jerome Corsi’s publisher. Corsi is a regular contributing writer to WND. So, Corsi is WND’s employee, as is Larry Klaymann, an attorney who has handled some birther lawsuits and WND’s failed lawsuit against Esquire. It is unknown where Klaymann gets the money to fund the eligibility lawsuits. Further, Zullo has been playing fake detective for over two years now with no known source of income.

Now, it is conceivably possible that it is merely a coincidence that Corsi, Gallups and Klaymann have some kind of business relationship with Farah. Heck, one could conclude that Corsi, Gallups and Klaymann share their birther beliefs with Farah and it is natural for them to drawn together. But I doubt that is the case. No, this has all the earmarks of a puppet show and Joseph Farah is the puppet master. Dance, marionettes, dance.

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